Three Weeks in Tuscany Florence, San Gimignano, Cortona, Assisi...

We flew up to Florence from Aix-en-Provence--but that wasn't the plan. A storm a few days before caused a rock slide in the Alps that prevented our train from crossing into Italy from France. Luckily we were able to get tickets for a flight from Aix to Florence, so we flew.

The Arno River in Florence

Florence, actually pretty much all of Tuscany, was stunningly beautiful. This photo (above) was taken at the Arno River with an ultra wide lens pretty early in the morning when the light was soft and the tourists were mostly asleep.

A Painter in Cortona
Worker in a Glassware Factory
The Grand Hotel on the Arno River

Here an Italian chef is grilling a huge wheel of cheese at an outdoor cafe. Over on the right there is a photo of a painter who set up his easel and paints in Cortona; a worker at a glassworks factory and the Grand Hotel along the Arno River.

Motorcycles Parked on a Side Street
A Horse Drawn Carriage
A Busy Piazza

Above, two friends are sight seeing in Florence. Over on the right we have a lot of motorcycles parked on a side street; just below on another side street a driver of a horse and carriage navigates a different side street. Meanwhile just below that is a photo of what is about to become a very busy piazza.

Altar in the Basilica of Saint Margaret of Cortona
Ceiling in the Medici Chapel
Altar in the Medici Chapel
Santa Maria Nuova, Cortona

It seemed as if there were churches, chapels, cathedrals and basilicas on every block, decorated, designed and painted by people like Michelangelo and Donatello among others.

At the Uffizi Galleries
A Ray of Light on a Street Corner in Florence

There were tourists everywhere. It seemed like nobody was left in America because they were all over here. That said, Florence is tough to beat, crowds and all.

Basillica of Santa Maira Novella

There were gorgeous street scenes almost wherever you looked. The Basilica of Santa Maria Novella dominated the main square near the tram. The morning light over the Arno river cast a warm glow over the Ponte Vecchio. And there were a couple of rooftop bars with a great view of the city. And of course we visited a vineyard or two.

Back of a Tasting House in the Chianti Region

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