ITA Rookie of the year Andreas Sillaste | Amherst

ita rookie of the year

Andreas Sillaste played #1 singles and #1 doubles for Amherst every match this spring. He is currently is ranked #19 in singles and has a record of 14-8. In singles, he had wins over #7 Kamenev (Emory), #23 Bode (Concordia), #24 Perry (Trinity TX), #28 Barrett (Colby), #46 Bilski (Wesleyan).

In doubles he is currently ranked #13 with Kobe Ellenbogen, with a record of 17-6. They have wins over #3 Bradley/Staples (Bowdoin) and #21 Cohen/Glanville (Emory).

Andreas is a very positive student-athlete and he conducts himself with class during the team matches. He is involved on campus and serves as the team's DEI rep.

A Quote from the head coach

Congratulations on winning this very special award. You earned it through your hard-work on a daily basis and contagious competitive spirit. You routinely battled against the best players and proved that you can play with anyone in the country. It's been very impressive to see the way in which you competed all year. You played your heart out for the team and did so while maintaining a very high level of sportsmanship. - Head Coach Todd Doebler