Dungog Public School Newsletter Term 3, Week 6 2023

Calendar of events

  • Monday 21st & Monday 4th September - Monday Morning PBL Assemblies
  • Tuesday 22nd & Tuesday 29th August - Learn N Grow Playgroup
  • Tuesday 22nd & Tuesday 29th August - Breakfast Club
  • Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th August June - Rugby Union State Championships
  • Thursday 24th August - P&C Canteen - Special Day – Sushi
  • Friday 25th August & Friday 1st September - Kindergarten Transition
  • Monday 28th August - Stage 2 Excursion- Parent Information Session
  • Tuesday 29th August - P&C Father's Day Stall
  • Thursday 31st August - Next Whole School Assembly
  • Friday 1st September - Hunter Regional Athletics
  • Monday 4th September - P&C Meeting
  • Wednesday 6th September - AECG Meeting

Principals MESSAGE

What a WONDERFUL week of learning and celebrating Education Week and Book Week in Week 4. It was fantastic to see the students enjoying the variety of activities and purchasing books from our Scholastic Book Fair.

Congratulations Liyana Black who was selected to be the ‘Principal for the Day’ during Education Week. Liyana was a SUPER Principal and had the opportunity to do many different jobs throughout the day.

Our Book Parade was enjoyed by all students and staff. There were some awesome costumes on display and our judges had a hard time selecting the winners.

Students wore Orange last Friday to recognise National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. The message for the day was "Bullying - No Way!" Everyone had a great time participating in activities that promoted the importance of being kind and accepting of each other.

Good Luck to Flynne Gordon who is competing at the PSSA State Rugby Championships this week in Camden.

We have had the privilege of hosting 2 previous students for their Work Experience last week and this week. Bridie Harris who is a student at Hunter School of The Performing Arts & Jayse Clements who attends Dungog High School.

All students had a FANTASTIC time at the Disco last week! Well done to Stage 3 for organising, planning, setting up and entertaining all students who attended. Our next Disco will be the Halloween Disco in Term 4.

Learn n Grow Playgroup has started up again and will be held at Dungog PS each Tuesday from 9.30am to 11.00am. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Students are expected to wear a school hat to school and ensure they wear their hat when doing an outside activity.

Headlice has been active at school. Parents/carers are encouraged to check your child’s hair frequently for headlice and if you find any head lice commence treatment as soon as possible.

Congratulations to Braxton, Nick, Taliha & Justin who represented our school last Friday at the Inclusive School Sport Tenpin Bowling. They had a super day and displayed great sportsmanship.

Ms Kylie Pennell - Principal

Principals Award



WEEK 4 & 5 - 82%


km with miss mowbray

Welcome to Week 6. It was so wonderful to see so many of you at the Disco last Wednesday. KM have been enjoying learning all about time during Mathematics, using the analogue clocks and learning about the hour and minute hands. In English we are learning about the book 'The Invisible Boy' and focusing on Imaginative writing. Please return all notes and payment for our two excursions to Hunter Valley Wildlife Park and the Pevan and Sarah Concert, as soon as possible. Have a fantastic week!

1O with Mrs Olsen

What a great week we had for Education Week and Book Week. We loved seeing visitors in our classroom and hoped you loved the activities across the school. Last week we read a book about a boy who could not hear, so he communicated with sign language. Perhaps 1O have taught you a word or 2 last week? In Mathematics we have been investigating volume and measuring and comparing!

1G with Miss Gilmour

Welcome to Week 6! We hope you enjoyed visiting our classroom for Education Week, it was great to have lots of parents/carers and family members pop in. In English, 1G have been doing some great Persuasive Writing as well as learning about the many different ways to spell the /er/ sound. We have been loving Geography this term, we even got to check out our houses on Google Maps. Don't forget to hand in your notes/money for our excursion next term. Have a great week everyone.

release from face to face with Miss gregory

Can you believe we are halfway through the term already! We loved the Book Parade and seeing all the fabulous costumes. Last week in Stage One we were learning about 3D shapes and where we can find them throughout the school. KM have been learning all about weather and how it affects animals. Stage 3 have been learning about music and how it is different in all cultures.

Book Week Parade


dhurrumiri room with miss duncan

Happy Week 6 everyone! This term is going so fast and we are learning so much. Students are really enjoying our writing unit this term about the Gruffalo! We have been using our visualising skills to draw pictures of the Gruffalo. In Mathematics, we are learning all about 3D shapes and their properties. We have also been focusing on having a GROWTH MINDSET and having the power to believe in ourselves, using strategies to complete tricky activities! Have a beautiful week.

barrangga room with miss wallace

Welcome to Week 6! This week we have been making 3D shapes and labelling their faces, edges and vertices. We have been learning about our places and spaces in the world, in Geography. In Science we have learn't how to collect data, thanks KM for answering all our questions! We have had a full start to the term and can't wait to see what the next half of the term brings.


2C with Mrs Curry & Mrs Morgan

2C have stepped back into the past, finding out what the olden days were like in our novel, ‘Meet Ruby’. Many discussions have been had about the similarities and differences we have found while reading this book. Thank you to the students who have been completing their English homework each week. In Geography, we’ve been amazed by some of Mrs Morgan’s holiday photos of places that we have been learning about!

2V with Mrs middlebrook

WOW! Week 6 already! 2V students are connecting stories to the real world, exploring how the earth changes because of erosion, and having fun with shapes and symmetry. We have also been using maps to find which countries are close to Australia. On top of that, they're creating a cool dance routine by blending music and dance moves together. Our classroom is buzzing with creativity and learning!

2/3S with Ms Carter

Last week, 2/3S students were enthusiastic to learn about Australia's States and Territories in Geography lessons. We wondered why Parliament House was in the ACT. We explored interactive maps which allowed us to see the Indigenous boundaries from 1788 to a map of Australia today.


3J with Miss Muddle

3P with Ms Palmowski

Welcome to Week 6! In English this week 3P are working on building strong arguments in their persuasive writing to persuade the audience. They are learning to make connections with a variety of texts to gain a deeper understanding of the text. In Mathematics students are learning about the properties of two-dimensional shapes and how these shapes can be manipulated. In CAPA we are investigating the elements of music and dance in performances and what makes a good performance.

3L with Mrs Long

Are we halfway through this term already? Just as well Mrs Long has a scooter because we are moving along soooooo fast! Last week 3L were preparing for some class debates. In Mathematics we are learning to calculate the area of regular and irregular shapes. In Geography we are studying the different biomes of the world, as a Geography teacher we used to call these the Natural Environments. The students have completed some interesting Information reports on the different biomes found throughout the world.

Library/STEM with Miss Donnelly

Thank you everyone who supported the Book Fair. It was incredible to watch so many students getting excited about the books they were buying. It was also incredible to see you all dressed up for the Book Parade and to talk to so many of you about the character you were dressed up as. If you stopped by the photo booth your photos will start to come out this week. Don't forget the Premier's Reading Challenge is about to end so enter your books.

Open classrooms

Thank you to all parents/carers, family members and community members for visiting our school/classrooms last week. We hope you enjoyed visiting our classrooms and participating in our activities.

Voluntary Contributions

The School Voluntary Contribution Fee is set each year by the P&C and the school Principal. The money paid to the school contributes to the cost of day to day resources used by the students. Examples of the resources are; lead pencils, pens, coloured pencils, rulers, paint, paper, books, art and craft materials, etc.

Parents are reminded that there are no compulsory fees or charges in New South Wales government schools for students to meet the minimum curriculum requirements. While the Education Reform Act 1990 states that Government school education is to be free of charge, schools have the ability to raise funds to supplement departmental allocations to enable their educational and sporting programs to be initiated, maintained or enhanced.

This year the School Voluntary Contribution Fee is $25.00. The fee can be paid at the school office or using the online ‘Make a payment’ link on the school website.


KM - William Smee
1O - Connor Tymkiw-Keating
1G - Ardan Keon
2V - Gracie Watkins
2C - Dekota Rumbel-Lemmon
2/3S - Darcy Morgan
3J - Lachlan Berry
3P - Amelia Mundy
3L - Lillian Duck
RFF - Malayah Palermo


Georgia & Leahni

class samples with 2/3S & Ms carter

spelling bee

In Week 4 Dungog Public School had two students represent our school in the Premier’s Spelling Bee Regional Final. The online competition was very exciting to watch, with students from across the Hunter coming together to compete in a spell-off. Isabelle represented our school in the Junior final and Parker was our Senior representative. Both students showed great enthusiasm and a few nerves but in the end were faced with some tricky words that saw them knocked out. We are so pleased that our students were given the fantastic opportunity to be part of the Spelling Bee this year. Well done for your efforts Isabelle and Parker!

Parker & Isabelle

chaplain news


Physical activity is vital for children’s health, wellbeing and development, now and in the future. Physical activity strengthens children’s bones, muscles, hearts and lungs; improves children’s coordination, balance, posture and flexibility and helps children stay at a healthy weight and reduces children’s long-term risk of getting heart disease, cancer, type-2 diabetes later in life, and is an essential to boost kids overall well-being. How much exercise do kids need? Children aged 5 years up to 18 years should do at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity plus several hours of light physical activity each day. At least three days a week, this should include activities that strengthen muscles and bones. For further information head to: https://raisingchildren.net.au/__data/assets/image/0035/48779/physical-activity-how-much-for-children.jpg

NSW Police legacy Child Safety Handbook

The “NSW Police Legacy Child Safety Handbook” is a comprehensive and free resource to assist parents, carers as well as teachers on a range of topics essential to child safety. The updated digital edition (link below) includes important content updates from: NSW Rural Fire, NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Police Force, Fire and Rescue NSW, Transport NSW, State Emergency Services, NSW Department of Family & Community Services, eSafety Commissioner and NSW Office of the Children's Guardian. https://issuu.com/associatedmediagroup/docs/cshb_2023_winter_edition?fr=xKAE9_zU1NQ

merit system

zones of regulation

At Dungog Public School as part of our Wellbeing strategies, we learn about Zones of Regulation. If you hear your child talk about what “zone” they are in, or being in the “blue/green/yellow/red zone” they are talking about how they are learning to self-regulate. Below is a brief explanation of what the Zones of Regulation are about. If you find your child taking deep breaths, getting a drink of water, or counting to 10, they might be using one of the tools to help regulate their brain and body.

P&C news, Canteen & uniform shop

The P&C are looking for helpful people like you to join the canteen team for Term 3! Fill in the attached form and send to dungogpublicschoolpc@gmail.com. Volunteers are needed who can help make lunches for our hungry, growing children and serve them during lunch 1 & 2. You can indicate which times suit you best, as there are different shifts available for you to choose from as a canteen volunteer! Here are the options:

o Full day: You can join us from 8:30am to 2:30pm. It's a longer shift where you can help prepare lunches, serve during recess and lunchtime, and assist with other tasks.

o Morning: If you prefer a shorter shift, you can help out with the morning collection of lunch orders and lunch 1 period. This shift is from 9:00am to 12:00pm. You'll play a key role in organising lunch orders and ensuring everything is ready for lunchtime.

o Afternoon: Another shorter option is the lunch 2 period shift. It starts at 11:30am and ends at 2:30pm. During this time, you can assist with serving lunches and making sure our students have a great lunch experience.

When you become a canteen volunteer, your P&C membership fee will be paid for by the committee, and as a bonus, you'll get a free lunch as a token of our gratitude each time you help out at the canteen. We'll be thrilled to have you as part of the canteen team!