LPA Newsletter Friday 8th March 2024

Head of School Welcome

Dear families,

This week has been a busy week for Year 11 and Year 13 with the mock exams. Both year groups have shown great resilience and courage in their approach to what has been a very intense period. Saturday School starts again for Year 11 this weekend with sessions for Science, Maths, Sport, French, Music and Dance sessions taking place.

With the ending of the mock exams, we are moving back to our normal times of the day but retaining the staggered lunch. This moves Period 4 back to before lunch with lunch starting at 1.20pm for Key Stage 3 and 5 with Key stage 4 at 1.40pm.

Our assemblies this week have looked at gratitude and how we can show gratitude to those around us. Linking to this we will be updating our Gratitude Tree, at present decorated with our Valentine linked messages, with new messages from students.

Warm Regards

Ruth Roberts - Head of School


Mario Kart

This week has seen fierce competition with the House Mario Kart tournament taking place. Races have been close fought with jostling for the number one spot.

The final 12 competitors will race today with everything to play for. The final places and points will be announced on Monday.

World Book Day

In order for us to get as many free books as possible to our students, rather than issuing book tokens Mrs Singh, our amazing librarian, collected the books from WH Smiths and distributed them directly to the students. WH Smiths were pivotal in making this happen and ensured we had a good selection of all the World Book Day titles.

Whilst collecting the books, Mrs Singh was given £100 of book tokens to spend in store. Due to children's books being on offer, we have 19 new titles for the library shelves.

We can't thank WH Smiths enough for their ongoing support which enables us to promote our love for reading to the students.


What we do: My Child at School

We use our online system to share information and messages with parents. The platform allows parents to update contact details, view attendance and behaviour and receive information from the academy.

Why we do it

MCAS allows for quick sharing of information between home and school. The use of MCAS messaging removes the need for paper based systems which helps to reduce the risk of information not being shared.

If you have not yet signed up to MCAS or have issues accessing please contact our main reception who can guide you through the process.

Dates to Remember

Spring Term 2: Academy re-opens to students Monday 26th February 2024
Spring Term 2 : Academy closes to students on Thursday 28th March 2024
Summer Term 1: Academy re-opens to students Monday 15th April 2024 Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2024, Academy will be closed to staff and students

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Contact Us

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