LPA Newsletter Friday 22nd September 2023

Head of School Welcome

Dear families,

Welcome to this week's newsletter.

We have been busy this week preparing for the big reveal of the LPA Houses. On Monday, we be sharing the names of the four Houses along with the names of the Heads of House and House Champions. The first House competitions are already planned including 'The Masked Speaker', Limbo, Football and the Year 7 Taskmaster Challenge. Houses are all collecting for Harvest Festival to support Corby Food Bank. Over the academic year there will be over 30 different competitions covering a wide range of skills and challenges

I look forward to revealing the full House information to you next week and sharing all the House events over the year.

Warm Regards

Ruth Roberts - Head of School


What we do: Do Now Tasks

We start the majority of lessons with a Do Now task. This will be a short task for students to work on independently at the start of the lesson. Most Do Now tasks are five recall questions linked to the work from the previous lesson, the previous week or the previous term.

Why we do it

Having a standardised start to lessons supports all learners as they know exactly what is expected of them and ensures they settle straight to learning.

Research into learning has shown that recall or retrieval practice supports building long term memory and allows teachers to check learning. Reviewing learning from the previous week and units ensures that the learning isn't forgotten and reinforces the long term memory.

LPA Uniform

A few reminders regarding uniform:

Shirts must be long enough to tuck into skirt/trousers with the collar able to have the top button fastened.

There is a trend for boys to wear their trousers very low on their hips with the risk they show underwear. This is not appropriate for school and trousers must fit at the waist.

Our academy rucksack is part of our uniform. This and our ties can be purchased from main reception.

Students represent the academy as they travel to and from school and are expected to wear their full uniform during this time.

Welcome to Lodge Park Academy

Mr Barnes - "I am so pleased to have joined LPA. I am so impressed with the ambitious curriculum and how students are ready to learn. I teach French but also speak fluent German, and I can also teach German! Language learning is, in my opinion, one of the best and most important things you can do in life, and it can give you SO MANY opportunities. This ancient Chinese proverb encapsulates my thoughts on language learning "To learn a new language is to open another window from which to see the world". I am so excited to be part of the LPA Family."
Teachers are being interviewed on what they are currently reading as all teachers are 'Influencers of reading'.

Interviewer: What are you currently reading?

Mr. Barnes: I am currently reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, the playscript.

Interviewer: What genre is the book?

Mr. Barnes: The genre of the book is fantasy and is a continuation of the Harry Potter story.

Interviewer: What made you select the book?

Mr. Barnes: I selected the book because I have always loved the Harry Potter story and have read all of the other books, and of course watched all of the films!

Interviewer: What is it about?

Mr. Barnes: It's about Harry struggling with the responsibilities of his job at the Ministry of Magic, being a husband and a dad to three school-age children. However, the book also focuses on Albus (Harry's youngest son) and Scorpius (Draco Malfoy's son) struggling with the weight of family legacy and growing up in the shadow of their parents and their achievements.

Interviewer: Who would you recommend it to?

Mr. Barnes: I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Harry Potter and to anyone who hasn't seen the actual play in a theatre.

Interviewer: What other books is it similar to?

Mr. Barnes: As this book is actually a screen play, it is very unique to the world of Harry Potter and is therefore unlike any other Harry Potter book there has ever been!

Sixth Form Supervised Study Sessions

This week Sixth Form students started to attend their supervised study sessions to support them with their learning in school.

Supervised study is daily classes where a member of teaching staff will help supervise students with the completion of 5 hours of independent curricular work set by their Specialist Subject Teachers across all of their three subjects.

The feedback so far from the Sixth Form students is that they can see the benefit in the supervised study.

Performing Arts Workshops

This week, we have had the fantastic opportunity to have three workshops with local director and theatre maker Paula Boulton!

The students have been studying 4 plays that make up the remake of Corby Women: Then and Now. Paula Boulton directed this play 20 years ago, and our students will be acting in this 2023 remake!

The students have been working hard on plays such as Our Bodies Ourselves, About Her, Heritage and Women of Steel.

They have met an actor from the original performance and have been devising their own scenes to add to the piece.

These fabulous students will be performing in Corby Women: Then and Now on the 21st of October in the Cube theatre.

Tickets are now available on the Cube website. We cannot wait to show you their excellent work!

Tanisha Rae - Teacher of Performing Arts


Road Safety

Following a recent incident where a student was knocked by a car, I feel it is important to remind families how we can all work to keep students safe as they arrive and leave the academy.

Vehicles should not be parked on the zig zag lines at the front of the academy or in a manner that obstructs the zebra crossing outside the academy. Whilst this may be convenient for collection it puts students at risk.

Whilst we do encourage students to ride their bikes to school, it is important that they are aware of need to be safe including wearing a helmet and riding with care.

Electric scooters are not to be ridden to school. Whilst it is legal to own an electric scooter, it is not legal to ride an electric scooter on public roads or paths.



Dates to Remember

Autumn Term 1 - Academy re-opens to all students Wednesday 6th September 2023.

Academy closes to students: Friday 13th October 2023


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Contact Us

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