KC News Round Up Friday 7th June 2024

Year 9 Ardèche Trip

Over half term, Year 9 students went on a fantastic, action-packed trip to Ardèche in France with students from Tonbridge School. Accompanied by Chaplain Katie and Assistant Boarding Housemistress Miss Johnson, students had a brilliant time taking part in team building activities, kayaking, climbing towers, hi-ropes courses and caving.

Students also learnt about the geography of the area, which is famous for having some of Europe's most beautiful natural scenery, along with gorges and caves, and visited the iconic Pont d'Arc, which is a 66m natural stone bridge over the River Ardèche.

Year 10 Geography Trip

As part of the Geography GCSE course students conduct various fieldwork visits. On Tuesday students in Year 10 visited the River Tillingbourne in Surrey, to investigate the changes in width and depth along the course of the river. They enjoyed identifying various river features and exploring for themselves the theory covered in the classroom. Their enthusiasm and focus is to be greatly commended. Well done Year 10 Geographers.

We had a lot of fun walking through the river and seeing what we have been learning about in front of us. Measuring the river was interesting to and helped us see how the depth changes downstream. Thank you for taking us on a great trip! Sophie and Lucy, Year 10

Year 10 Wellbeing Officers

Meet our new Year 10 ambassadors - Anita, Emily, Ella, Autumn, Riley, Genevieve, Sarah and Yvie! Having been tasked with focusing on student wellbeing, representing the school houses and working alongside the Sixth Form Leadership Team, they will be encouraging and promoting positive relationships throughout the school community. We look forward to hearing how they are getting on!

Pride Month

Pride Month began this week, with Chaplain Katie leading various activities to mark it. As this year's theme for Pride Month is Science, the Equality and Diversity Captains Bea and Tilly, created a bulletin board in the science building featuring three LGBTQ+ scientists, and during Sport & Wellbeing Lower Sixth students have been designing art installations in the forest.

The Grove Café is now open!

This week saw the opening of the new Grove Café located in the library. The Grove Café offers a variety of hot and cold drinks including coffees (decaffeinated only up to Year 9), smoothies and frappes as well as healthy and nutritious snacks to provide a much-needed energy boost to set the students up for the day.

It is open from 7.50am-8.20am and from 9.30am-11.00am for students to purchase items before school and at break time, and for the Sixth Form to use if they have free lessons. All purchases are to be made using a card.

Save the Date

GCSE and A Level 2024 Exhibition - Wednesday 12th June

Open Mic Night - Friday 14th June

Parenting Matters with Satveer Nijjaar - Monday 17th June

The Wellbeing Hub

Have a great weekend!