Orcutt Academy Spartan Newsletter March 22, 2024


We are in that special time of year where our Seniors at Orcutt Academy High School are starting to receive their college acceptance letters and making plans for their careers/life after High School. We are still too early to know about all of them but we hope to share something towards the end of the school year via the Newsletter. We are so proud of all of our Spartans and their hard work. We also know that this does not happen without some pretty good support behind each of them so we also congratulate you for their accomplishments.

We have been getting some questions recently on community service. The school does not have an extremely time-consuming community service graduation requirement, but its inclusion into the school’s graduation requirements is a testament to its importance. Each student needs to complete and document at least forty hours prior to graduation. This can be broken down into ten hours per year. Students should turn in any hours they have accumulated through the x2VOL program which their Spartan Homeroom teacher or Mrs. Meehan in the Library can assist them with. It is important for each student to seek out ways to meet this goal. They can find opportunities for hours through x2VOL, in the career center/ library, in the newsletter, in the announcements, in the volunteer opportunities in SB County Youthwell website and from their Spartan Homeroom teacher. If your son or daughter is having difficulty identifying ways to meet this requirement, then do not hesitate to contact the school.


This week’s senior spotlight is Flor Villa. She has been a part of ASB in the design crew and T-shirt designer for the school. Also, she volunteers at the animal shelter, has been on the tennis team for 2 years, and has received 2 Spartan Achievement awards. Congratulations, Flor!



We hope that you all have a great weekend!

Rhett Carter