porters grange weekly newsletter week ending 7th June 2024

Diary Dates


  • Monday 10th - Friday 14th - Healthy Eating Week
  • Phonics Screening Check Week
  • Tuesday 11th - KS2 Borough Sports
  • Thursday 13th - Junior Music Festival at Cliffs Pavilion
  • Friday 14th - Port of London visiting Year 6
  • KS2 Assembly with Port of London
  • Monday 17th - Lobster Class Science visit to Garons
  • Tuesday 18th - Class Photos
  • Thursday 20th - Southend School Gotta Dance - Palace Theatre
  • Monday 24th - Friday 28th - Year 5/6 Swimming at West Leigh
  • Friday 28th - Author Visit for EYFS & KS1


  • Tuesday 2nd - KS1 Sports Afternoon
  • Wednesday 3rd - Reception Sports Morning
  • KS2 Sports Afternoon at Southchurch Park
  • Friday 5th - Year 6 Transition Day
  • Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th - Portico Art & D&T Festival
  • Tuesday 9th - Open Evening
  • Reading Mentor Celebration Event
  • Wednesday 10th - Friday 12th - Danbury Residential trip
  • Wednesday 17th - Year 6 Leavers Performance
  • Friday 19th - Last Day of Term


We hope you had a great half term holiday. It was so wonderful to see the children come back to nursery so excited. This week we have enjoyed lots of modelling with the different boxes and materials. We have also enjoyed lots of games, helping with turn taking, playing a game of Twister which was so fun for everyone.

REMINDERS: Please remember to continue to bring in books to share with the class at story time.


It’s been great to welcome the children back after their half term break. We have enjoyed our final art lesson this week following instructions and learning how to draw a snail. We have continued to learn about oral health and this week we have been learning to write sentences about our teeth and how to keep our teeth healthy. In maths we have started to learn about sharing amounts fairly and grouping amounts.

REMINDER: Please remember to read regularly at home.

Please ensure items of clothing are clearly named.

Year 1

We hope you have had a great break! This week we have been learning to punctuate sentences with a focus of using capital letters. We have been helping each other spot where capital letters should be in each other’s work. In maths we have started to look at place value to 100, noticing the order of numbers, identifying missing numbers and solving problems.

REMINDER: Please remember to make a note in your child’s reading record so we know how they are reading at home.

Make sure PE kits are returned to school please..

Year 2

This week in English, we enhanced our understanding of homophones. We focused on correctly using "their," "there," and "they're," as well as choosing between "a" and "an" appropriately. Additionally, we practiced proper punctuation in sentences. In Maths, we continued our exploration of Statistics by focusing on drawing and interpreting pictograms. In PE, we developed our teamwork skills by focusing on listening to each other's instructions and communicating clearly so that everyone could understand. In Computing, we enhanced our Scratch programming abilities. In Geography, we compared various human habitats and learned about tribes in the Amazon.

REMINDER: Please remember that all PE kits must be brought to school for our Tuesday PE sessions. Ensuring your child has their kit will allow them to fully participate and enjoy their physical education activities.

We encourage you to continue listening to your child read every day and make sure to record it in their reading log books.

Letters sent home this week

Year 3

This week in English we have started exploring the story of Romulus and Remus. We have been describing settings in preparation for our own versions using conjunctions and prepositions to explain in more detail. In maths we continue exploring time, most specifically days and hours this week. In science we are now moving on to plants, this week we are recapping the parts of a flower and researching the job of each part..

REMINDER: School trip to the museum – polite reminder: payments for the school trip must be made by June 18th.

Year 4

This week in English, we have started exploring the epic, 1,000 year old story of Beowulf. A legendary tale of warriors, heroes and bloodthirsty beasts. In maths we have been learning about counting money and understanding how to write money using decimal notations. It has been an exciting week back with the children taking part in a drumming workshop and learning about all the different types of drums that musicians play. This will help children in their learning on ‘sound’ in science and how vibrations travel to our ears.

REMINDER: TT Rockstars homework is set weekly.

Please help your children learn their times tables so they are ready for their Multiplication Tables Check this month.

Year 5

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! This week, year five have been looking at newspaper reports. Delving into the features and planning our own examples ready to write next week. In maths, we have been getting to the point with decimals, and enjoying problem solving questions. We have also switched our layered reading focus books, looking at using our retrieval skills to answer longer, two and three mark answers using evidence from the text.

REMINDER: Remember – PE is on Monday and Friday, please ensure your child comes to school with a suitable PE kit.

Please also strive to read for 20 minutes each night, and practise times tables using Times Table Rock Stars.

Year 6

This week, year 6 have been continuing with their maths Theme Park challenge and top-copying examples of their wonderful writing! Stingray class enjoyed a visit to The Forum – Southend Library and learnt about the resources available to them.

REMINDER: Please ensure PE is in school on Wednesday and Friday.

Keep reading daily and record in your home school diary.

Letters sent home this week


This week year one have been revising colours in French and making some interesting sentences; year four have been learning the names for family members; year six have been learning about the range of subjects they will study at secondary school.


Music Clubs

  • Tuesday 12.00pm: Band
  • Tuesday 3.30: Music Making (Yrs 1,2)
  • Thursday 3.30pm: Choir (Yrs 3,4,5,6).

Instrumental Lessons

We do have a few vacancies, please contact Mrs Baines if your child would like to learn an instrument.

  • Tuesday am: Guitar (Mr Brown)
  • Wednesday am: Keyboard (Mr Hockey)
  • Wednesday am: Guitar (Mr Elliot)

Nb. We are currently looking for a tutor in order to continue offering drum lessons.

Future Events

  • 13th June Junior Music Fesitval - KS2 Choir

Healthy Schools

Online Safety

On the internet or on social media, it’s likely that you’ve come across the occasional pop-up – promising a great deal on some product or service, declaring that you’ve won some kind of prize, or making any other number of tempting claims. This marketing tactic has been around for almost 30 years and shows no signs of disappearing any time soon.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our Uniform shop is located within the front reception area of the school and is open Monday-Friday 8.30am - 4.00pm. All items are 50p each. We always have a good selection of skirts, trousers, jumpers, tops, dresses and P.E items. Please ask at the office to point you in the right direction.

School Uniform Donations

We always welcome school uniform donations for us to sell at our school uniform shop. Could we please ask that the clothes are in good, clean condition. All items can be dropped off at the school office between 8.30am - 4.00pm. Thank you so much for doing this for the school as it helps our parents out tremendously.


Contact us

If you would like to talk to someone for support or advice on attendance or punctuality, please do not hesitate to contact the Attendance Team, Mrs S. Wyer, Attendance Administrator or Mrs D Morris Assistant Principal and Senior Leader for Attendance, you can pop in to the school office to speak face to face, alternatively you call the school or drop an email to attendance@pgps.porticoacademytrust.co.uk we are here and we are always happy to help!

Dinner Menu

Week 3

Monday - Chicken & Sweetcorn Meatballs with Tomato Sauce & Penne - Vegan Roasted Ratatouille with Penne - Baked Jacket with Grated Cheese - Carrots & Broccoli - Orange Shortbread Biscuit

Tuesday - Fajita Spiced Turkey & Vegetables with Steamed Rice - Vegan Burrito - Pasta & Tomato - Sweetcorn & Peas - Carrot Cake

Wednesday- Herby Roast Chicken with Roast Potatoes & Gravy - 3 Vegetable Mac n’ Cheese - Baked Jacket with Baked Beans - Seasonal Greens & Broccoli - Chocolate & Beetroot Brownie

Thursday - Macaroni & Cheese Bolognaise Bake - Vegan Chickpea & Spinach Korma with Steamed Rice - Pasta & Tomato Sauce - Cauliflower & Carrots - Vanilla Ice Cream

Friday - Breaded Fish Fingers with Chips & Ketchup - Vegan Bubble & Squeak with Chips & Ketchup - Baked Jacket with Grated Cheese - Peas & Baked Beans - Apple & Parsnip Cake


Cost of Living Advice

Click here to access cost of living advice from Southend City Council. It contains information on housing support, energy cost advice and benefits and support for those with children.