Annual Report Farm Family Resource Initiative | FY 2023


The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development (CRHSSD) is leading the effort to build a network of support and resources for Illinois farm families. The purpose of the initiative is to provide a range of resources including a helpline to assist with farmer and farm-related issues that include mental and physical health needs. Additionally, the initiative offers ongoing outreach, education and training to rural clients and partners working to improve the health and safety of farm families.

The Farm Family Resource Initiative seeks to improve the health and well-being of Illinois farm owners and families by:

  • Identifying farm family needs, including mental health needs
  • Identifying available resources for farm families
  • Creating new resources for farm families
  • Developing a network of partners to respond to farm family needs

Advisory Council

The FFRI Advisory Council is made up of Agriculture industry professionals from throughout the state who meet monthly to provide guidance and support. They also assist with the dissemination of FFRI materials and program information. The Council is led by Karen Stallman, Ag Resource Specialist.


The Farm Family Resource Initiative helpline is available by call, text and email.

Call/Text helpline

1-833-FARMSOS (833-327-6767)

Email helpline



Telehealth counseling sessions with SIU Medicine counselors are available for those in need of additional support. Up to six individual, couple or group sessions are available at no cost to the farmer or farm family member with the support of grant funding.


The FFRI provides a comprehensive list of resources aimed at supporting farmers and farm families in various aspects of their lives, including mental health, safety, and well-being on the FFRI.

This year a separate section was added in resource list for ag professionals.


The Farm Family Resource Initiative's marketing campaign spread throughout the state through advertisement in print publications, radio, billboards, posters, flyers, yard signs and promotional items. A marketing dropbox folder was created to share marketing materials with partners.

Over 54,390 promotional items such as wallet cards, pamphlets, flyers, table tents, tote bags, tractor stress relievers, fans, and much more were distributed to various partners, organizations, insurance providers, Illinois Farm Bureau, and state and county fairs.


Illinois Rural Health Association Newsletter

Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network Annual Conference Program



Illinois Country Living

Prairie Farmer


I-57 70 Southbound/Westbound 1 mile south of MM 158, W Side, Effingham, IL
7-139W, St Louis MO, I-70 E 2 miles W of Vandalia, IL | Champaign-Springfield-Decatur, I - 57 - .4 Miles South of MileMarker 276 ES, Buckley, IL

Introduced Spanish versions of FFRI print materials

Social Media

The FFRI continued to increased social media presence in 2023 on the SIU Medicine Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Social Posts: 29

An increase of 61.1% from previous year

Analytics for FFRI social media posted on SIU Medicine's Facebook and Instagram
Top 3 FFRI Facebook posts for fiscal year 2023

Digital Ads

FarmWeekNow.com - 10,000 ROS geo-targeted (IL) digital display ads each month

Farm Safety and Health Week Boosted Post

Impressions 26,682 | Reach 6,934 | Link Clicks 189

National Rural Health Day Boosted Post

Impressions 112,989 | Reach 80,321 | Link Clicks 125

Liz and Matt Hulsizer Q&A for May Mental Health Awareness Month

Impressions 6,607 | Reach 6,567 | Link Clicks 856


The Farm Family Resource Initiative playlist on the SIU Medicine YouTube channel has 78 views from July 2021 - June 2022.

FFRI YouTube Playlist views | July 2021 - June 2022


The FFRI website was launched in July 2021 updates have continually been throughout 2023. siumed.org/farm

Website visits: 1,531

*In June of 2023, we were no longer able to track website visits due to changes in HIPPA laws


Media coverage from over 25 news sources from throughout the state

Press releases: 14

Sent to 3,804 contacts


"Harvest a Healthier You: Wellness Strategies for Farm Families," hosted and presented by Monica Kramer McConkey, LPCRural Mental Health Specialist. This webinar series covered various topics related to the well-being and mental health of farm families. The series provided valuable insights and resources to support the well-being and mental health of farm families, addressing issues ranging from alcohol use and depression to coping with loss, divorce, and farm legacy transitions.

Women in Ag Series: Three webinars were lead by Monica McConkey, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, on 3 Thursdays in March with 19 participants.

The Aging in Agriculture Forums, Starting the Conversion for the Farms’ Future and Yours addressed the need for landowners to develop a succession plan for the farm. 51 people attended the program that hosted speakers from Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota. Topics covered included developing the roadmap of transition, having difficult discussions with family and farm members and additional services offered by Illinois AgrAbility, Illinois Extension for landowners with limitations. Attendees reported that they learned more about the succession process and indicated that family meeting and family meetings were a key component to the success of the transition plan. Many indicated that the greatest challenge is interpersonal relationships and learning to respect varied viewpoints of family members but yet meet the need and desire to continue the farming enterprise.

The 2023 Rural Mental Health Summit was held on March 28 in Springfield with 48 attendees. Jerry Costello, II, Director, Illinois Department of Agriculture opened the event with commitment to the agricultural community for continued support of the mental health well-being efforts. A panel of producers and a health care professional discussed their experience with managing farm life and the importance of support systems and mental health. During Q and A Breakout session, participants learned more about different perspectives of producers and providers. A closing joint session provided a time for sharing and possible future efforts in Illinois.


12 blogs published. Promoted on website and social media.


Medicine Minute aired on ABC News Channel 20 and posted on YouTube


Farmer Dave (KTRS)

Farm Week

KTRS radio

101.7 The Bull



The Farm Family Resource Initiative increased awareness about the program state-wide during meetings, presentations, webinars and mailings.

Advisory Council

12 Monthly Advisory Council Meetings


50 Weekly marketing meetings


39 Presentations to agriculture professionals, leaders and members of the community with over 1,798 people reached.

Events & Activities

Illinois Wheat Association Annual Meeting

Monroe County Ag Round-Up

Allwood FFA Chapter Presentation

District 5 FFA Advisor In-Service

Heritage Days at Illinois Farm Heritage Museum

Illinois Association of Soil and Water District Annual Meeting

Madison County Fair

Staunton Outreach Clinic

Illinois State Fair

100 Years of Horsepower

Veteran/Senior Health Fair

AgriSafe network webinar

DuQuoin State Fair

Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting

Illinois Department of Public Health Meeting

Illinois Food, Farmers Market and Specialty Crop Conference Exhibit

Ag Night, Bockhorn Chemical

Illinois Dairy Summit

Illinois Pork Expo

Madison County Soil and Water Meeting

Rural Mental Health Summit

Planning for the Farm’s Future and Yours Forums

From Food To Flowers: Everything Local Conference

2023 Illinois Hospital Association Small & Rural Hospitals Annual Meeting

2,270 total attendees to events

AgriSafe Nurse Scholar Program

The FFRI partnered with AgriSafe and Farm Credit Illinois to provide scholarships for training to rural health care professional.


The Farm Family Resource Initiative has partnered with NAMI Illinois created a handout with a list of mental health & crisis resources.

Farm Family Services Resource Manual was created for call center


University of Illinois Extension | Illinois Farm Bureau | Memorial Behavioral Health | Illinois Department of Agriculture | Illinois Beef Association | Illinois Pork Producers | ILSOY | Farm Credit Illinois | Agrisafe | National Alliance on Mental Illness | and more

Financial support for FFRI is provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Division of Mental Health and the Illinois Department of Agriculture in cooperation with USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


Calls received: 49

Texts: 1

Emails: 6

Telehealth counseling requests: 22

Telehealth sessions: 27

Telehealth clients: 20