The Briar Hill Bulletin Our weekly newsletTER: 22.04.24

A Message from Miss Cooksley

Welcome back to this week's Briar Hill bulletin! We hope that you continue to find this newsletter useful. Please scroll down to the 'Lens into Learning' section where you can see some of the wonderful lessons which took place last week.

Please may we remind all parents and carers that pick-up and drop-off times are busy. This can cause an increased safety risk to both children and parents. Parking restrictions outside schools are there to keep you and your children safe. Parking inconsiderately can put people in danger and you also risk being fined. It’s important that motorists follow the Highway Code.

Safety tips for parking outside schools

When picking up or dropping off children at schools, you should do the following:

  • Allow yourself plenty of time as the area is likely to be busy.
  • Do not park on yellow zigzag lines and avoid parking opposite them.
  • If you decide to park further away, please be considerate of local residents and avoid blocking driveways/accessways or pedestrian crossings.

For further advice, from the Police, please click the link below.

A friendly reminder that we expect children to read at home at least 5 times per week, 20 minutes a day. This must be recorded in their reading record and signed by an adult.

Our Book and Biscuit event will continue to run on the first Friday of every half term. Due to its popularity, and to make it accessible for as many families as possible, we will run both a morning session from 8:45am - 9:00am and an afternoon session from 3:00 - 3:15pm. We look forward to seeing as many families on our next Book and Biscuit event on Friday 7th June 2024.

It's important to think about your child's safety in the dark, particularly road safety. This is why we have asked that all parents/carers collect children from after school clubs.

We also have an exciting upcoming end of Spring Term raffle draw for all children who have 100% attendance over the term and also arrive at school punctually every day. All eligible children will be entered into the prize draw for the chance for one lucky winner to win their family a food hamper at the of term.

We always enjoy seeing and speaking to parents and carers, if you have any questions do just ask the teachers on the door at the end of the day, via Class Dojo or chat to a member of the pastoral team or leadership team if you need to. We are always here to listen and happy to help.

Friendly Reminders

We know lots of you also like to send children with a packed lunch, so below you'll find some information about how to plan for healthy packed lunches.

A reminder school starts at 8.45 a.m. - every minute counts so please ensure your child is on time for school. Thank you all.

A reminder, if you send children to school with earrings they must only be a small stud. This is for health and safety reasons. Children may wear a watch. Thanks.

Votes for Schools

Each week, our children (Year 1 - 6) participate in topical talk. To find out more about Votes for Schools, please read below.

Votes for Schools at Home 22.4.24

Following news that WhatsApp has changed their age rating from 16 to 13, older voters in KS2 will be exploring the possibility of specially-designed phones for teenagers to help improve their online safety. Younger voters in KS1 will consider whether they spend too much time on their devices. Meanwhile, the assembly questions whether bans can go too far.

Voters will explore the questions:

  • Would you prefer to use an under-16s phone? (KS2)
  • Do you have too much screen time? (KS1)

If you would like to continue the conversation and discussion around each week's topical talk, please refer to the information provided below.

Briar Hill Primary School, rated OUTSTANDING by Ofsted, November 2022

Briar Hill rated OUTSTANDING!

' a culture of excellence' (Ofsted, November 2022)

Attendance Matters

Your child’s attendance at school each day is important – every day counts. We place a high value on classroom based learning at Briar Hill and expect every parent to share this commitment by supporting your child to attend each day and arrive on time. We ensure that from the start of school at 8.45 am, fast paced learning is taking place within all our classrooms and because of this, if your child is absent, they are likely to miss out on significant learning that day.

Government research has shown the impact that just a handful of days absence each year has on primary aged children’s attainment and progress. Below we have included a simple guide for parents indicating what each level of attendance means and hours of learning lost:

We’re here to help! Your child’s learning and attendance at school is also important to us. Please let the school know as soon as possible if you require any support to ensure your children's arrival at school or, if you know of any issues, home or school related, which may be preventing your child from attending each day. Thank you for your continued support to ensure your child attends school, on time, every day. If you require any further information or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Leslie (Attendance Lead).

Our Uniform Expectations

It is brilliant to see the effort families are making in ensuring uniform is as expected. Please do let us know if you have any questions or queries regarding uniform.

The basic Briar Hill uniform consists of:

  • Briar Hill logo grey jumper or cardigan (available from Karl Sports)
  • plain white polo-shirt or plain white shirt
  • black trousers or knee length skirt
  • black shoes (not trainers)
  • blue check summer dresses or smart black shorts (only in summer months)
  • a Briar Hill school book bag
  • Year 5-6 - will be given a teal tie - please see the office if you need to reorder one.

Our PE Uniform

  • plain white t-shirt
  • black shorts or trousers
  • jumper or jacket can be worn outside
  • trainers or plimsolls

A Lens into Learning at Briar Hill

Year 6 have demonstrated fantastic mathematical understanding and thinking during their ratio lessons this week!

Year 2 have loved completing their instruction independent writing this week. Check out this super example!

Year 5 have been applying their mathematical learning. They have been using their knowledge of converting fractions to percentages to solve related word problems.

Nursery are starting a Talk for Writing adventure with the Gingerbread Man story. The children used their senses as they ate their very own gingerbread man biscuit.

What an exciting hook day for Year 1! Last week, the children found some enormous, green footprints and a mysterious, friendly letter and loads of clues about someone (or something) who had visited our school. The children had to guess who or what they thought it was!

To start off Year 4's new text, Beetle Boy, in Talk for Reading the children researched beetles and created fact sheets for younger children in the school.

In Year 3, the children are continuing to learn about forces and simple machines in our science lessons. They learned about wheels, axles and friction and experimented at finding the best surface to make the vehicle move most free.

Reception have been learning about minibeasts. These are some of the children's beautiful symmetrical butterfly designs!


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Star of the Week

A huge congratulations to all the children who have been presented with a star of the week award. You are all shining role models and the school is incredibly proud of you all. Well done and THANK YOU!

  • Nursery - Daniel
  • Year R Donaldson – Rithvi
  • Year R McKee – Nikodem
  • Year 1 Rosen – Elsey and Davina
  • Year 1 Ahlberg – Frederick
  • Year 2 Potter - Demir
  • Year 2 Dr Seuss - Thierry-Rae
  • Year 3 Dahl – Daniela
  • Year 4 Rowling – Ali
  • Year 4 Kinney – Iga
  • Year 5 Morpurgo – Georgi
  • Year 6 Pullman – Broedy
  • Year 6 Jobling - Summer

Reading Rocks Winners

  • 1st place - Year 1 Ahlberg
  • 2nd place - Year 4 Kinney
  • 3rd place - Year 1 Rosen

Attendance Winners

  • 1st place - Year R Donaldson
  • 2nd place - Year 6 Jobling
  • 3rd place - Year 1 Rosen

Behaviour Winners

  • 1st place - Year 1 Rosen
  • 2nd place - Year 1 Ahlberg
  • 3rd place - Year 3 Dahl


The class who made the best effort with wearing the correct uniform this week is Year 6 Jobling - well done!

Mr Bump

The class with the fewest accidents this week are Year 6 Pullman – well done!

Handwriting Award

  • Year R Donaldson – Amelia
  • Year R McKee – Ellie
  • Year 1 Rosen – Auralia
  • Year 1 Ahlberg – Mahrosh
  • Year 2 Potter – Hayyaan
  • Year 2 Dr Seuss – Amelia
  • Year 3 Dahl – Daria
  • Year 4 Rowling – Elliot A
  • Year 4 Kinney – Deborah
  • Year 5 Morpurgo - Michael
  • Year 6 Pullman – A'bri-Hanna
  • Year 6 Jobling – Bella C-G

Positive Points

How can you be rewarded for being positive?

Being POSITIVE is so important here at Briar Hill. Having brilliant behaviour is a skill for life and we support children in this. Children can earn these positive points throughout the school day. Once they reach each threshold, they will be awarded a special certificate. At the end of the academic year, the bronze, silver and gold winners will all receive a special treat!

Bronze Certificate Winners

Every child has now been awarded their bronze certificate.

Reading Rocks at Briar Hill

At Briar Hill Primary School, we expect all children to read at home five times per week for 20 minutes. Reading is promoted, within school, in a number of ways, including reading for pleasure sessions, class novel time and the DRET Reads reading for pleasure challenge.

Reading books are sent out on a Friday and are to be returned on a Thursday. We expect that all home reading to be recorded within your child's reading log, this allows us to monitor reading at home and also helps to decide which class wins our weekly reading competition 'Reading Rocks'.

The house system is an integral part of Briar Hill and is predominately utilised during inter-school competitions, each with a different focus.

Our children are proud to be part of their house teams. Every child and member of staff is allocated to one of four houses, which they then support. Our houses teams are grouped vertically which enables children to socialise and engage with peers and staff beyond their everyday environment. It is an essential part of school life as it facilitates a growing community spirit and enables children to participate collectively, involving children from all year groups who are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

It was important for the house teams to be named after relevant, diverse and inspiring individuals, from different backgrounds. Therefore, the houses are all named after four successful artists. These artists each have a different discipline within art, they are: Gormley, Hockney, Banksy, Wiltshire. The House captains each year are members of Year 6.

Food Allergy Information

Please remember that at Briar Hill children are not allowed to have nuts or nut products at school. If staff see products containing nuts, the will need to remove these. This is in order to protect pupils at school who have nut allergies.

Dates for the Diary

  • Half term Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May
  • School reopens for the final Summer Term Monday 3rd June
  • Book and Biscuit - 8:30am - 9:00am and 3:00pm - 3:15pm Friday 7th June

Useful links from the STEM Team

Messages from the Pastoral Team

Below is our school Mental Health Strategy as well as useful bank of helpful contacts to guide, advice and training around mental health and well-being.

Home Learning

Useful Links for Parents and Carers

Sunshine Club (Breakfast Club) and Stargazer Club (After School Care)

Breakfast club and after school care is extremely popular and is regularly full. Please book in advance as we are sometimes unable to accommodate late bookings.

If you require breakfast club and after school care please read and sign the terms and conditions to ensure we can accept your booking. Bookings must be made in advance of when care is required.

Breakfast Club is available every school day during term time.

Breakfast club opens at 7.45am and closes as the school day starts at 8.45 am. The club costs £3.00 per day and children are provided with a healthy choice of breakfasts and drinks.