LES News September 15, 2023

A Note from the Principal...

This week, Mrs. Shake visited classrooms for their first "Character Counts" lesson. Each month Mrs. Shake visits the classroom to talk about the 'Mane' Trait that we are focusing on for the month. This month is "Show Up." You will find pictures and a summary of the activity in this newsletter. Enjoy the weekend!

Important Information

BOY Testing and Parent Meeting

All students in grades K-4 are given beginning, middle, and end of the year assessments so that we are able to evaluate student progress throughout the year. Loogootee Elementary is a schoolwide Title school, which requires us to provide information regarding what this means and to explain the assessments that we use. Information from the parent meeting this past week is linked below.

LES Teams

Last Friday, Loogootee Elementary kicked off its first ever LES Teams House System. This system was adopted and modified from Ron Clark Academy, a middle school in Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the House System is to help create a positive climate and culture among students and staff. All students and staff in grades K-4 were randomly assigned to 5 different teams mixing grade levels and staff together. These teams will be established for the entire year and will work together on a variety of activities as a Team. They also have the ability to earn points for their team throughout the school year. Each week the teams are updated on points during morning meeting. At the end of each nine weeks, the team with the most points will get to choose the theme for our end of term celebration.

Accelerated Reader

LES strives to develop a love for reading in all students. One way to encourage students to read is through our Accelerated Reader Program. Students are reading books and taking a comprehension assessment over what they read. Depending on the score they receive, they earn points. LES has a set amount of points in which they can earn "brag tags". The point clubs are: 10, 20, 30, 40, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, and so on... Each week students who reach these point clubs are recognized during our morning meeting. All students who reach 100 Points by the end of the school year get to "Pie" Mrs. Wade. We also set goals to reach as a school each month. If we reach our point goal, then we get to spin the prize wheel that has different student rewards. Currently, our 1st-4th grade students are testing. Once Kindergarten students pass their sight word lists, they will begin reading and earning points, too!

At home, encourage your child to read each night. This will help them with fluency, building comprehension, and stamina. This could be reading together or independently. We appreciate your help at home

Youth Volleyball Camp
College Go Week

College Go Week is September 25th-29th and LES has some fun things planned for the students and staff. Dress up days for LES are posted below.

Shake's Spotlight

This week Mrs. Shake visited classrooms to talk about our "Mane" Trait Show Up and to talk about bullying. It is a state requirement that all students receive instruction each year focusing on bullying prevention. Mrs. Shake read the book "The Juice Box Bully", a story that empowers kids to stand up for others. Students talked about how they can Show Up to help stop bullying. Students did the "Wrinkled Heart" activity that showed them a powerful visual of the effects hurtful words and behaviors have on others.

Lunch Menu

Important Dates

  • September 13th - Title I Parent Meeting
  • September 20th - Delay Day (2 hour delay)
  • September 25th-29th - College Go Week
  • October 9-13 - Fall Break

Fun at LES!