Newry News Friday, 22 September 2023

What's On in term 4

week 1

  • Monday, 9th October - All Students and staff commence Term 4. No Pupil Free day.
  • Thursday, 12th October - Kindergarten Orientation 9:30 - 11:30 am
  • Friday, 13th October - Uniform orders due with full payment. Kindergarten 2024 to pay in cash only.

week 2

  • Thursday, 19th October - Kindergarten Orientation 9:30 - 11:30 am

week 3

  • Thursday, 26th October - Kindergarten Orientation 9:30 - 11:30 am
  • Friday, 27th October - Years 3 & 4 Stage 2 VoSS Art Enrichment Day @ Wilsons Creek PS
  • Friday, 27th October - Years 5 & 6 Stage 3 VoSS Art Enrichment Day @ Goonengerry PS

week 4

Monday, 30th October - Halloween Disco @ Newrybar Hall

the anxiety project

"When the topic of cyberbullying comes up, I often hear commentators addressing the problem of dealing with the perpetrators and not actually helping kids learn self-defence skills. While I absolutely think that we should be doing everything that we can to prevent this behaviour, I also believe we could approach the problem from another perspective, before it occurs."

Extract from The Anxiety Project Parentshop by Michael Hawton.

Stage 3 stem day

Stage 3 students gathered at the Pocket Public School for a fantastic day creating hoop gliders, coding Spheros, and launching rockets using air pressure.

k-1 maths

In the K-1 Maths class, we made our own rekenreks and have used these to help us learn our facts to 20. A rekenrek is a maths counting frame that has rows of 10 beads. Each row has five blue and five orange beads that can easily be moved along the rungs as we solve our number problems.

senior english

The senior class have been investigating newpapers headings and writing their own newpapaer reports that retell what has ocurred in our class novel Someone Like Me. Our nepaper reports had to have a heading that was eye-catching and be written in objective language.

stage 2 stem day

Our Stage 2 had an enjoyable day joining with children from other VoSS schools for our annual STEM Day. We were challenged to make spaghetti towers that could with hold both tension and compression. We also made marble-runs using newspaper, catapults using pop sticks and rubber bands which tested the transfer of energy, egg drops to find the best way to protect an egg, alfoil boats to test water tight designs and the best design to hold weight and used Tinker-Cad to design our own key-rings to be 3D printed.

Teriffic tesselations

Our students in Kindergarten and Year 1 have been learning about tesselations and tesselating shapes. When creating tessellations we had to follow three rules - Rule #1: The shapes must be polygons. Rule #2: The polygons cannot overlap or have gaps in the pattern and Rule #3: Every vertex must look the same.


More photos will be added to the gallery on the website next term.

uniform orders

Your child recently brought home a uniform order form. All orders are due by the end of Week 1 Term 4, 13th October 2023. The next uniform order will not be done until the end of Term 1 so please ensure your child has enough to get through until then, including a jumper for cooler days. Any families with FIA 'Fees in Advance' remaining are encouraged to purchase uniforms for the future as any unused funds will be returned to the Department of Education at the end of this year.

yoga 4-6

The senior students really enjoyed the opportunity to roll, stretch and balance during weekly yoga classes this term. Thank you to Kristie our Yoga Instructor!

service nsw vouchers

Have you applied for the Service NSW Vouchers for your kids? Log in to your Service NSW account to check your eligibility for Active Kids Vouchers, Creative Kids Vouchers and First Lap Vouchers or click on this link for more information.

Safe on Social Education and consulting

Kirra Pendergast, a long term Byron local, offers advice with the most up-to-date information for parents through her Education and Consultancy service 'Safe on Social'. Click here to access her parent tips and more!

Lismore Show colouring competition attached. The Colouring Competition is open to all ages from Preschool to High School Students; attached is a PDF copy or you can download it from the website. Please print all entries in A4.