James Mattatall Memorial Award 2023 Impact Report

Thanks to thoughtful student awards like this one, NSCC students are embarking on an important journey to achieve their education and career goals, and create lasting impact in their communities.

Thanks to this incredible community of donors, we're building a province where people have the opportunity to flourish and contribute to the economic and social growth that will benefit generations to come.

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2023 James Mattatall Memorial Award recipients:

Rebecca, Electrical Construction and Industrial, Marconi Campus

"Receiving this award gives me peace of mind knowing that I will still be able to do my 5 week work placement and not have to worry about bills or unplanned expenses. I would just like to say thank you so much for this generous award."

"I chose to attend NSCC because it’s the best college to go to for skilled trades, and I have attended NSCC Ivany Campus for the Music Arts and Music Business programs from 2017-2020. My goal is to become an Industrial Electrician, and this award will help me achieve my goal by supporting me financially if I have to travel for my work placement."

Trayner, Electrical Construction and Industrial, Ivany Campus

"I would like to sincerely thank the friends and family of James Mattatall for supporting my education through this generous memorial award. This award will will support me in completing the Electrical program and it will support my education at NSCC a great deal. It will let me focus on my classes, my school work and projects instead of worrying about fitting in as many work hours as possible. It will also allow me to continue to play and coach hockey in any spare time that I may have, while trying to study full time and work part time. It will help me to pay for books, food, transportation, etc.. It will also help me to be able to study without worrying about paying for all of my education and/or finishing school with lots of debt. This support will relieve a lot of stress and will be a great help, and I appreciate that very much."

"I chose the Electrical Construction and Industrial Program because I have always preferred hands-on type of work and learning. I also enjoy problem solving and I like being active while I work or learn. I like working with other people to solve problems and complete tasks. I have played and coached many team sports for many years and I value working together with others to achieve a common goal. I took a Skilled Trades course in high school and did some Co-op work with an electrician. Those experiences helped me to decide that the electrical program was a good fit for me. I also know several people who have attended NSCC and work as electricians now. They have told me that the program is interesting and involves hands-on learning, and the career is challenging and rewarding. So, I decided that this program would be a good fit for my strengths, interests and goals. I am now in my second semester in the Electrical Construction and Industrial Program and I still feel that it is a good program for me and I am confident that it will also be a good career choice for me. I am learning new things everyday and appreciate my instructors and classmates. I am looking forward to completing the program and working in this field.

When I finish my certificate program, I plan to work as an electrician and complete my apprenticeship hours. Once I have an opportunity to work I plan to take the Red Seal exam and become Red Seal certified. I would like to work for a company in Nova Scotia and live in the province. I may also look into other opportunities within the construction industry as well. This award will be a big help in achieving the first step towards my future goals because it will support me in completing the Electrical Construction and Industrial Program.

I would like to sincerely thank the friends and family of James Mattatall for awarding me the generous James Mattatall Memorial Award. It means a lot to me that this award is in honor of someone like James. I too aim to work hard at NSCC, commit to making a career as an electrician and continue to try and give back to the community through volunteering. Thank you again for this support in achieving my goals through this very special memorial award."

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