We have had the privilege of helping local food places with promoting their goods, an initiative that kicked off with our markets where our KAP media team shoot some content around the food these places have to offer and then we share it on our socials as a way to encourage those who may not know about them. Shout out to Jax Burger Shack and Burger & Green for allowing us to come in and shoot two of our episodes which can be found on our socials, we will be dropping our next episode with the doko Mo from Big Mo's smokehouse soon so stay tuned to our socials for that.


Thanks to help of Jerome Mika and Vanita we have now acquired the services of a GP to be set up at base every Tuesdays for our community. Te Iti Pounamu Hauora was launched to help the vulnerable here in South Auckland and we are glad to have this service added to our list of existing services in Annaliese (Chiropractor), Kyle (Physio), Char (Massage Therapist) and Jeff (Counsellor).


Thanks to Dhaya from TSI & Emmaline from Tabu Tok for sitting down with us and breaking down the policies in simplified terms to help us promote this on our platforms in order for our people to understand better the party that will suit them the best. Understanding the policies was an issue we identified within our community and we believe we did our best to ensure the resources and information we provided were enough to help them understand the policies better so they can decide who to vote for and although the result may not be what most of our people want we really hope that everyone got out to vote which is the most important thing for us.


Our fight night has now been officially announced happening on 8/12/23. Our previous two fight nights were called off to due to covid so this will be our third time lucky, we have stacked coaches lined up to take our team of fighters and we look forward to this one. Our fight night is connected with our suicide awareness programs where we want to promote mental health awareness through this fight night so lets get encouraging! Shout out to coaches Jay & Ice for putting in that hard work with our fight team.


We are proud to announce our annual FRIDAY AT THE BAR novice weightlifting competition in collaboration with Kyle of Potentia Weightlifting. Open to anyone keen on experiencing a weightlifting competition, olympic bar & plates, professional judges, prizes up for grabs and good vibes. If this sounds like you or someone you know then simply register through the QR code in the poster.

NZ NATS 2023

Probably the biggest comp in the country and one that we definitely look forward to every year. 2022 was our first year entering and we took one scaled team that finished 5th overall in NZ, this year we took two teams with one team going up a division entering the RX division. One cool thing about NZ nats is that it really tests all aspects of your fitness, this year's events included short and long distance running, lake swim, plenty of team work and some workouts that required a bit of strategic thinking. We are proud of the 12 athletes that represented us at Nats and both teams did extremely well with our scaled team "BP GANG" finishing 11th out of 85 teams, one point shy of 10th place and our RX team "RUN IT BACK" reaching the top 10 final and finishing 7th out of 80 teams across NZ. 2024 we there!


We had a special guest come in to present our jerseys for the nats teams, proud Samoan living in NZ and knocking out dudes on the UFC big stage.. Justin Tafa! Bit of motivational pep talk to get our teams in the right mindset and the one key message we all took away from Tafa was no matter how chaotic it would get and how excited you would be it's important to "keep calm" and stick to the plan.


No doubt we had the best support team down at Nats and it just reflects the type of environment we have here at our base. Most supporters and also the most active, these supporters were running or driving alongside our athletes during the wods with water, electrolytes and even a bit of music to keep them going! Not only us but also other athletes from our neighbour gyms here in South Auckland. Special mention to two members of our MOB (Mothers Of Base) Pua & Ange who were basically our mothers during the weekend handling all the cooking, cleaning and taking care of us fia athletes. Also shout out to Ueta from WP who took care of our nutrition during the camp, Char who took care of our bodies at the comp, Empire gym for allowing us to use their space and worm in preparation for Nats and all those that supported our fundrasiers to help us get here!


On behalf of the team here at Brown Pride we wish our members who celebrated their birthday this month all the best!