Rogers Band News November 3rd, 2023

Rogers Band NEws

November 3rd, 2023

This Weeks Sectional Schedule

Winter Concert – December 7th @ WGHS Auditorium

Get ready for a Winter Extravaganza in the Walnut Grove Auditorium featuring the Beginner Band in their first ever concert and the 3 performing bands of Concert Band I, Concert Band I, and Symphonic Winds. This is going to be a wonderful night of music featuring every Rogers Band student 6th – 8th grade.

All-Region Auditions - Nov. 7th and 11th

Tuesday Nov. 7th Phase I (All Instruments except: b. clarinet, tenor/bari sax)

Please help! Volunteers needed for Tuesday

Phase I at McKinney Boyd will be hosting around 1,800 kids for the audition that day. We need volunteers to help with monitoring students. Some of the positions could be helping direct students around the school or even checking students in at their room. They are really easy jobs and there is a training meeting when you get to the school. The region has asked that each school send 5 parent volunteers to help between 5:00pm - 9:00pm. If nothing else it will give you something to do while you are just as nervous as your student about their audition. 😊

Saturday Nov. 11th Phase II (bass clarinet, tenor/bari sax, and advancing phase I students)

Phase II will take place on Saturday Nov. 11th at Cockrill Middle School in McKinney. This audition will be for all single-phase instruments (b. clarinet, tenor/bari sax) and those who advanced from Phase I. ****Morning event/early afternoon; individual times will vary****

Beginning Band Corner

Students who earned their way to our Beginner Reward Trip to Pinstack on November 16th will begin getting their invitation this week. The trip will only be $24 for lunch, unlimited bowling and a game card. Eligibility for receiving an invitation to the trip was turning in a practice record each week with a grade of at least an 80.

Students have received their music for our December 7th Holiday Concert and can add this to their daily practice. Beginner Band Concert Attire for the Holiday Concert will be Sunday Best.

Performing Band Formal Concert Attire (SW, CBI, CBII)

It’s that time of year! Our Rogers Band students are nearing their first “formal’"concert, and it is important they look the part! Our concert dress consists of an all-black concert attire, so students all look the same. It also looks professional on the concert stage! Students need to have all the parts of their uniform purchased by Friday, November 17th, so it is ready to go for their Winter Concert on December 7th. Please see the examples in the handout for what is (and is not) acceptable “concert black” attire: Formal Concert Attire Handout!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Nov 7th - All-Region Phase I
  • Nov 11th - All-Region Phase II
  • Nov 16th - Beginning Band Trip
  • Nov 20th-24th - Thanksgiving Break YAY!!!!
  • Dec 6th - Beginner Monster Band rehearsal after school (3:30 - 4:45, required)
  • Dec 7th - Rogers Band Winter Concert (Beginners, CBII, CBI, SW)


Photos from the week (Social with WGHS and Halloween)