Summer 2024 Employment: On Campus and Abroad! the office of pre-college Programs

Our programs are designed to provide high school students with a unique and enriching academic experience as they earn a college credit on campus and abroad in one of our Gateways.

Resident Counselors (RCs) and Course Facilitators (CFs) are supported by our team of Program Coordinators to foster community and share their Notre Dame experiences with the students attending our Pre-College Summer Scholars, Leadership Seminars, and Study Abroad experiences.


The primary role of our UGA staff is leadership. Resident Counselors are responsible for a section of students in the residence halls. This includes, but is not limited to health, safety, mentoring and supporting students.

"My RC was phenomenal! She put in significant effort to plan activities for us and help us bond as a section. She was a great supervisor, making sure that we checked in regularly, followed the rules, and had all the information we needed...allowing us to have a true college experience."
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Resident Counselors facilitate academic discussions, and help students adapt to the rigorous demands of a college setting.

During field trips, Resident Counselors support ND professors by participating and supervising students. Most field trips last a day and some of the destinations are: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Deloitte, Steppenwolf Theater, and more!


RC's work closely with our Program Coordinators to plan and participate in events like Open Mic Night, ice skating in Compton Arena, movie nights, Bookstore Basketball, and July 4th festivities.

They also live with students in the residence halls and give students a taste of the community at ND!


RC's serve alongside students with our local community partners. Service is a vital part of the Notre Dame experience and our RC's exemplify why service is at the heart of the ND community.

Study Abroad: Italy

Study Abroad Resident Counselors are ambassadors for the culture and educational aspects of the study abroad experience. Our RCs have a confident and positive demeanor, and are excited to navigate and lead students through their Notre Dame experience abroad.

Resident Counselors assist the Program Coordinator with travel logistics, student supervision, and are a great resource for participants about life at ND and its worldwide community.

*Qualified applicants for Study Abroad: Italy would have international travel experience. Preference will be given to students who have had traveling experience in Rome, Italy.

Study Abroad: Ireland

My favorite part of being an RC for these programs is passing on a love for Notre Dame and seeing first-hand, Notre Dame's ability to open hearts and incite passion in the scholar's eyes. - Joe Drey, Ireland RC

*Qualified applicants for Study Abroad: Ireland would have international travel experience. Preference will be given to students who have had traveling experience in Ireland.

Study Abroad: South Africa

Spend 13 days in South Africa with pre-college students and ND faculty, visiting historical sites of South African History as well as traveling to some of the world's most beautiful places.

*Students applying to Study Abroad: South Africa should have international travel experience. Preference given to those who have had travel experience in South Africa.

Study Abroad: London

Spend 12 days in London with pre-college students and ND faculty, visiting the city's numerous landmarks, museums, and diverse neighborhoods. Students study the history of London as a global trading capital.

*Students applying to Study Abroad: London should have international travel experience. Preference given to those who have had travel experience in London/Europe.