What is Lib 197?

Introduction to Library and Information Research (LIB 197) is a one-credit course where you will learn the skills needed to conduct library research including using library resources, defining your research topic, and evaluating and citing sources.

Who can take LIB 197?

This course is intended primarily for new or inexperienced researchers and designed to assist students in establishing academic research skills and behaviors to enhance future learning and improve their college success, though more experienced undergraduate students are also welcome.

What is LIB 197 like?

LIB 197 is a 1-credit, 8-week course taught by CMU Librarians.

It is offered in both face-to-face and online asynchronous formats.

When can I take LIB 197?

During the 2023-2024 school year, sections will be offered during the following sessions:

  • Fall I (face-to-face & online asynchronous)
  • Fall II(online asynchronous)
  • Spring I (face-to-face & online asynchronous)

Student Learning Course Objectives

Identify CMU Libraries’ services and resources.

  • Describe the information research process and generate an academically appropriate topic or research problem.
  • Identify appropriate research tools and search strategies based on information needs.
  • Distinguish between popular and scholarly sources.
  • Analyze information in order to evaluate quality, relevance, and perspective.
  • Synthesize new ideas into current knowledge and cite sources.
  • Use information responsibly and ethically and define and avoid plagiarism.