PHMAT Parent Newsletter Spring Term Highlights 2024

Residential Fun!

Children from schools across PHMAT had a fantastic week at Laches Wood in January. All children embraced the challenge and the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities, many which they had never experienced before. Activities included high ropes, axe throwing, archery, crate stacking, orienteering, abseiling, bushcraft, fire-lighting, caving, climbing and hiking around Carding Mill Valley. During their time at Laches Wood, children faced their fears, utilised their social skills and demonstrated independence and confidence. They managed to turn the phrase 'I can't do that' into 'look what I just did'.

For many children, this was their first experience staying away from home and staff were extremely impressed with their behaviour and attitudes as they represented their schools beautifully. The children have made memories which will stay with them for many years to come.

Here are some quotes from a selection of Sledmere Primary children about their experience:

"We did all sorts of activities like BMX riding, which was my favourite as we went through the woods".

"Laches Wood was absolutely fantastic! There was a variety of activities to do. It was an extraordinary journey and I enjoyed every minute!"

"My favourite activity was the high ropes because you had to jump off a really tall tower. I would recommend going there!"

"I enjoyed every single minute of being there. If I could, I would definitely go again!"

Here is what Daisy from Bird's Bush Primary thought about her experience:

"Laches Wood was the best! The food and the activities were amazing. Although the hike was scary the views were mesmerising, we walked 5.5km that day. I’m glad those who came got something to remind them of the awesome trip we went on and I thank the staff who came with us. They are the best (mostly Mrs Hall because she said I saved her life!) I also would like to say thank you to all the instructors, I learned a lot on the trip. Even though we all faced big challenges we all worked together and pulled through (and so did the teachers even participating in a few activities!) My favourite activity was search and rescue because it used team work. The crates were challenging but even though challenges may be difficult but all you can do is practice and as one of the instructors told us - we can do it with practice and practice makes progress, not perfect as no one is perfect! I loved everyday of Laches Wood!"

What an adventure everyone had! Here is video of highlights for you to enjoy:

World Book Day 2024

World Book Day is a worldwide celebration which promotes the love of books and reading for pleasure.

This year, all PHMAT schools had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day and staff and children in all schools fully embraced the opportunity to dress up and have fun!

Stanley Road held a week-long book fair which presented an opportunity for children and parents view a wide variety of books by different and diverse authors as well as genres. There was a great turnout from parents which lead to an amazing £240 for the school to spend on books for the children.

Lots of lovely activities took place at Sledmere Primary which were linked to picture books and included drama and hot-seating.

Children from Berrybrook and Woodthorne Primary were set the task of decorating a potato at home as their favourite book characters and there were some fantastic creations.

Mesty Croft Primary School embraced this year's theme of 'Read Your Way' and children enjoyed an assembly where discussed how they like to read - a comic, a newspaper, a novel or even listening to an audio book. Children also thought about where they like to read, whether it be at home in a comfy spot, on public transport or even at the park! Lots of fun activities took place throughout the day to inspire children to read even more.

Staff and children at Tillington Manor arrived at school in their pyjamas and enjoyed reading a range of bedtime stories. Children were also delighted to take home their world book day vouchers to buy a book of their choice with.

At Bird's Bush Primary School, 'Starbooks' cafe came to the school hall, the new library was open for business for the first time and everyone in school borrowed their first school library book. Children couldn't wait to get reading and even took their books outside with them!

Staff, parents and children at Dunstall Hill celebrated their love of learning by reading, listening to and talking about their favourite books. On World book day children and staff were invited to dress up as their favourite book characters or wore their ‘cosy curl up and read’ pyjamas and shared their favourite books with friends.

Children from Sledmere and Dunstall Hill Primary were even surprised with a teacher swap where each class were read a story by a teacher from a different class.

British Science Week

The 8th - 17th March was British Science Week - a celebration of science, maths and technology and this year marked the 30th anniversary!

During British Science Week, every class at Dunstall Hill Primary conducted experiments related to time - this year's theme. Children investigated time from a scientific perspective and enjoyed exploring nature, calibrating water clocks, building sand timers and devising experiments to prove or refute scientific theories. Children also participated in the 'Time' competition and Science Lead, Mrs Summerfield, chose the best entries with chocolate easter eggs as an award! Children have thoroughly engaged in celebrating British Science Week and have had lots of fun!

All year groups at Mesty Croft Primary took part in time-themed investigations. Some investigations are quick - like 'How many times can you say the alphabet in 1 minute?' or 'How long does it take the ice cube to melt in different places?'. Children are also planning and carrying out longer investigations where they look at gradual changes over time. Children will be observing germination, plant growth and micro-organisms for example. Finally, children will develop a stronger grasp of time itself by engineering measurement devices - such as sand timers, marble runs and pendulums.

Tillington Manor children were invited to create a science project at home with parents. Children produced some amazing projects which were showcased in school on Monday 11th March!

Children in Year 4 at Stanley Road had a fantastic time at Space Camp on the night of Friday 15th March. Children created their own planet artwork, ventured outside to enjoy some stargazing and then camped out in the hall for the night. Well done to all who attended for your brilliant astronomy skills!

Woodthorne Primary School Council Raise Money for Library

Woodthorne School Council have been working hard to raise funds to refurbish their school library. They worked together to figure out the best way to raise funds, then executed their project to sell over 400 biscuits. Children made posters, shared plans with their classes, and then baked, decorated and packaged over the biscuits to sell on the non-uniform day. Children also counted all the money from the day and to date have raised over £500.00! The next job is to start clearing out the old library furniture and putting together the order for some new furniture.

Sporting Achievements

Tillington Manor Girl's Football Team

On Friday 8th March - Independent Women's Day, eight year 5 and 6 girls from Tillington Manor Primary took part in a football competition at Evans Park, Stafford. The girls worked as a team, overcame challenges and demonstrated brilliant communication skills. The team drew 3 games and lost one but they were positive and supportive of all the girls who played.

Perry Hall Girl's Football Team - West County FA Winners!

Perry Hall Primary girl's football team represented Wolverhampton Schools in the West Midland County Finals of the ESFA Pokemon 7-a-side tournament. The played brilliantly and will now progress to The Midland Counties Regional event in March to compete against tournament winners from the North of the region for a place in the ESFA National Finals. Team players proudly stepped forward to collect The West Midlands trophy. Good luck at the regional finals girls!

Success for Perry Hall Swimming Team

Well done to Perry Hall's swimming team that competed back in February and finished with 1 gold and 3 silver awards in their events. Overall, Perry Hall girls finished in 2nd place out of 7. A fantastic achievement for the girls and a very proud moment for Perry Hall.

Dunstall Hill Spring Term Sports Events

This half term, Dunstall Hill Primary has been involved in many sporting events such as Multi-skills, tag rugby, as well as mixed football matches against schools within and outside of the Trust. Children have worked hard on their teamwork and resilience skills during these events, and have made their school very proud of the qualities that they have showcased throughout. This was particularly strong during the Multi-skills competition where children were awarded 2nd place! The children had a fantastic time and are already looking for their next challenge.

PHMAT Vision Statement and Core Values

The new Trust vision and values have been officially launched following the work of a dedicated working party. Core values of all schools were explored and compared along with input from children, staff, Trustees and Governors from across the Trust.

The new vision and values incorporate the journey of the Trust so far, the vision for the future and the legacy all stakeholders would like it to leave.

PHMAT Vision Statement

We aim to provide outstanding education to enable every child to succeed at all levels. Through a clear vision which drives strategic direction, we endeavour to be recognised as a Trust that retains and grows robust leaders and governance by suitably equipping them to make substantial improvements at pace, putting the children’s well-being, safety and education at the heart of every decision. By establishing a sustainable framework for continuous improvement and professional growth, we will provide learning of the highest quality for all stakeholders, enabling success for everyone.

PHMAT Values

I am sure you will agree, this has been a term jam-packed with fun filled activities across all of our schools. I would like to wish all children and families a wonderful Easter break and I look forward to seeing our children return to school refreshed and ready for the Summer Term.

Amarjit Cheema (CEO)