Lewes STEM Fair 2023

The Lewes STEM Fair took place on Saturday 11 November 2023 after a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This free annual event aims to inspire adults and children about the wonders of science.

The Mayor of Lewes Councillor Mathew Bird (left) and Professor Stephen Wilkins (right), who founded Curiosity Sussex, the local science education charity that organised the event.

The Fair included exhibitions and activities organised by various Sussex academics. Researchers from mathematics, quantum technology, particle physics, astrophysics, psychology and quantum chemistry were on hand to answer the visitors' questions, share their knowledge and inspire the next generation of scientists.

Dr Charlotte Rae (School of Psychology) and Freja Clarke (BsC in Psychology student) talked to attendees about the Sussex 4 Day Week Project
From left to right: Jonathan Hare (University of Sussex visiting scientist / science communicator), Brice Kammegne (phD), Fi Murdoch (3rd year Bsc Chemistry), Mitch Green (2nd year BSc Chemistry) and Professor Hazel Cox (School of Life Science)
Professor Hazel Cox' interactive activity for all ages, involved a fun “Quantum Leap” game that demonstrates how the atomic and molecular world works, hands-on equipment to observe atoms doing exactly what the players have been simulating in the game, and an 8 x 8 x 8 LED array to demonstrate vectors, matrices and tensors.
Rhiannon Armitage (PhD student) and Professor Martin Yeomans (School of Psychology) setting up their experiment to test liking for different tastes and foods and how these might differ across ages and within families.
Participants were asked to taste and rate their liking and familiarity of different foods and drinks (e.g. a sweet drink, orange juice, chocolate, a crisp and a gummy sweet), and then to complete some questions on areas thought to be related to liking for these tastes.
Professor Gilly Forrester (School of Psychology) and a member of the Me, Human team setting up the Great Ape Challenge.
Professor Gilly Forrester's lab, Me, Human, explores who humans are and how we are connected to the natural world through education, research, citizen science and public engagement activities.

The Fair welcomed almost 1200 visitors, who had the opportunity to hear about cutting-edge research taking place at the University of Sussex, and take part in fun hands-on activities for the whole family.

Visitors had the opportunity to speak with members of the Astronomy Centre at Sussex about their work on the NASA/ESA James Webb Telescope
The Mayor of Lewes learning how to make Ooblek
Councillor Ian Alexander taking part in the Great Ape Challenge.
Would you be able to complete the puzzle faster than a chimpanzee?