Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Lunch and Learn Workshop A Sustainable Futures event - 25 May 2023

On the 25th May 2023, the Sustainable Futures Team held a lunch and learn workshop looking at Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). The event included a main session with the Resourceful Futures Challenge Lead, Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid, followed by breakout sessions with three academics from The University of Manchester: Dr Andrew Welfle, Dr Raphael Tarpani and Nicolas Enrique Labra Cataldo.

Centred around Resourceful Futures, one of the Challenge Areas of Sustainable Futures, the event was very well attended and attracted delegates from a multitude of different research and non-research disciplines.

Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid, Resourceful Futures Challenge Lead, introducing the event and giving a talk to delegates on the importance and workings of a Life Cycle Assessment Analysis.

The main session, conducted by Dr Gallego Schmid, explored what a life cycle assessment is with some great examples to illustrate the concept such as takeaway containers. This was then followed by a very engaging Q&A with delegates.

The three breakout sessions, occurring simultaneously, were waste treatment perspectives led by Mr Cataldo, material and product-centred perspectives led by Dr Raphael Tarpani and biomass and wastes led by Dr Andrew Welfle.

Colleagues connecting over a networking lunch following the main and breakout sessions.

Following both the main and breakout sessions, delegates connected over a networking lunch to discuss their research or roles in research and future collaboration opportunities, as well as continuing to engage with the thought-provoking concepts and ideas set out during the sessions around LCA.

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