Junior Scientist & Industry Annual meeting 7 March 2024 | Maison MINATEC, Grenoble

Registration for JSIAM 2024 are OPENED!

You're a PhD / postdoc student or junior scientist looking for a job?
You're a company representative or a recruiter looking for talents?

16th edition

What is the JSIam?

The Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting (JSIam) is a networking event intended for PhD and postdocs students to meet companies, startup and consulting professionals, to give them the opportunity to consider a career in industry or start-up and find information and tools to prepare for their strategy for a job search.

  • For PhD students, postdocs and junior scientists: the JSIam is the place where junior researchers explore possible career paths outside of academia and start building connections ;
  • For industry and startup professionals: it is the place where they can find the talents of tomorrow and keep up with the latest research going on in the labs of the GIANT Innovation Campus.

Brought to you by the GIANT Junior Ambassadors team

What can you expect at JSIAM?

An introductive conference on the topic "How to stand out on the job market?"

Panel discussion with Dalale Belhout (FACE), Murielle Victouron (APEC) and Laurent Masscheleyn (RD2 Conseil)

Our experts will try to answer this question from the point of view of both PhD/postdoc students and companies, as we know that attractiveness is a key concern in recruitment.

A workshop session

With 4 thematic topics on good practices and advice for a relevant job search:

  • A - How to negotiate your salary? | Murielle Victouron, APEC
  • B - What if my thesis allowed me to start my own business? | Anthony Leonard, Linksium
  • C - Residence and work permits in France | Manuel Vennier, UGA-ISSO
  • D - How do you make yourself visible to recruiters? | Laurent Masscheleyn, RD2 Conseil

Four workshop topics ...with limited number of seats!

Two job dating & networking sessions

With the job dating & networking sessions, get a chance to meet and exchange "face to face" with doctors and company representatives, looking for talents (participants in the #Doc4Office contest will be prioritize)

For company representatives, it's the oppotunity to promote your activities and recruit your future talents !

Two individual CV coaching sessions

In parallel of the speed networking session, you will have the opportunity to get an individual coaching session on their CV, from recruitment specialists, career consultant and HR staff...a good way to improve your CV and get advice for a relevant search job (participants in the #Doc4Office contest will be prioritize).

The well-known #Doc4Office contest!

This contest tends to facilitate networking with professionals and help you stand out from the crowd...even before the event begins! Think outside the box and be creative!

Participating in the #Doc4Office contest is mandatory to attend both job dating & networking and CV coaching sessions

Please note changes may happen
JSIAM 2023 | Credits @GIANT & UtopikPhoto
PhD/postdoc students and professionals, join us on 7 March 2024 at Maison MINATEC!
The Junior Scientist & Industry annual meeting is an event sponsored by the GIANT Innovation campus and alliance, and brought to you by the GIANT Junior Ambassadors team