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"Yes, you’ve read it before, so why read it again? You’ve heard it before, but do you want to hear it again? Yes, you do, because we do it in our own style—and who else still does?"

**New Album Alert**

Bastarized is storming back onto the scene, hungry for revenge with their latest offering, "Mental Town." This explosive third album, recorded at DUB Studios in Kristiansand and co-produced by the legendary Endre Kirkesola, packs 10 tracks that ignite the raw fury of "Thrash N Roll" with the brutal force of Heavy Metal. Get ready to experience a sonic assault like no other!So, who is Bastarized? Bastarized is a high-energy, hard-hitting Rock 'n' Roll band From Norway with deep roots in the metal world. Known for their powerful live performances, the band delivers original music that fuses elements of thrash, rock, and metal. Their stage presence is electric, making it impossible for the audience to stand still. With many years of experience and a diverse musical background, Bastarized is an explosive act that hits hard and leaves a lasting impression.

Band History:

The Rise of Bastarized

Forged in the fires of 2006 by Kai Andre Moe and Frode Aarstad, Bastarized emerged as a relentless force in the rock 'n' roll and metal scenes. The lineup solidified in 2008 with the addition of guitarist Karl Engstrøm, known for his electrifying riffs and raw power. The band reached its full ferocity in 2018, becoming a quartet with the inclusion of Lars Fredriksen (Susperia, Intuition, Alsvartr, Fear Inc.) as the second guitarist, adding an even sharper edge to their sound. Their self-titled debut album, "Bastarized," dropped in January 2010 via DIG Music and distributed by VME, setting the stage for their aggressive sound. The sophomore effort, "We Bring You War," followed in 2012, this time distributed by Sony BMG in Germany, solidifying their reputation for hard-hitting, uncompromising metal. The singles "Mental Town" (2015) and "One's Own Fear" (2017) kept the momentum going, showcasing their relentless drive and unyielding spirit. Bastarized isn't just a band; it's a statement. Prepare yourself for a full-throttle musical assault that refuses to be ignored. JUST PLAY IT LOUD !!

Kai Andre Moe - Vocals, Bass | Lars Fredriksen - Guitars | Karl Engström - Guitars | Frode Aarstad - Drums


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