Academy for Visual and performing arts Heritage High School


The Academy for Performing and Visual Arts at Heritage High School was founded in 2014 for students with exceptional talent in the arts. Its goal is to develop and nurture talented young artists for successful vocations, avocations and advocacy in the arts through extensive training programs and classes in dance, drama or technical theatre, instrumental music, visual arts, and vocal music while maintaining high academic achievement. The Academy for Performing and Visual Arts faculty views academics and the arts as equally important and is committed to developing lifelong learners and arts advocates.

Components for Success

Each accepted student is enrolled in a major:

  • Dance
  • Instrumental Music
  • Theater
  • Technical Theater
  • Visual Arts
  • Vocal Music

Students study in their major concentration area for two class periods each semester. They are expected to remain in the program every semester of their high school careers. Students are actively involved in extracurricular performances and are given the opportunity to work with top professionals in the arts from the Atlanta area and throughout the United States.

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