Water@Manchester Annual Forum A sustainable futures event - 14 november 2023

On the 14th November 2023, Sustainable Futures held its annual in-person workshop 'Water@Manchester'. The aim of this forum is to bring together academics and students from across The University of Manchester working on water-related research topics.

Dr Tim Foster kicks off the 2023 Water@Manchester Forum.

The event was a collaborative effort from the Resilient and Resourceful Futures Challenge Areas of Sustainable Futures as well as the Manchester Environmental Research Institute. The goal of this workshop was four-fold:

  • Showcase and highlight current water-related teaching and research activities from across different areas of the university, including ECR research.
  • Identify common and overlapping themes and research problems across the network, including areas of opportunity for new activities and collaboration.
  • Form a series of sub-groups/networks to co-develop new research, teaching, and/or networking activities in the water space internally within UoM.
  • Inform the planning and design of university water activities in 2024 around World Water Week and with UoM’s international strategic partners.

After an introduction by Dr Tim Foster, Senior Lecturer in Water-Food Security at The University of Manchester and challenge lead for Resilient Futures, the workshop commenced.

Attendees participate in the world café workshop.

The forum mainly consisted of roundtable discussions on individual research foci in which participants shared their current research interests with others around their table. A world café workshop ensued which allowed attendees to come together and form new conversations based on water-related research.

After over an hour of discussions, the attendees took a break from the workshop for a networking lunch with pizza. Soon enough, the forum was brought to a close.

Attendees network over pizza.

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