"A man becomes great by his virtues, not by birth." - Valmiki, Ramayana

Ramayana, the cultural extravaganza, was celebrated in Salwan Montessori School on 20th October 2023. It was a remarkable event that not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of India but also provided a platform for students to immerse themselves in the epic tale of Lord Rama. The event was a testament to the school's commitment to promote traditional values and instilling a sense of pride in our cultural heritage.

The celebrations commenced with the chanting of Ram Stuti. This solemn ritual set the tone for the day filled with reverence and devotion. The highlight of the event was a captivating dramatic presentation of scenes from the Ramayana. Students from KG class enthusiastically participated in this play while depicting the key events from the epic, including Lord Rama's exile, the abduction of Sita, and the battle with Ravana and many more. The elaborate costumes, meticulously crafted props, and exceptional acting left the audience spellbound. The closing of the event was through Durga Stuti emphasizing the essence of Dussehra celebration and the culmination of the auspicious Navratri.

"Little Ones embracing the life lessons from the Ramayana"
"Little ones conveying the message of Unity, Compassion and Righteous."

"Diwali signifies the universal message of victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil."

Diwali, the renowned Hindu festival, resonates across India, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. This cherished occasion is embraced with fervour, uniting Indians in jubilation and exuberance. Young Salwanians celebrated Diwali online on Thursday 9th November 2023. Conversations flowed about the profound significance of this festival of lights, exploring its diverse celebrations across the country. Amidst vibrant dances to lively melodies, the spirit of festivity soared. Notably, our young Salwanians also championed the message of a Green and Safe Diwali, infusing their enthusiasm with a sense of responsibility. Their infectious zeal filled their hearts with admiration and affection, leaving an enduring impression on everyone present.

"Creative Wonders: Little Salwanians Illuminate Virtual Classes with Rangoli and Diya Magic!"
"Vibrant Dance Celebration Igniting the Screens Everywhere!"

“He who regards all men as equal is religious.” -Guru Nanak Dev ji

Keeping in view the secular ethos of the Salwan Montessori School, Guru Nanak Jayanti was celebrated and rejoiced with élan in the school premises.

A special assembly was organised on Thursday, 23rd November with great excitement and fervour. The teachers highlighted the teachings of the Guru Nanak Dev Ji with the narration of short story on Guru Nanak ji emphasising his teachings i.e. – doing good deeds, praying every day and sharing with everyone. Students dressed up as Panj Pyaras organized a procession carrying the Sikh flag. All the while they sang hymns.

To spread the message of love, sharing and equality, Langar was organised where students distributed the Guru prasad to fellow students and staff members.

Grandparents and parents were invited for the Sukhmani Sahib Path at school premises, and through the beautiful humming of the shabad, serenity and calmness floated in the school. One of Parent brought Kada Prasad for everyone. The festival was celebrated by all the students with great pride, honour and respect.

"Salwanians Unite: Celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti with Young Hearts, Shared Spirit!"
"Langar Sewa: Embracing Guru Nanak Jayanti with the Spirit of Learning, Sharing, and Caring!"

"Snapshots of School Activities: Where Learning Comes Alive!"

"Spectacular Showcase: Unveiling Learning through Demonstration!"

Culmination activities are a perfect medium to showcase the knowledge and skills acquired by our young learners throughout the unit. Culminating events have several benefits for young children, like presenting before the audience is motivating for the students and takes learning deeper. Keeping this in mind we, at Salwan Montessori School demonstrated learning through culmination activities on different themes:

Unit – 2 “My Green Friends"- The children presented a skit, danced on peppy songs, and sang theme related rhymes. It was a complete delight to see our young learners taking responsibility of their learning and performing confidently on the stage.

"Stage of Triumph: Young Learners Lead the Show with Confidence and Grace!"

Unit 3 “Animal Kingdom” - Our young learners showcased their acquired knowledge and skills. This event served as a motivational platform, enabling students to present before parents, fostering deeper learning. The culmination presentation exhibited multifaceted benefits, emphasizing collaboration and engagement. Children flaunted their dancing and acting prowess and mesmerized everyone.

"Wild Wisdom Unleashed: Salwanians Roar with Knowledge in the Animal Kingdom!"
"Wild Brilliance Unleashed: Young Salwanians Triumph in the Animal Kingdom's Spectacular Performance!"
"Unlocking Language Brilliance: Journey into Literacy Wonderland!"

"The journey of literacy begins with a single letter, leading to endless stories and adventures."

At Salwan Montessori School, we emphasize on the literacy activities to help children focus on letters and akshars, where children get engaged in interactive exercises to enhance their language skills. They play letter recognition games, fostering a foundation for reading, practice forming letters through various materials, improving both handwriting and cognitive association. Word-building exercises encouraged creativity, allowing children to construct sentences and express ideas. These activities facilitate a dynamic learning environment, combining visual aids and group discussions. Such activities effectively contributed to literacy development, emphasizing both individual growth and appreciation for linguistic diversity.

Kids creating sentences: "Building Words, Expressing Ideas!"
"Exploring Letters, Learning Fun!"
"‘Colours of Joy’: Unleashing Artistic Brilliance through Vibrant Presentations!"

"Drawing is like magic - your pencil is the wand!"

A colouring presentation ‘Colours of Joy’ was organised on 30th November 2023 in school premises. A vibrant showcase of creativity, where little artists unleashed their imagination through a spectrum of colors was showcased. Excitement filled the air as tiny hands eagerly grasped crayons, transforming plain sheets into kaleidoscopic masterpieces. The teachers marveled at the diverse interpretations of the given themes, applauding each child's unique expression. Children got an opportunity to explore the enchanting world of colors, fostering not just artistic skills but also promoting joyous learning experiences.

"Creative Canvas: Young Salwanians' Talents in Full Bloom!"
"Joyful Creators: Radiant Smiles, Colorful Minds!"
"Vivid Expressions: Little Artists at 'Colours of Joy' Presentation!"

"Each color tells a story; let's celebrate diversity and paint our lives with the brightest hues on Color Day."

ORANGE COLOR DAY:- A burst of vibrant orange hues illuminated our school as we celebrated Orange Colour Day. This event was planned to introduce our preschoolers to the magical world of colours while making learning a delightful and interactive experience. Our school radiated with the warmth and enthusiasm of the colour orange as our young salwanians , teachers and staff all dressed up in different shades of orange and filled the school environment with lots of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. The children made different orange colour craft and played orange colour hunt games. The day was as vibrant as the colour and our tiny tots thoroughly enjoyed it.

"A Colorful Celebration of Learning & Joy at SMS!"

PURPLE COLOUR DAY:- The colour of Royalty- Purple Colour Day was celebrated at Salwan Montessori School on Tuesday, 7th November 2023, and little Salwanians dressed in the shades of Purple looked charismatic. Children were given a thorough understanding of the purple colour, by mixing two primary colours: red and blue. Colour recognition was also done by showing purple colour things. Children took part with great enthusiasm in art and craft activities related to colour, thus reinforcing the concept of purple colour.

"Little Salwanians Radiate Charm on Purple Colour Day!"

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." - Henry Ford

Team building activities play a crucial role in promoting collaboration, communication, and social development among young children. Team Building Activities were organized by the Salwan Montessori School, to foster collaboration and social development in young Salwanians.

Through various activities, children got an opportunity to interact with their peers, develop important social skills, and establish a sense of belonging within a group. These games involved children cooperating and working together to achieve a common goal rather than competing against each.

"Fun Learning: Salwanians Flourish in Team Building Adventures!"
"Unlocking Wonder: Science Experiments That Spark Young Minds' Curiosity!"

"Little Scientists, Big Discoveries: Toddler Tales in Science!"

Engaging young children in science experiments is crucial for laying a foundation of future learning. These experiments spark curiosity and a love for exploration. Through hands-on activities, children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They foster creativity, enhance motor skills, and encourage teamwork. Early exposure to science experiments cultivates a positive attitude towards learning, deepens their understanding of the world, and nurtures a lifelong passion for scientific exploration.

"Seeds of Curiosity: Early Science Experiments Spark Lifelong Exploration!"
"Number Wonders Unveiled: Salwan Montessori's Math Magic Sparks Young Minds!"

"Tiny Tot Math Magicians: Exploring Numbers, Creating Wonders!"

At Salwan Montessori School, the Math Magic Activity introduces young Salwanians to the wonders of numbers. Here, they dive into counting principles and the intriguing world of number sequencing. Through interactive sessions, children explore what comes before and after a number, turning learning into an enjoyable journey. This engaging approach sparks their interest in mathematics, laying a solid groundwork while making math an exciting exploration.

"Counting Joys: Young Salwanians Embrace Numbers with Smiles and Fun!"
"Math Marvels in Motion: Young Salwanians Embrace Numbers with Playful Learning!"

"Life skills are the treasure we gift our children, ensuring they navigate life's journey with wisdom and grace." - Unknown

October theme – ‘Embracing Serenity: A Journey through the Tapestry of Patience’

Teaching patience to pre-schoolers is an important part of their learning to become a harmonious member of society. Think of patience as the ability to tolerate delays or waiting without becoming upset. It teaches children being able to wait for something while having a positive attitude and without getting upset. This is just as essential a skill for pre-schoolers as it is for adults. It helps children to kids grow up into patient adults not only have better health and mental health, but they also have stronger relationship skills and make more progress toward their goals. It was well explained with various class activities like – During circle time, spoon ball race, waiting games, gardening and many more.

November theme - "Harvest of Thanks: Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude"

As November is celebrated as National Gratitude Month, we, at Montessori took the topic of life skills as “Gratitude” to help our tiny tots to understand the term gratitude and understand how it affects the other’s Life. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 grow in gratitude as they learn about morality and justice. They look for the good and bad in everything. The child tends to create an internal or intellectual order at this age, which aids in their pursuit of justice. It helps a child feel more positive emotions, relish pleasant experiences and build strong relationships. It involves sympathy, empathy, sensitivity, understanding values, and respect. Various activities, stories, skits and games were planned to help our little ones to understand in much better way.

"Young Salwanians Embrace Life Skills for a Bright Future!"


Parent Engagement for A Sustainable Choice

"The small millet seed holds within it the power to transform our food systems towards sustainability."

The Millet Recipe Competition at Salwan Montessori School was a flavourful journey into the world of healthy eating. Parents showcased their culinary skills, focusing on millet-based recipes. Millets, hailed for their nutrition, took the spotlight, making the event educational and delicious.

Participants meticulously prepared and presented dishes like millet sweets - Millet kheer, Millet khichdi millet snacks and many more. They explained the nutritional benefits of millets and emphasized their role in a balanced diet. Tasting session allowed everyone to savour these wholesome creations.

This competition not only promoted healthy eating habits but also fostered a sense of community, as parents and teachers' bond over the joy of discovering the versatility of millets in the kitchen. It's a deliciously informative event that encouraged the families to embrace millets in their daily meals.

"Power Packed Grains: Unveiling the Health Benefits of Mighty Millets!"
"Millets Masterchef: Celebrating the Champion of Smillet Creations!"
"Nutritious Bites: Flavorful Millet Recipes for Healthy Delights!"
"Parental Pioneers: Promoting Millets for Sustainable Living Through Culinary Passion!"



An online webinar organized by Salwan Education trust (SET) under the CPD Program for all staff on 13 October 2023, on the topic – ‘Artificial Intelligence in Education’. The resource person was Mr. Gabriel Rshaid, Co-founder of ‘The Global School’. He is also the Co-founder and Director of ‘The Learnerspace’. The webinar highlighted the diverse applications of AI, showcasing its ability to revolutionise tutoring, adapt to individual student needs, and create more interactive and engaging learning experiences. Participants were guided through various scenarios, and case studies where ChatGPT could positively impact the educational landscape and improve learning outcomes for students. Mr. Rshaid also acknowledged the concerns related to AI integration in schools, like issues of data privacy, ethical considerations, and the potential for biases in AI algorithms.


"A teacher's emotional well-being directly impacts the quality of education provided. Nurturing oneself emotionally is vital to nurturing young minds effectively."

The workshop on the emotional wellbeing of teachers and strategies for managing low attention span in children was held on Friday 17th November 2023 on Teams for the entire Pre-primary team of Salwan Schools. The primary objective of the workshop was to equip educators with practical tools and techniques to enhance their emotional resilience and address challenges related to low attention span in students. The session dealt with an understanding of the deeper meaning of Emotional wellbeing and how poor emotional health can badly affect a teacher’s performance and life state. She also taught the participants mindfulness and relaxation techniques to instantly ease out the mind. Strategies for Enhancing Attention Span in the Classroom.

The second session was on the topic Low attention span of the students and its cause, effect, and solutions to control the situation. She gave some practical tips and techniques like breakdown tasks, focus on a single task at a time, build structured routines and schedules, combine learning with physical activities, boost brain power games and many more, which can be easily adopted in pre-primary classes to attain higher concentration span of the children. Also, topics like how a teacher support improved concentration can, what to do with inattentive students and how classroom strategies be modified to deal with children with low attention span were discussed in detail.

"Empowering Educators: Prioritizing Teacher Well-being and Student Focus."
"Empowering Resilience: A Workshop Fostering Emotional Wellbeing for Teachers."

Incorporating a 15-minute morning meditation into the daily routine not only benefits teachers individually but also have a ripple effect on the overall classroom dynamics, creating a more conducive and positive learning atmosphere for both educators and students alike. The teachers at SMS start the day with a brief morning meditation. It has turned to a powerful ritual for teachers, setting a positive tone for the day ahead and fostering a calm and focused environment in the classroom. Morning meditation contributes to emotional resilience by creating a space for self-reflection and emotional regulation. Teachers are better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of the school day with a sense of inner balance. The positive energy cultivated through meditation creates a more supportive and empathetic classroom environment. This transformative experience equips teachers with invaluable skills that can be integrated into their daily lives, promoting a harmonious classroom environment, improved focus, and a compassionate approach to both teaching and learning.

"Morning Meditation: Setting the Stage for Positive Teacher Energies at SMS."


Shining Stars of Salwan Montessori School

1) Soumya Singh of KG E, participated in the Speech Competition Category hosted by Expression- International Kids' Talent Show 23, organized by GEMA. Children in huge number participated across various countries of the globe in this international talent show, showcasing their talent and confidence. Salwan Montessori School proudly announces that Soumya Singh received the Appreciation Prize Winner award.

2) Students excelled in the PROCOM Olympiad, securing gold medals in different categories. Their achievements shine brightly, symbolizing excellence and dedication, each category witnessed their outstanding performance, a testament to their hard work, Gurugram's SMS students emerged victorious, showcasing their talent and skill. List of the winners are as follows:

3) The shining star of Salwan Montessori School, Kiyansh Goel from KG E showcased his exceptional skill set and dedication, securing a silver medal in Gymnastics. His remarkable performance and talent stood out, earning him a prestigious place in the external competition. Kudos to Kiyansh for his outstanding achievement in this arena!👏👏!


“Whispers of Imagination: Tales Unraveled in the Story Podcasts"

Salwan Montessori School has taken an initiative to start a captivating Story podcast and successfully launched 26 podcasts aimed at fostering language development in young learners. This innovative approach leveraged the power of storytelling to engage children, enhancing their vocabulary, comprehension, and overall communication skills. Through carefully crafted narratives and age-appropriate content, the podcasts created an immersive learning experience, sparking curiosity and encouraging active participation. This initiative not only cultivated a love for language but also laid a solid foundation for future academic success by making learning enjoyable from the very beginning of a child's educational journey.

"Moments in Motion: Capturing the Highlights of Memorable Events!"
Parenting Tips of the Month