Digital Media Suite Appointments

Do you need to record in a studio or edit/work at a computer?

  • This option includes the Audio Studio, Video Studio, and One Button Self-Service Studio.
  • This will schedule time at a computer workstation in the DMS. These computers are not setup for recording audio or video.

Select your Studio

  • This studio provides 4 podcasting microphones connected to a computer with recording software. It can record just audio or a camera view of one or multiple speakers. This room is not designed for recording music.
  • This studio provides a FHD camera, microphone, teleprompter, and multiple backdrops (including a green screen and UofL branded backdrop) for video recording. It is best used for 1-3 people at a time on camera.

Length of your computer reservation?

Length of your Video Studio Reservation

Length of your Audio Studio Reservation

Length of your One Button Self-Service Studio reservation

Attention: The One Button Studio is currently closed for renovation. The DMS Audio and Video Studios are available during the summer 2024 semester.

How do I access the One Button Self-Service Studio?

NOTE: The One Button Studio is unstaffed and designed for self-service. You can check out the key from the Library's East Service Desk. See below for more info.

The One Button Studio is available anytime the east wing of Ekstrom Library is available (Ekstrom Library hours here). Check out the key at the East Service Desk.