Top 5 Album releases of 2023

Rauw alejandro is a Puerto rican singer,songwriter and dancer, his music style is Latin R&B,reggaeton,and latin pop.He started getting more recognition when he dropped “Todo de ti”, from his second studio album,”Vice versa”(2021).”Todo de ti” reached top three on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs and Billboard Global 200 charts.Rauw alejandro has recently released his fourth studio Album ,PLAYA SATURNO,he wanted to replicate the magic of his celestial 2022 album,”SATURNO”,but winds up lost in space.PLAYA SATURNO has 14 tracks featuring,Artists such as,Junior h,ivy queen,Miguel Bosé,Ñejo y Dálmata, and Jowell y Randy.Rauw went with a more old school reggaeton vibe when making this album,he likes to experiment with different sounds, he doesn't stick to the same beats instead he has a vision for what he wants,making each individual song one of its own.He also has a very nice singing voice which makes you want to listen to his songs over and over again.in The song“NO ME SORPRENDE '' is completely different than what rauw usually does,is the perfect summer song to play when you're on the beach. An unexpected collab on this album was with junior h, who is one of the most streamed artists for corridos tumbados,he appeared on “PICARDIA,” many people were surprised and excited for this collab.There are many great songs on this album but my favorites would be “DILUVIO”,”NO ME LA MOLESTE”,”CELEBRANDO”,and ”BABY HELLO”.

Kali uchis is a Colombian-American singer and songwriter,she makes R&B,neo soul,pop,and Hip hop music.Her popularity started to rise up when her song,”Telepatia”, a dreamy and relaxing song from her Album,”Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)”(2020), became really popular on Tik Tok and won Top Latin Song at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.Kali uchis has released her Third studio album,”Red Moon in Venus” which includes 15 tracks and features omar apollo, don Toliver and summer walker.She released a snippet of her song "moonlight" on Tik Tok which got a lot of good reactions,making people wanting to listen to the full song already. Kali explains that Red Moon in Venus is a timeless, burning expression of desire, heartbreak, faith, and honesty, reflecting the divine femininity of the moon and Venus.She also felt inspired by astrology, wanting to reflect the blood moon as the trigger to "send your emotions into a spin".The melodies carry a strong dreamy vibe to them that feel dark and seductive as well,the messages she delivers through her songs speaks to so many people.This might be one of my favorite Kalis Uchis album,my favorite songs that i recommend are,”Love between…”,”Not Too Late(interlude)”,”i wish you roses”,”Endlessly” and “Blue”.

Jungkook is a south korean singer,he is more well known as a member of the big global Kpop group BTS,Jungkook has accomplished a lot with BTS but has also accomplished a lot by himself. Jungkook has performed “Dreamers” at the 2022 FIFA World Cup for the first match of that year's FIFA World Cup and its opening ceremony. “Golden” which is Jungkook's debut studio album featuring Latto,Jack harlow, major lazer and DJ snake,the album has 11 songs containing 2 pre released songs,”Seven” and “3D”.Golden talks about the happiness and love you have for a person during a relationship and the sadness you feel during a breakup.The song “Standing next to you” which is the albums main title track ,really showcases jungkook's vocals, and has a michael jackson vibe as well. In the music video you can see some of Michael Jackson's moves in the choreography.My favorite songs from this album are,”standing next to you”,”Closer to you”,"3D", "Yes or no”,and “somebody”.

Karol G is a Colombian singer she makes reggaeton,latin trap,pop music,Karol G has released her Fourth studio album,MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO (BICHOTA SEASON) which reached #1 on the Billboard 200 upon release.This album features artists such as Peso pluma,Kali uchis,Young miko,and Dei V.Bichota Season delivers a new side of the Colombian superstar, who has evolved, healed, fallen in love, and remained as empowered as ever. My favorites from this album would be ,”OKI DOKI”,”DISPO”,”GATITA GANGSTER”,”QLONA” and “S91”.

Peso pluma is a mexican musician and singer,he makes Regional Mexican,corridos tumbados,reggaeton and latin trap music.Peso pluma has dominated the billboards charts all year,He has also become the first mexican artist to perform at the VMAs where he performed “LADY GAGA” .Peso pluma releases his third studio album “GÉNESIS” featuring Junior h,Gabito Ballesteros,Natanael cano,Tito Double P and many more.GÉNESIS has spent 15 weeks at No. 1 on Top Latin Albums.Peso pluma has become a popular artist all around the world.Peso pluma has a unique voice when singing which makes many people have different opinions about it,i personally find his voice fit many types of genres, and he uses his voice pretty well when singing.I love all songs but i recommend “LA PEOPLE”,”ZAPATA”,”77”,”SU CASA”,and “PRC”.