Painting the World with Purple Pride

This semester, Curry students are exploring the globe while studying abroad. From Tokyo, Japan to Cork, Ireland, and more, our students are immersed in unique cultures while connecting with new friends worldwide.

Ben Gotoff '24 is currently studying in Rome, Italy, though he's traveled across Europe throughout his time abroad, one of his favorite parts of the experience. While abroad, Ben has stepped out of his comfort zone on more than one occasion, growing both personally and professionally.

"As someone with anxiety, it's challenging for me to get outside of my comfort zone. Since arriving, I have done things I thought were not possible.

In terms of support and academics, there's no shortage of people willing to help his growth, across the pond and also back home.

"I'm so lucky because, in my program, the staff are always there for students. Specifically, my program sends constant updates to check in when you have questions and do everything possible to help you when something comes up. They are completely supportive and love to see you grow."

I firmly believe that the support of the Center for Global and Career Services (CGCS) solidified my decision to study abroad, and I could not be more thankful. This is my last semester of college, and I am having the best experience of my life. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me get where I am right now.

Sebastian Ryan '25 is studying in Montevideo, Uruguay through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Sebastian approached the Center for Global and Career Services with a unique request in mind, wanting to experience the culture in which that his mother was raised.

I'm having such a great experience over here in Montevideo. The USAC team has been very helpful and offered lots of great resources for my transition. The other students in the program come from all over the U.S. so not only will you experience a rich culture in a foreign country, you’ll also meet people who have different backgrounds.

Cate Pierce '26, a nursing major with a packed schedule, knew she wanted to study abroad but was also cognizant of the academic requirements of her major. She approached the CGCS with her desire to travel to Italy, and took a three-credit course over three weeks in Sorrento during winter break.

I would 100% recommend studying abroad to other students. It is such an amazing experience - and I want to go back to Italy everyday. Experiencing different cultures gives you such a better outlook on the world, I have been so used to culture and life in the U.S., that it was a beautiful change.

"Studying abroad allows you to explore the world for longer than you might ever be able to after graduation. You'll meet people with different perspectives and life views, and you learn how to communicate and interact with people and cultures that you might never have experienced if you didn't study abroad," says Joanne Farley, Assistant Director in the Center for Global and Career Services.

The Center for Global and Career Services is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to study abroad - whether it's for three weeks on their own, a full semester, or during one of our many faculty-led travel courses. Curry students can earn 3-15 credits during their time abroad, depending on the program they choose.