Masters Recap: 23-24 Year Review


On Sept. 30 the opening ceremony for the new Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, or IEC took place. Diana Davis Spencer, whose foundation contributed $20 million toward the construction of the IEC, cut the ribbon. The event also involved food, live music and speeches.

Photo credits: Matthias Jaylen

Running from Oct. 26 through 28, the play "Trap: Can I Tell You a Secret?" enhanced the season's spooky atmosphere. The show, chosen and directed by Meg O'Connor, had two casts across all grade levels.

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Founders Day enhanced school spirit as the Delta and Phi teams faced off in a series of tug-of-war games involving every grade level from fifth to 12th.

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After the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, a vigil was hosted by the Jewish Culture Club and the Center for Inclusive Excellence. It drew dozens of participants and created a space for students and teachers alike to grieve the loss of life.

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The theme for this year's Halloween celebration was music: the theme was broken down into subgenres corresponding with different grades and departments.

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Masters Dance Company

Photo credits: Ayanna Beckett

Masters Dance Company took to the stage to give a stunning performance on Nov. 4, 10 and 11 to tell stories through dance. "Journeys, Stories, and Fables" took place in the Claudia Boettcher Theatre.



Wintermission gave students a week of rest between the first and second semester of school. Students embarked on trips to the city, museums and thrift stores, or learned how to sew or bake. Throughout the week students were able to connect with peers across grade levels and focus on a deep exploration of specific topics.

Photo Credits: Xavier Rolston and Neena Atkins

MLK day

"Beloved Community" was the theme of this year's MLK Day of Celebration, taking place on Feb. 17. The Masters community was able to hear from guest speaker Adam Harris. Harris spoke about the role race has historically played in college admissions as well as the importance of journalism and advocacy. Workshops in the second half of the day were held for students to take deep-dives on specific subjects.

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Photo Credits: Eunice Wang
Photo credits: Jack Parsons and Konstantin Miebach

Student TRIPS

As part of an exchange trip to Senegal, students traveled to the Course Sainte Marie de Hann School in Dakar. The trip was rescheduled for spring break after political unrest delayed the original summer date.

Also during spring break, students traveled to El Paso, Texas, where they participated in the Annunciation House Border Awareness Program. They also visited the U.S.-Mexico border at Big Bend National Park.

Masters Thesis

The Masters Thesis major presented students with the opportunity to research in-depth a subject of their choice, and then present it to an audience. The topics ranged from Afro-Latino erasure to the medical history of U.S. presidents.

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End of year DOPA Performances

The prism concert on April 9, with the backdrop of Estherwood Mansion, displayed the theme "Bolero" through performances in various rooms as the audience moved throughout the mansion.

The April 11 choral performance was also held in Estherwood Mansion and showcased beautiful singing ranging from freshmen to senior voices.

The Great Gig performances of the David Bowie Album "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" ran from April 18 through April 20, with many performers clad in Bowie-themed attire and makeup.

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HOLI Festival

Holi was celebrated en masse on the Quad after the festivities were delayed numerous times due to the weather. Vibrant powder was distributed to be thrown at each other in the playful Hindu celebration of spring.

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A 91% eclipse came to campus on April 8, just days after the last natural phenomenon: an earthquake. All of campus was invited to witness the eclipse- as the moon obscured the sun music played and food was given out on the Greene Field.

Photo Credits: Ellen Cowhey and Ellie Hise

PHoto Expo

The photography major class showcased their talent on the third floor of the Fonseca Center through artist statements and collections of art.

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This year's prom theme was "Night under the stars", and it took place in the Fonseca Center Gym rather than it's normal location, Estherwood Mansion.

Photo credits: Esther Ni and Jack Bilman

SEE you next year!