Cross Country TcAA League Finals

On Nov. 2, 2023, the Foothill Cross Country Team competed in the TCAA League Finals, securing team victories along with setting personal records on the three-mile-long Camino Real Park course.

Gavin Leedy kept a steady pace during the event, finishing in first place with a time of 17:07.
Pushing each other throughout the entire race, Tino Velasco '25 and Matthew Broberg '26 finished in fifth and fourth place.
Finishing in sixth place, Jaime Jamond '26 ended the race with the time of 18:20.
Completing the race with a time of 18:32, Caleb Franco '27 came in 10th place.
Lizzy Walker '27 completed the course with a time of 23:20, placing her fourth out of the junior varsity girls.
With a time of 22:56, Emma Anderson '26 kept a steady pace throughout the race and finished second out of the 27 runners.
Keeping pace with each other, freshmen Auden McCoy and Kiana Ponce finished in seventh and eighth place with the times of 23:54 and 24:05.
Kalea Eggertson '26 finished in sixth place with a time of 23:43.
Anya Desham '27 finished 10th in the race with an impressive time of 24:28.
Because of the impressive sub-17 minute performances of Baker Carlisle '26, Viggo Bortolin '27, Jaden Prillhart '26 and Nathan Leedy '24, the Foothill Tech boys' varsity cross country team won the event with an overall score of 31 points.
Racing against each other for the entire course, Kaylyn Chavez '25 and Isabella Efner '25 finished 21st and 20th, respectively, with the time of 22:26.
Dropping over two minutes from her last race, Danika Swanson-Rico '25 placed 13th with a time of 21:32.
Calista Patterson '27 finished 10th out of the varsity girls with an overall time of 21:08.
Beatrice Barnes '25 started out strong in the race but due to an injury had to respectfully drop out.