please Call me JZ as I SPEAK ABOUt:

1. AI

2. Podcasting

I also host my own podcast on AI video in the creator economy

1. Introduction

Introduction: Who I am and what I do

  • Hi, call me jz as I am a designer turned product manager turned founder
  • I consult on AI for start ups. Using my experience launching 10 products. I have launched AI products for a Fortune 100 company

2. Value

Value Proposition: How I’ll benefit your audience

  • Demonstrate free AI software that can help their business in less than 5 minutes
  • Teach about being yourself to sell more by podcasting


"Love the rhinestone glasses" - follower


Value Proposition: How I’ll benefit you

  • Co-market on 9 channels: LinkedIn, Substack, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Slack, my website Links at the bottom of this page ->
  • Refer you for work, refer you to speak on other podcasts, or refer podcast guests to speak on your podcast
  • Give you 30 minutes of free AI consulting
  • For my own podcast I have been able to 10x listening time to 1 hour, 2x followers, and get people to attend live. Let's improve each other's podcasts?

3. Topics

Expert Topics: Areas I can speak on

  1. Podcasting: AI raps, avatars, video, sales, marketing, websites, podcasting
  2. AI: AI software, design, user research, product management


4. Recordings

Recordings of jz's previous SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS

1. AI, product management

What are we doing with AI?: Using AI software


AI Product Management, design, & business software


AI Design Sprints: Building AI software

AI Rap & AI Design Thinking


JZ as MC for tech awards


2. PODCASTING, marketing

Sell more with AI podcasting


AI Marketing: websites, vidoes, text


Fractional work and how to get it


AI Marketing


Podcast with Adobe

Schedule 30 minutes free with me to see if I would be a fit for speaking on your podcast

Press Kit

Questions to ask jz

  • Why did you go from designer, to product manager, to founder?
  • Why do people sell more by podcasting?
  • What is your mission?
  • What do you think of AI?

Liner Notes

  • (Please do not link to my LinkedIn or website other than my calendar link above. Thank you!)


  • Please all me JZ like the rapper. After Stanford University, I launched 10 products operating as a product management, marketing, and UX design leader. E-commerce and social media are my domain expertise, having reached 2M users and $100M annual revenue. I love working with startups (Offerpop - acquired; Snap Finance) and my own startups, but also bring enterprise experience from Capital One Financial. I speak weekly and nationally about AI & Podcasting (AI that makes you more you, and being yourself to sell more through podcasting). My mission is to help entrepreneurs give before they take at