Our Story Germantown Municipal School District

Germantown Municipal School District has a long tradition of academic excellence, coupled with a strong commitment to continuous improvement. Whether improvement comes in the form of capital projects, expansion of course and curriculum offerings, or providing the best supports for our exemplary teachers—we are dedicated to reinforcing the culture of excellence at each one of our seven schools. Student-focused and unique, each school offers families a rich, multi-faceted environment.

Each school in GMSD is centered on creating a welcoming educational environment for all students. Our Exceptional Students Services department works to meet each student right where they are on their own educational journey right from the beginning. Our four elementary schools offer pre-school programs taught by teachers who are dual-endorsed in both general education and special education. Both typical and students with disabilities learn critical, foundational skills to prepare them for their next steps. These programs carry throughout each level in GMSD.

At Houston High School, students choose a Career and Technical Education (CTE) path to follow for their four years as a Mustang. These pathways provide many opportunities for Early Post-Secondary Opportunities, including Dual Enrollment (DE) courses and certifications, such as a Certified Medical Assistant. With 28 Advanced Placement (AP) and 17 Dual Enrollment courses offered, we are preparing our students for what comes next. Most recently, for the class of 2024, we had 15 students named as National Merit Finalists, and in the graduating class of 2023, there were eight National Merit Finalists, eight National Merit Commended, and two Presidential Scholar Semifinalists.

Student involvement is a huge part of what we encourage at GMSD. School is so much more than just academics - it is a place for students to come together! From clubs, to the arts and athletics, students are presented with a wide range of opportunities to get involved. Our arts programs throughout the district are award winning. Last spring, our Houston Middle School band received perfect scores at the Band Concert Festival, and our theater programs throughout our elementary schools put on excellent shows to packed houses each night.

GMSD is all about inspiring excellence, and this can be seen in our fine art programs as well as our athletic programs. We always want students to feel encouraged and empowered to be their best. We hope to instill confidence and kindness in our students as they pursue academics as well as extracurriculars. Our programs involve teamwork and excellent communications skills in order to thrive, and our athletic programs at every level showcase this through a history filled with championships.

We are always working to ensure that our students have the best facilities available to them. GMSD has invested $96 million to improve our schools by adding more classrooms, STEM, arts, and athletics facilities. Each school has been improved to be more energy efficient and state of the art, which allows teachers to have more flexibility in reconfiguring classrooms to activities that might include, robotics, coding, science, or art.

In the years to come, GMSD will continue with new projects to help our teachers and students to have access to the best facilities possible. Houston High School is set for a new era with an expansion that will include a new two story classroom wing housing STEM labs and classroom space for CTE programs, visual arts classrooms, orchestra practice spaces, theater production classes, a new varsity gym, more locker rooms, and upgrades to existing facilities and buildings.

GMSD works to ensure that parents, students, faculty, and our overall community all feel connected. Each week our Superintendent, Mr. Jason Manuel, sits down to share his message for the upcoming week, as well as highlight our students and staff for their accomplishes. This message is then sent out in our community newsletter. To register to receive this newsletter, click here. Each year at GMSD has a theme, and for the 2023-2024 school year, we are GMSD In-Focus. We are always focused on what is best for our students and how we can prepare them for a bright future ahead. #GMSDInFocus