Premiere Pro Templates Requirements Guidelines for Adobe Stock Artists

Premiere Pro Templates are designed to help speed up the video editing process. They include pre-made sequences of edits, transitions, color grading presets, and these templates are ideal for projects like promotional videos, documentaries, or personal projects where a consistent look and feel is required.

Premiere Pro

Project File

  • Version: Premiere Pro 2022
  • File Type: .prproj
  • Filesize: Under 2GB
  • Language: English only
  • Adobe Fonts only

Sequence Settings

Frame Size - Width & Height

List of acceptable resolutions and aspect ratios for comps

Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)

Timebase: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, or 60

Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)

Obsolete Filters and Effects

If using a PC workstation (meaning a computer that is not an iMac or Macbook) to create your Premiere Pro template, please do not use the following filters or effects as they have been removed from Apple’s new M1 & M2 versions of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Antialias
  2. Auto Contrast
  3. Auto Levels
  4. Bend
  5. Camera View
  6. Change Color
  7. Change to Color
  8. Channel Mixer
  9. Color Balance HLS
  10. Color Balance RGB
  11. Equalize
  12. Fast Color Corrector
  13. Ghosting
  14. Horizontal Hold
  15. Leave Color
  16. Luma Corrector
  17. Luma Curve
  18. RGB Color Corrector
  19. RGB Curves
  20. Shadow/Highlight
  21. Three-Way Color Corrector
  22. Vertical Hold
  23. Video Limiter (legacy)

Project Structure


  1. Organize the Project panel and folders with descriptive comps/asset names
  2. Make it apparent to users what they can edit, what comp is used to render, and what should remain untouched
  3. Use only A-Z, 0-9, hyphens, and underscores for file/comp/asset names


  • No 3rd party effects/plugins

Maximum of 50 different style comps:

  1. Less is preferred
  2. Do not cross categories in a single template (Ex: A broadcast pack with title, transition, and lower thirds)
  3. Cross-resolution in a single template is allowed only if the same style is represented between several resolutions (Ex: A template with the same style in HD, square, vertical, and 4k)

Please note: Multiple resolutions of the same style count towards the maximum of 50


  • Do not use real personal names, Adobe, Adobe Apps, or other brand names in Project Panel, or text.


1. All assets must be created by the artist

  • Do not use copyrighted logos, licensed stock content, and/or free/CC0/public domain content
  • Use placeholders with empty comps or self-created content
  • People/locations require a model release

2. Do not use EXR, open-source codecs, or Dynamic Link footage

3. No audio

4. Media must be linked and not missing when opened

Delete Render Queue before saving

Best Practices

Additional guidance and best practices for PR Templates, below:

1. Project Panel and Bin Structure

  • Be consistent in naming, capitalization, and organization
  • Hiding non-primary nested sequences is permissible
  • Make use of Description column

2. Working Color Space:

  • Rec 709

3. Set Workspace back to Default Workspace

4. Assets

  • .Mp4 as assets are discouraged due to their lack of quality
  • .Mov with ProRes 422/4444 are encouraged instead

5. QA Template before Upload!

Guidelines: 1: Technical Requirements | 2: Metadata Requirements | 3: Submission Requirements Reference: HomeCategories | Expressions | Media Replacement | MoGRT Optimization | Artist FAQ

Header Image: Rainbow Transitions by Willo

Last Updated: 10/26/23

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