Prep School Newsletter Friday 10 May 2024

Year 6 are back safely after a week of outdoor adventures in perfect weather! The children had a wonderful time and bravely conquered all kinds of fear. With perfect weather as their companion, they laughed, learned, and created memories that will last a lifetime. We hope Year 5 will have a similar experience at the Norfolk trip next week. Happy packing!

What happened in School this week?

Forest Explorers

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather this week. We had great fun making some beautiful bracelets with daisies and petals. We have also been learning all about life cycles and reading our favourite story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’


This week, the children in Reception have continued their topic work on plants and our focus has been sunflowers. We began by looking at the non-fiction book the Life Cycle of a Sunflower and discussed how non-fiction books differ from fiction books and that we can use them in a different way. We learnt about the lifecycle of a sunflower and that sunflower seeds are used for many things. Using bossy verbs, the children wrote instructions for planting a sunflower seed and then used their instructions to plant their own seed. Looking at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers has inspired our own sunflower paintings this week too.

Year 1

Year 1 have continued to explore different ways of making colour; this week we looked at tints. This included mixing primary colours with neutral colours to create tints of their favourite ones! We looked carefully at the work of Paul Klee and his beautiful work on sunsets.

The children are working towards a Forest Adventurer badge. They will complete a series of activities to teach them about our woodland and what we can do to protect it. We are also having lots of fun making the most of the extra time outside, learning how to take calculated risks such as tree climbing and swinging!

Year 2

This week, Year 2 embarked on a voyage aboard the Titanic! Everyone selected a child who was on the Titanic in 1912 and delved into their journey. They learnt which class they were in, what facilities were on board and why they were travelling to New York.

Year 3

Year 3 had an exciting science lesson this week. In pairs, we dissected plants and identified the different parts. Then we drew and labelled our flower sketches.

Bea's Cake Sale

Bea in Year 3, like many other Prep pupils, is taking part in a triathlon at Sevenoaks School this weekend to raise money for Rested Development. To raise money, Bea will be baking this weekend and selling cakes and biscuits at school next week. If you would like to support her, then please bring in a pound to buy a cake or biscuit to donate to this excellent cause.

Year 4

This week Year 4 made the most of the sunshine and went outside to perform the amusing Hilaire Belloc poem, Rebecca, Who Slammed Doors For Fun And Perished Miserably. In science, they have used their knowledge of circuits to develop an experiment to test an object/material to see whether it is a conductor or an insulator. We are all very much looking forward to next week where the saws will be coming out for a DT extravaganza.

Year 5

In computing, Year 5 have been learning to identify the shapes that are used to make vector drawings. They are now able to explain that each element of a vector drawing is called an object. Using 'Microsoft Visio' they have been able to create their own vector drawings by moving, resizing, rotating, and changing the colours of a selection of objects. They also have also learned how to duplicate the objects to save time.

Excitement is also building about next week's trip to the Aylmerton Field Study Centre in Norfolk. Each pupil has prepared a diary to take with them which is already loaded with maps, diary writing tips and an entry entitled 'Thoughts Before the Trip'. The children have each commented on the activities they are looking forward to and thus far the highlights are a hike to Blakeney Point, orienteering and team building.

Year 6

Year 6 students embarked on their annual PGL Residential Trip, and what a week it was! We had perfect weather for our week away and the children discovered their own strength and bravery. The giant swing made them scream with anticipation and joy and the raft building was a wet but fantastic team effort. As they return home today, hearts full of happy memories, they will realise that they are stronger and braver than they ever imagined.

Our group leader was amazing! Bea
A brilliant and engaging week. Sophia
I loved jumping in when we built the rafts. Great bonding time with friends. Jess
We had the best week ever. A great way to end Year 6. Isobel
It was a really, really fun experience. Emilia
A brilliant week with a brilliant group.’ Mrs Hall

Plastic Clever

The Soroptimist Club took part in a litter pick this week involving Prep and Senior pupils, as the first step in their aim to achieve the Plastic Clever Schools Award for KC. There are a few stages to go through before the award can be won, so wishing the Soroptimists luck achieving this goal!

Sport News

Our Prep School Gymnasts competed at Spires Academy Canterbury over the weekend and did brilliantly. Mrs Cox

In the first round of competition, Alivia emerged as the Kent champion, with Nuran securing the runner-up position. Cara achieved 8th place, while Megan delivered a wonderful debut performance, earning 9th place without any faults. Moving to the second round, Olivia claimed 6th place, Charlotte secured 7th place, and Hanna emerged as the 1st Kent Champion.

In the third round, Olivia L attained 5th place, while Jessica and Cyra tied for 2nd place. Emilia clinched the 1st Kent Champion title. Alivia, Nuran, Olivia W, Charlotte, Olivia L, Jessica, Cyra, and Emilia have all qualified for the Intermediate level and their success enables them to advance to the regional competition scheduled for June. Congratulations to each participant for their outstanding achievements.

Summer Fete Information

Calling all families, friends, and neighbors! Mark your calendars for Saturday June 15th as it is time for the KCPPA Summer Fete and it’s going to be an unforgettable day of fun and laughter! Book your Tickets NOW!

We are raising money to fund wonderful new wooden play equipment that all of our children can use, which will sit alongside the boat that the KCPPA installed last year! Family, friends, neighbours and dogs are all invited! We hope to see you all there! KCPPA

Discovery Day - Saturday 8th June 9am-1pm

Inviting Year 5 girls to a morning of fun activities to discover more about life at Kent College Senior School. Challenge yourself on our Confidence Course and use your skills in our Escape Room!


Have a lovely Weekend!