Lincoln Middle School

We have many clubs to choose from. Everyone is welcome!

Choose a Club then meet your teacher at the outdoor classroom during lunch. They will walk you to their class.

Lego Club (D-2) Every Friday

International Travels Club (F-6) Every Thursday

Art Club (D-1) Every Friday

Chess Club (J-1) Every Other Tuesday

Herpetology Club (C-2) Every Other Tuesday

Reptiles, amphibians and more.

Panther Music Club (M-9) Every Other Tuesday

Theater Club Pending Information

Wyldlife Club (Library Veranda) Every Wednesday

Marine Biology Club (D-3) Every Other Wednesday

GSA Club (J-1) Every Wednesday

Life Skills Club (M-1) Every Friday

Last but not least ASB and AVID

Sign up for ASB and AVID during the Spring. Keep your grades up and qualify to be part of this elite class.

More information to come as the new school year starts.