Thanks to all those who came through to support our final markets of the year, we had a packed out day with the Fobcuts boys giving out free haircuts, DJ WU on the 1s and 2s and Jboy also did his fundraiser of 530 burpees!! Massive shout out to our vendors who helped kept the markets running this year: Kolos Smoke Shed, Khill Hangi, Wellas Cakery, Buck.ez Bakes, Taila Dropz, 09 Automotive, Lalaga, Mia's Berries, The Flying Rib, Mama Jo's Bakes, Kainga Sweets, Merchman, Lalelei Ltd, Klutchmeister, Kai Hustlerz, Nostalgic Classics, Hoodz Haven, Moana Pasifika, Ikitule Family! See you again in 2024.


Well done to our teams and individuals in taking part at the first ever NZ Champs comp which is a CrossFit affiliated NZ national competition. We had two individual reps in Jboy and Leon and also three teams; 3 DAVIDS and GOLIATH in the scaled division with Sunia, Randy, Ola & Loma, UNDERDAWGS in the intermediate division with Lafo, Noble, Hine & Ana & SOUTHSIDE also in the intermediate division which had Jboy, Romeo (debut), Ess & Res. The first two days saw our indis compete where both Leon and Jboy took home 3rd place and on the final day of the comp our teams competed and they all did exceptionally well with our SOUTHSIDE team taking home third and Sunia taking the moment of the comp with his epic rope climb.


Fourtress 2023 always seems to be our biggest comp of the year and this year we had 7x teams in total competing with 28x members in total taking the floor with x10 of them making their debuts for Brown Pride. This comp our members have been able to compete together with their close friends and families aswell which is a cool achievement, winning is cool but the experience is what makes it even better. In saying that congrats to our teams that did podium. 1st place: NOVICE boys, 2nd place: INTERMEDIATE girls, 3rd place: BEGINNERS girls.


Well done to our five representatives here that qualified for the individual finals which was held over two days on the final weekend of November. Our reps did really well and all managed to finish top 20 in their respective divisions. This comp was also the final one for this year which has been a really hectic year already but this is only the beginning, next year we have bigger things in the works which we cannot wait to introduce.


We had the honor of hosting some of judges from the high court this month who wanted to come in and hear our story. It is a reflection of how this year has been going with more people and organizations in higher positions recognizing Brown Pride for what we do and wanting to know more and we are truly grateful. We know this will eventually lead to more opportunities but for now we will keep working at it.



1 of 2 events to end this year off, first up us our fight night which is happening on the first week of December. Our previous two fight nights have been stopped from covid so we are looking forward to going with "third time lucky". Stacked card, coaches been putting in the work with the fighters and on December 8th fighters will be able to put their skills on display.


To end off the year we will be having our Xmas party to celebrate what has been a very busy year which will be followed by our Xmas break where we will prepare for a prosperous 2024!!


On behalf of the team here at Brown Pride we wish our members who celebrated their birthday this month all the best!