KC News Round Up Friday 13th October 2023


Trip to Thorpe Park

Boarders enjoyed a fantastic day at Thorpe Park this weekend in the glorious October sunshine. They made the most of all the rides and Zarina was delighted to be tall enough for the 1.4m rides!

A huge thanks to Chaplain Katie for assisting us on the trip and to Miss Hopper for staying in house while we were out. Also, thanks to Mike for driving one of our minibuses and helping on the trip.

Cooking for Black History Month

H&H did some Caribbean cooking in celebration of Black History month this weekend. The meal prepared was the infamous Jamaican rice and peas with brown stewed chicken served with vegetables. Zarina and Mandisa worked brilliantly alongside Miss Henry to bring this dish to life, which everyone enjoyed very much!

Sports Night

Boarders also took part in their weekly sports activity that runs in the Sports Hall on Thursdays. Last night they played netball and basketball.

It is brilliant seeing some students joining the group for the first time, and others who come every week, finding new interests and passions.

Year 9 Drama

Following their recent trip to see 'Rebecca' the musical, Year 9 have been exploring the play in more detail. In class this week they did a fantastic job of recreating a key moment in the play in which the protagonists meet. Through a series of still images and movement to music, a brilliant performance was created.

The Drama department are extremely proud of the work the Year 9's are producing.

Year 7 Maths

Year 7’s have been studying ‘Directed numbers’: Directed numbers are essential for representing quantities that can have opposite directions or values, such as temperature changes, financial transactions, and positions on a coordinate plane. They also form the basis for understanding and solving problems involving signed numbers in various mathematical contexts.

To support understanding and application of ‘directed numbers’ Mrs Cox and Mrs Smith class drew posters to support the application of the mnemonics ASS (add same symbols) and SID (subtract if different).

The activity was enjoyed by all, with two overall winners, Salome and Ruby.

HALO Lecture

This week's HALO topic, run by Mrs Luther was: Confidence: yes, no, maybe?!

The talk was an interactive discussion with pupils from Prep through to Upper Sixth where we collected data from the room on confidence levels. We discussed what confidence is and how it fluctuates based on internal and external factors. Mrs Luther highlighted that the good news is that confidence is a skill we can develop and that the key is the internal dialogue we have with ourselves when we do not succeed. Speaking to ourselves as we would a friend, will move us forward and build our confidence.

The AIMS pupils were as ever, insightful and hugely engaged. Pupils noted that many internal and external factors affect their confidence levels including their feelings, mental health, friends, family, energy levels and expectations.

Year 10 Drama

Year 10 Drama students have been performing extracts from The Crucible text they are studying as part of their GCSE Drama course. They are working brilliantly!

Nourish Foodbank Donations

A message from Jon at Nourish.

The Senior School donation weighed in at an impressive 361.2kg and the Prep School was 169kg. Thanks to Kent College; this really helps!

Sixth Form Information Evening

Thank you to Primrose, Harley, Sia, Emma, Ellie, Charlotte, Jazmine and Katie for sharing their experiences of life in the Sixth Form at the Information Evening on Tuesday. As always they were fantastic ambassadors for the school. We will be sharing a video recording of their talks and the presentation to all Year 11 families shortly.

Open Morning

On Saturday, we held our Senior School Open Morning for prospective families looking to join KC. As ever our students were the most amazing ambassadors for the school, both our tour guides and our students taking part in the classroom activities. Everyone did a fantastic job showcasing the best of KC. Thank you to everyone involved. You were amazing!

Dates for your Diary...

Halloween Bake Sale - Monday 16th October, breaktime

The Soroptimist School Club and the South Africa sports tour participants are holding a joint bake sale at breaktime on Monday 16th October to raise funds in aid of the orphanages the sports tour students will be visiting at half term. If you have time to bake or buy cakes or biscuits to donate to this joint event, this would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally there are Halloween themed prizes up for grabs if you wish to enter your Halloween themed cake sale donations into the competition. Please bring your creations to the Organ Room for judging by Miss Handford and Miss Lusher before form time on Monday 16th October

Sponsored Walk - Friday 20th October

The Wellbeing Hub

Have a lovely weekend!