Who do you envision as the creators of future media? In just three days, you can capture their stories for your strategic plans.

Your passion and curiosity can evolve into long-term strategy and present-day action.

Learn foresight techniques from world-renowned experts in this "life-changing" experience.

What this program is NOT:

Foundations in Natural Foresight is NOT a boring classroom training or leadership workshop.

It's not a giant tech conference with empty promises for "networking opportunities".

This program is:

A game-changer for long-term success bringing foresight to action in your job.

Long-term foresight action in your job, not some imagined person's job. Not exclusive to a vague future state. This program teaches you how to elevate your day-to-day, real life processes through a multi-faceted futures lens.

A jam-packed schedule of creative ideation exercises.

Along with your printed copy of the Natural Foresight framework textbook and certification study guide, all worksheets and scenarios are immediately useful back home.

You can become highly-skilled in your own ability to strategize, leverage change, and embrace complexity.

Here's what you won't receive from an AI-generated trend report, but you can expect from this course:

Future-empowered brand advice: The future is complex, but doesn't have to be complicated. Learn to craft stories to scale your brand, innovate better designs, and recruit talent.

Long-term strategic direction: Relief about the future starts in this program. Change is a constant, but disruption can be navigated through mapping multi-faceted strategy.

Life-long foresight skills: You need more than just an annual list of trends. You need to know how to fish, i.e. build capacity for foresight, so you can share this knowledge with the world.

Your organization just got a huge level-up.

Is three days enough time to walk-away with life-changing skills, a fresh perspective on your place in the world, and a map of scenarios on the future of media?

Yes, and that’s only getting started on what we jam-pack into 72 hours.

“Our lives are defined by pivotal moments and experiences that shape who we are and how we view the world. For me, this experience changed everything.” Corinne Korytkowski, Senior Content Strategist

Just imagine... you have a VIP seat in our next program.

You land in LA, the heart of global media.

First, soak up the sunshine and enjoy the view.

Settle in and prepare for your once-in-a-lifetime three-day learning experience. You might meet up with your international teammates and together you paint the town, sharing excitement and California rolls in the city of angels!

Our registrants receive discounted room rate at the Hotel Amarano.

“The diverse industries and experience everyone brings to the table provides a really rich environment, and the outcome we produce over 72 hours using the tools is pretty remarkable.” Eric Shurr, Chief Strategy Officer

Day 1, October 15th.

You wake up anxious and excited like it's the first day of school.

Downstairs there's a delicious spread of breakfast, because food is our love-language.

Set your intentions for the next three days.

Then, it's learning time.

Day 1 is about unlocking the futurist mindset.

"In just the first day, my mind was opened to the possibilities of the future and I received tools and frameworks to integrate the futures mindset into my everyday life." Tamarah Usher, Strategy Lead

“I left with a new level of comfort about uncertainty, freeing myself to do my part to create a future that aligns with my institution’s core values.”
All work. All play. "All very cool, helpful, and a lot of fun." Olly Grant-Adamson Senior VP Global HR, Hasbro

End Day 1 socializing with your new international friends.

Day 2: Equipped with your new mindset, you begin time-traveling to the future.

"The future isn't about technology and flying cars, it's about people. This experience helped me see that."

Capture and analyze insights across society...

...then chart a course for ten years into the future of media.

Day 3, when you can finally turn your vision into reality.

All of your research forms the building blocks of 2035.

You collaborate with your team to craft meaningful stories that illustrate how people will live and source their energy. Not just for one singular fragile look into the future, but across multiple immersive worlds.

“This is a program that teaches you how to have the future you envision and how to tell that story so others will listen.” Judy Kelmelis, Digital Services Librarian

Walk away with a custom solution for leveraging complexity and uncertainty into action-focused, tactical plans and strategies.

“Natural Foresight bridges the gap between these two apparently divergent worlds...

...the far-reaching, open-minded, creative-centric approach of futures development, and the fiscal-year, highly-focused, spreadsheet-driven business planning.

This was a truly exhilarating experience.”

Sergio Sperat, Principal

(And why should your company care about the Future of Media?)

✅ Anticipate emerging market opportunities and citizen behavior

✅Identify emerging content formats, storytelling techniques, and audience preferences

✅ Develop proactive communication strategies and crisis response plans

✅Foster innovation & align with evolving technological landscape

“This was the best course I have ever taken to support my urban resilience practice - I left with a practical set of tools to evaluate the implications of intersecting trends and societal values, and to engage diverse perspectives to credibly and creatively map out a range of different futures against which to test resilience policy and outcomes.” Katie McPherson, Chief Resilience Officer


"I believe Natural Foresight will form the bedrock of successful organizations in the future." Seema Chawla, Director of Brand Solutions


"Yvette, Frank, and their team led an entertaining, informative, and useful course that will transform our company, careers, and lives for years to come. Mind blown." Dean Nguyen, Design Strategist


"As a designer and storyteller, I found this experience both validating and exciting that the way I think is valid and can be pushed further in a meaningful way. Epiphanies from start to finish.” Joseph Owens, Visual Designer


“The industry that we’re in, we have, and I guess, always will be worried about our future. But the techniques and ability this program has now given us, it’s given us a HELL of a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy, and better insight — or foresight— into what can be done.” Tony Gibson, CEO Ports of Auckland


I can't imagine money better spent, or a better team to lead us in this important work.” Julia Pimsleur, Founder

Get excited about your job again. And again. And again.

Pack your bags to LA for an unforgettable experience.

When you return to work, you'll take everyone to the future.

Are you ready to make your vision a reality?

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