Five Interesting facts you didn't know about SWCTA Madelynn Evans

Welcome to Southwest CTA, the school known for its specialty programs and career oriented courses. There are many interesting facts about the school you may not have known. Continue reading to find out more about the world behind the closed doors.

Caine's Arcade

Working with Mr. Matthew LaPorte and Mr. Craig Statucki, students of the 2013-14 year came up with the idea to create personalized and interactive arcade games made from cardboard.

According to English teacher Laura Penrod, students were given basic supplies and boards, plus an entire day to plan and execute. They were instructed to cut, tape, and mold cardboard pieces to resemble coin-operated entertainment machines.

After about six hours of hard work and building, games were shown off during the Magnet Open House.

Photo Credit: "Never Forget" 2013-2014 SWCTA Yearbook

Beloved resident chicken allegedly disappears, leaving students and staff heartbroken.

A black-feathered chicken, named Gilbert, once roamed the open lot next to the playing field on campus. Due to construction, it has been over a year since the chicken has been spotted. It's speculated that he passed away last winter. According to Coach Rosalie Schmitt, he would respond to whistles, calls of his name and even ate grains out of her hands.

Photo Credit: Kalista Palarca

StuCo Panda Prank

Student Council retreats led by Miriya Julian and Penrod have often required students to stay overnight in the school. During the event, an administrator was dressed up in a head-to-toe panda costume and instructed to run through the corridors of sleeping students to mess with them. According to Penrod, they were successful and to this day, the legend of the ‘12 StuCo Panda lives on.

Photo Credit: Kalista Palarca

Photo Credit: Gia Cassandra Naguiat

In the first year of the establishment of TSA’s E-sports, the team won nationals

E-sports, an ambitious gaming competition group coached by Ronald Barranco and Monte Carman, has only been in commission for two years yet they’ve won three trophies with hope for more to come. Competitors Landon Tayag, KJ Palacios, Kaori Hayashida, Nicolas Markwith and Carl Reiner acquired trophies from PlayVS Cup and Regional Champion for their impeccable strategy and sportsmanship in Championships. TSA (Technological Students of America), a campus Career and Tech Student Organization, is open for any students to join and participate in. E-sports gained popularity through this organization, allowing individuals to showcase their skills and interest in video gaming. The group shows a strong desire to succeed and bring a fun, enthusiastic approach to the gaming world.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

According to Psychology teacher Benjamin LaCombe, a ghost haunts the upper H building. To his recollection, the entity misplaces, hides and moves around his belongings. “When I am all alone before and after school, I hear noises from places where there would not be any people,” LaCombe said. He mentions the eerie feeling he gets while walking the halls alone, determined to see the entity roaming once again.

Photo Credit: Madelynn Evans