2024 Texture SPARK Selects A virtual exhibit

Welcome to the 2024 Themed Juried Exhibit "SPARK Selects". The competition brought in 216 texture-themed images from photographers across Ontario. This exhibit is a collection of bonus images selected for recognition and we're pleased to share these thirty-two images in this virtual gallery.

The print exhibit featuring the Top 25 images, including the Award winners, is exhibited at YMCA Balsillie Family Branch in Peterborough, Ontario from April 1 to 30, 2024. For more info about the Themed Juried Exhibit and the rest of the Festival, visit:

To view individual images, click an image and scroll through each small collection, then click the X to return to gallery. If using a mobile device, turn device to landscape for optimal viewing.

Top row: Diamond Beach by Nicolette Wain-Lowe, Bubble by Carl Welbourn; Bottom Row: Ice Capades by Linda Cardona; Jack Frost by Nicolette Wain-Lowe
Top Row: V is for Victory by Peter Maskens, Discarded by Colleen Pollack; Bottom Row: Camouflage by Jean-Maurice Cormier, Unlocked by Nature by Janet Taylor
Top Row: Beached Tree by Tracy Hanes, Texture 3 by Wendy Syer; Bottom Row: Woodgrain by Tim Haan, Driftwood Creature by Marie-Lynn Hammond
Left to Right: St. Dunstan-in-the-East by Sarah Hawley, Grand Mosque Reflections by Margus Kask, The Tulip Stairs by Sarah Hawley
Top Row: Edith Prickley by Loretta Meyer, Leaf by Carl Welbourn, Flowermat by Willow Roberts; Bottom Row: Tears Dry On Their Own by Marjorie McDonald, Golden Hour Sunflower by Tracy Hanes
Top Row: Icy Shores by Melissa Behr-Maahs, The Path Less Taken by Sean Stone; Bottom Row: Seaward by Sean Stone, Rock Face by Kenneth Powell
Top Row: Natural or Synthetic by Kersti Meema, One of These Things by Jen Walsh; Bottom Row: Calgary 1 by Lezley Woodhams, Boat Series 2 - Depth by Numbers by Gary van Netten
Top Row: Preen by Tim Haan, A Slow Morning by Sanja Wirch; Bottom Row: MumStract by John Pingree, Autumn by Magenta Flute

All image copyrights reserved by each contributing photographer noted in captions. Virtual Exhibit copyright SPARK Photo Festival. Please do not reprint or use images without permission.

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