"All dreams come true if one has the courage to pursue them."

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Every year, SJS comes up with something unique and creative to foster the young minds with curiosity, innovation and critical thinking. "The Junior Journal" is another unique feature of the school which aims to showcase and celebrate the exceptional events and achievements of the students learning at SJS, Naraina. The publication is released on a monthly basis, providing a comprehensive overview of the notable accomplishments, events and projects undertaken by the learners in a month, within our educational community. This monthly journal will serve as a platform to recognize and applaud the outstanding efforts of the students.

Stay tuned every month to witness, discover and explore the remarkable talents and accomplishments of the learners at SJS with deep and meaningful learning experiences which are curated keeping in mind the skills, attitudes and beliefs of the children at this age.

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A Virtual Lohri Extravaganza

"Lohri, a vibrant celebration where the warmth of togetherness glows brighter around the festive bonfire."

In the glow of the virtual screen, students danced to the beats of tradition and celebrated Lohri festival with zest! On January 12, 2024, an online assembly showcased the essence of harvest festivals, accentuated by lively dance and music performances by our talented learners. The festivities concluded with a delightful word search quiz, adding an extra layer of joy to our virtual celebration.

Digital Bonfire, Festive Spirits: Students ignite joy in virtual flames, celebrating Lohri together in the warmth of screens and shared smiles during online classes.
Online Lohri Vibes: Students kindle the festive fervor with virtual bonfires, sharing laughter, and joy in a unique celebration that transcends screens.

Empowering Educators: A Journey through Tech Innovations

"Continuous Professional Development is not just a pathway; it's the essential bridge that propels educators toward excellence. In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the commitment to lifelong learning is the cornerstone of effective teaching."

In the dynamic realm of education, technology isn't just an option; it's an imperative. Our Continuous Professional Development Programme held on January 6, 2024, delved into cutting-edge tech tools. The teachers explored powerpoint through many new options like dictate and rehearse with coach buttons, fine-tuning presentations with templates and so on. This learning session also had insights on crafting student-friendly assignments via Microsoft Teams, exploring AI apps like CoSchool which simplifies lesson planning and creating multiple parameters to learn and engage effectively in classroom transactions with the learners. It concluded with an exploration of the transformative features of the Flip app, empowering educators to evolve seamlessly in the digital age. This CPD session was powerful and fruitful for all teacher participants.

Nurturing Excellence: Teachers embrace continuous professional development, cultivating a culture of growth, innovation, and lifelong learning in the pursuit of educational excellence.

From Tricolour Skies to Patriotic Paper Trails: A Spectrum of Creativity Unleashed in Republic Day Art Extravaganza at Salwan Junior School.

Students from nursery to class V showcased their artistic flair during Republic Day celebration week: India Week celebrated in the school from January 18' 2024 to January 25' 2024. Nursery kids brought life to tricolour balloons and aeroplanes crafted from ice-cream sticks, creating a vibrant air show. The KG class displayed their patriotism by assembling an Indian flag using the same sticks. Meanwhile, classes I and II designed tricolour hand bands and patriotic posters. Advancing to higher grades, classes III-V were engaged in crafting tricolour paper fans, origami aeroplanes, and posters, demonstrating a harmonious blend of creativity and national pride across the school.

Patriotic Palette: Students paint the canvas of their hearts, expressing love for India in a vibrant poster during Republic Day week.
Coloring Dreams, Painting Pride: Students infuse hues of love into their Republic Day creations, celebrating the spirit of 'I Love My India' with joy and creativity.
Heartfelt Craftsmanship: Students weave a tapestry of love for India in their Republic Day creations, crafting dreams, and aspirations with patriotic flair.
Hands United in Tricolor Harmony: Students create vibrant tricolor bands, weaving threads of love and unity in celebration of Republic Day.

"Celebrating Patriotism: A Week of Expression"

"In the heart of every citizen lies the spirit of a proud nation."

During the Republic Day celebration: India Week, celebrated from January 18 to January 25, 2024, the children in language classes participated in engaging public speaking and creative writing activities on the theme "I am proud of my country." Students enthusiastically shared their thoughts, fostering a sense of patriotism and unity. These activities not only enhanced language skills but also instilled a deeper love for our nation.

Echoes of Patriotism: Republic Day becomes a stage for young voices as students engage in a compelling public speaking activity, expressing their love for the nation.
Words that Soar: In a celebration of eloquence and national pride, students take the podium on Republic Day, showcasing their public speaking prowess in a symphony of patriotic narratives.
Ink of Freedom: Students unleash their creativity in a Republic Day-themed creative writing activity, penning tales that resonate with the spirit of unity, diversity, and love for the motherland.

Sowing Seeds of Dreams: Nurturing Young Minds at Salwan Junior School

"In the garden of education, every child is a unique flower, waiting to bloom with the right blend of care and opportunity."

Salwan Junior School fosters holistic development with bi-monthly online classes, offering a vibrant platform for primary learners to explore curricular and co-curricular realms. The recent session, held on December 30' 2023, showcased students' spirited participation in a New Year Resolutions-themed speaking activity, weaving promises and optimism into their creative resolutions.

Virtual Classrooms, Real Knowledge: Embracing the digital realm for uninterrupted learning and continued growth.
Connecting Minds, Beyond Distances: Online classes bridge the gap, making education accessible anytime, anywhere..
Learning Never Stops: From screens to minds, online classes ensure the pursuit of knowledge persists, fostering a culture of continuous learning.
Empowering Minds in the Digital Age: Online classes redefine the learning landscape, making education resilient, flexible, and accessible for all..

Shaping Tomorrow: Empowering Girls at National Girl Child Day

Investing in a girl's education today ensures a brighter, equitable world tomorrow

On January 23' 2024, Class III-A celebrated 'National Girl Child Day' with a dynamic assembly. A poignant skit depicted a girl's significance, followed by student-led dialogues promoting awareness. The assembly concluded with a heartfelt poem, emphasizing the enduring value of girls in society. A step towards gender equality, nurturing future leaders.

Nurturing Dreams, Empowering Futures: Celebrating National Girl Child Day with a commitment to uplift, inspire, and empower every girl to shine bright and break barriers.

Verses Unveiled: Harmony in Hindi Poetry

"In the symphony of words, poetry orchestrates the melody of the heart."

On January 19' 2024, the Hindi Poem Recital Competition for classes I-V showcased a poetic spectacle. With themes like nature and patriotism, young wordsmiths adorned their performances with props, displaying linguistic finesse. The finalists' adept control of intonation and expressive delivery earned well-deserved applause, celebrating the enduring power of Hindi language in shaping young minds.

Hindi Poetry Recitation
Verses of Elegance: A moment captured in the cadence of Hindi poetry recitation, where words bloom into a symphony of emotions.

Little Patriots, Big Celebrations: Republic Day Activities by Montessori

"Vibrant Celebrations: Republic Day Extravaganza"

"Unity in diversity, a tapestry of traditions woven by the heartbeats of a nation."

Republic Day, on January 26, commemorated India's constitutional adoption with a week-long celebration at our school. From dot-connecting and flag coloring on January 23 to a captivating Show and Tell on January 25, each activity blended education and creativity.

Dot-connecting & Flag Coloring

Connecting Dots, Painting Pride: Salwan Junior School students engage in a vibrant session of Dot-connecting & Flag Coloring, weaving threads of unity and patriotism on Republic Day.

Badge Creation

Engaging in Republic Day-themed badge crafting, children embraced unity and patriotism, creating tangible symbols of pride.

Maze to Find the National Flag

Embarking on a Maze of Patriotism: Salwan Junior School students navigate their way to discover the National Flag, unraveling the essence of Republic Day with excitement and joy.

Culinary Diversity Display

Tasting Unity: Salwan Junior School students whip up a delightful display of Culinary Diversity, celebrating the flavors that bind our nation on Republic Day.

Show and Tell on National Symbols

Expressing Pride, One Story at a Time: Salwan Junior School students captivate with their Republic Day-themed Show and Tell, sharing tales of patriotism and unity.

This blend of activities, beyond traditional celebrations, not only instilled patriotism but also emphasized the importance of unity in a nation rich with cultures and traditions. Such events shape future generations' understanding of their nation's history, values, and diversity.

"Harmony in Patriotism: Salwan Junior School's 75th Republic Day Extravaganza"

"In unity and freedom, we find the melody of our nation's pride."

On January 26' 2024, Salwan Junior School celebrated the 75th Republic Day with fervor, enthusiasm and patriotism. Students of Class V- Elina and Prisha's inspiring speech set the tone of the day, followed by the school choir group: Swaranjali's patriotic tunes. A skit, group dance, and a soul-stirring poem by Darsheel Tanwar from class V also highlighted civic responsibilities of the citizens of the Nation. Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa, Headmistress, SJS, Naraina further emphasized on the duties and responsibilities along with the civic duties of everyone, finally concluding the event concluded with a heartfelt national anthem, reaffirming democratic values. The celebration instilled pride and responsibility in every young heart present.

Republic Day Celebration at SJS, Naraina.
Harmonizing Patriotism: Salwan Junior School students strike a chord of unity and joy in their Republic Day choir performance.
Dazzling the stage with patriotic grace, SJS primary students groove into the spirit of Republic Day.


"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

Adding up Success: Our Math Olympiad Stars Shine Bright in the Equation of Achievement! 🌟🧮
Eclipsing Brilliance: Unveiling the Stars of Science Olympiad Success.
Priyansh of Class IV B participated in Bharat Samrat Martial Arts Sports Jeet Kune-Do (King of The Ring) Championship, Delhi 2023 on 22nd December 2023 and got 1st position and Gold medal.
Shivansh Kawatra-II A participated in All India drawing competition and received first position for outstanding performance
Devansh II A participated in a skating competition and received second position and won a silver medal.
Vivaan Sethi of Class IV-A bagged a Silver medal in the IV Lima Cup Tang Soo Do Championship 2023, held on 10th December 2023 at Indira Gandhi College, Delhi.
Little Sparks, Big Dreams: Our school's children shine bright as they participate in UBI (United by Ink) events during the Children's Day Special Programme.
Spreading Compassion Live! Our school's young talents light up UBI (United by Ink) events, embracing the theme 'There for Others' in an extraordinary display of empathy and creativity.
Harmony in Melody: Our talented students enraptured the audience at the Inter-school Qawwali competition 'Aghaaz-e-Suraksha' hosted by Gyan Mandir Public School.

"The key to to success is dedication to lifelong learning."

We will continue to bring together more holistic activities, cognitive projects, and creative innovations for our readers to have a glance into the school with every edition of the SJS E-Newsletter: "The Junior Journal," after every month.