Denver Pavilions is a one-of-a-kind retail, dining, and entertainment center located in the heart of downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall. The Pavilions provide a critical mass of more than 40 retail tenants, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The open-air Denver Pavilions features three-story buildings on a two-block development that is linked by "The Great Wall," an exterior structure featuring the word "DENVER," which has become the worldwide symbol of downtown Denver.

The 16th Street Mall is located downtown in the heart of Denver, Colorado. At over 1.25 miles long, it offers FREE shuttle rides from end to end, giving you easy access to more than 250+ stores lining the street, making it a favorite tourist destination.Wether you decide to walk or utilize complimentary transportation, know that all of the busses are powered by natural gasses. The 16th Street mall has been around for 30+ years and Denver is in the process of updating it to make it even more exciting. Be sure to check out the many stores and restaurants around 16th Street Mall.