We recognise the owners and custodians of the lands and waterways where we work and live. We pay respect to Elders past and present as ongoing teachers of knowledge, songlines and stories. We strive to ensure every Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander learner in NSW achieves their potential through education.



The new school leadership team was voted into office last week. Congratulations to our new prefects, senior prefects and captain and vice captain. Please see the list below of these excellent leaders. The Prefect Induction will be held next week. Thank you to Mr Blake (Prefect Coordinator, Mathematics Faculty) for his ongoing work with the prefects.

In this edition of the Torch we celebrate Lauren Wilson's Bronze Award in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, all the students in participated in Write a Book in a Day, the Year 9 Camp attendees, the Maths Challenge participants, the Year 7 Charity Mufti Day for Cancer Research, the Tournament of Minds participants, the Nagoya City Art Exchange students, the HSC Showcase students, and the Staedtler and Harmony Day Competition winners. Thank you to all the teachers who organised these activities for our students. What very busy people we have been!

In preparation for the implementation of the extension of the 'Off and Away' Mobile Phone Policy from the classroom to the playground commencing in Term 4 we are re-publishing the policy in each new edition of The Torch so that all parents are aware of the change to the policy.

The NSW Government has announced restrictions on the use of mobile phones in NSW high schools beginning in Term 4, 2023.

Hornsby Girls High School has implemented the 'Off and Away' Policy in classrooms since our return from COVID Online Learning. We are now extending this policy to the playground and buildings during recess, breaks and lunchtimes. By doing this we will be complying with the NSW Government's decision regarding mobile phones in schools.

The new mobile management plan at Hornsby Girls High School will apply to mobile phones and will occur during all school hours, including break times, lunch and recess.

Students will still be able to carry their phones while travelling to and from school.

School staff can allow students to use their mobile phones in specific circumstances, such as for an educational purpose, for their wellbeing or to support students with specific needs.

HGHS endorses the DoE Policy of “Off and Away”.

“Off and Away” allows students to carry their mobile phones in their bags to and from school.

Students while on the school grounds must not use their phone to text, to make a phone call, play games, take photos or video or access social media.

Students can only use their phones for educational purposes under the direction of a teacher.

Students are to keep their phones in their bags, at all times on the school premises.

Parents are respectfully requested not to text or phone their child during the day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly on 9476 5711

If you have concerns about your child not having access to a mobile phone, we would be happy to discuss this further with you. Students with special needs, including medical and learning needs, may apply for an exemption. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Parents/Carers and students wishing to apply for an exemption will need to email the school.

Exemptions will be granted in consultation with teachers, students and families, and require an application and agreed implementation plan, which will be completed during this consultation process.

We look forward to working with you to implement these changes in our school.

Yours faithfully,

Justin Briggs - Principal

For further information, please follow the link: Student Mobile Phone Policy

school captains and Senior Prefects 2024

Rachel, Elizabeth, Rosanna, and Hiru


Rosanna Mar-Young (School Captain) - Elizabeth Vizor (Vice Captain) - Rachel Gibson (Senior Prefect) - Hiru Kariyawasam (Senior Prefect)

Ginger Choudhary, Amaaya Chowdhury, Anju Dhanushkodi, Susani Geekiyanage, Alicia Ho, Triana Ho, Danielle Imrie, Sophia Lau, Margaret Li, Ellie Liu, Talise Monaco, Alicia Rodrigues, Grace Varma, Helen Wan, Annabelle Zhang

Duke Of Edinburgh Awards

The voluntary service, physical recreation, skills and adventurous journey challenges require persistence and determination to from students to overcome. Along the way, participants may want to give up but at the end of their Award Journey, they will have the satisfaction of knowing they overcame the challenges they faced and succeeded, learning about themselves, their hidden depths of character, and developing as better human beings in the process. It is important that these challenges are at the right level for the individual – too easy and there will be no sense of real achievement, too difficult and the young person may give up.

Information about HGHS Duke of Edinburgh program can be found on the door of lab 103 and if you have any questions, please see Mr Barr (Science Faculty) in lab 103.

We are proud of Lauren Wilson’s achievements to obtain her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Write a Book in a Day

Write a Book in a Day 2023 was its usual fabulous, fun, frenetic activity involving a talented group of Year 8 and Year 9 students who were...writing a book in a day. The students put their writing, artistic, and editing talents to the test, creating a book of 3500 to 5000 words in under 12 hours. As one of the major fund raisers for the Kids Cancer Council, the challenge gives students randomly generated characters, settings and essential words and asks them to create exciting narratives which are read by sick children in hospital. Year 8 and Year 9 authors certainly filled the brief for creating imaginative stories to cheer up their audience. The books will be available to be read on the Write a Book in a Day website. Well done HGHS authors and illustrators:

Emily Wang, Sally Wu, Chenlin Zhang, Elsa Zhang, Melissa Zhou, Yuju Choi, Sophie LI, Zoey Jiang, Alice McIntyre, Elysia Zhao, Angela Wu, Holly Stamm, Amelia Aluthge, Sriya Danda, Shriya Sungala, Sienna Samarawickrama, Shanning Mak, Jewel Soukhavong, Yashita Mohan. Arabella Lewis, Manar Hasan, Amy Diao, Wendy Cai, Sophia Ah Kit, Vivienne Deng, Dorothy Hu, Seryn Lim, Zoe Thompson

Thank you to Mrs Drayton (English Faculty), Mrs Foster (Library), Ms Cleary (Librarian) and Ms Thompson (IT Specialist) for your supervision and inspiring guidance of our students.

Maths Challenge 2023

The Maths Challenge is a problem-solving activity organised by the Australian Maths Trust (AMT), which is aimed at stimulating the mathematically interested students in their year level.

The Maths Challenge takes place over three to four consecutive weeks. Students receive a problem book containing six problems and are required to present written solutions to as many of these problems as they can. The problems are challenging and require time and persistence, but are based on maths that should be known at that level for students in the Junior (Year 7-8) and Intermediate (Year 9-10) levels.

This program takes dedication as well as mathematical ability and is ideal for students who want to extend their mathematical knowledge and understanding. The Maths Challenge is designed to be an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for students.

Congratulations to all students who participated and especially to our award winners.

Year 7

Year 7 - High Distinction: Atrin Bagherian - Distinction: Violet Cho, Navya Patel, Tanika Sivasuthan - Credit: Zinat Abdullah, Isha Balaji, Shania Guo, Stella Kang, Kashfia Khaled, Lindsay Low, Maya Otalora Calim, Ritika Prasad

Year 8

Year 8 - High Distinction: Aditi Sundar Rajan, Janani Vijaya Raghavan - Distinction: Alexis Feliciano, Sabrina Hu, Trinity Kim, Yashita Mohan, Sienna Samarawikrama, Ziqi Zhang - Credit: Amy Diao, Jessica Tan, Chenlin Zhang, Nina Zhou

Year 9

Year 9 - Distinction: Lucia Jiang, Lucy Wang, Jessica Zhao - Credit: Winnie Harzenko, Michelle Kim, Rian Son

Year 10 - Credit: Luyan Chen

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Maths Challenge program this year and I look forward to your continued involvement next year.


In Week 6, Year 9 set off to camp at the Great Aussie Bush Camp in the Tea Gardens! On behalf of our grade, I’m sure we can both say that this was definitely one of the highlights of our year so far. Even before we arrived, the bus ride there was filled with lots of laughter and karaoke-ing. Once we got there, we split into our activity groups, ready to tackle the first activities of the day. That night we played two games of Commando Spotlighting which involved hide and seek in the bush – students vs teachers. On the second day, we were driven to the gorgeous sand dunes and beach and Year 9 had tons of fun running, tumbling and sliding down the sand dunes and paddling in the waves. The third night rolled around and we thoroughly enjoyed participating and watching our fellow classmates in Challenge Night as teams battled it out in various challenges for the coveted first place title. However, the highlight was the both innovative and hilarious fashion show that concluded the challenges. On the fourth day, the greatly anticipated Mud Run took place- and the majority of the grade got soaked in watery mud (super gross but fun!). On the final day, we woke up bright and early to finalise our packing, completed our last two activities and bid farewell to our beloved camp leaders. Everyone had a super fun time, with each night filled with cup noodles and roasted marshmallows- we can definitely say we left the camp with some very special memories.

We would like to thank our teachers Mr Scott, Ms Mylan, Mr Barr, Ms Wen and Ms Farnon for taking time out of their lives to join in on the fun. We would also like to thank Ms Farnon for organising this amazing experience for us!

Amber McLean and Zoe Liao - Year 9


On Thursday, 31st August, we held our first ever Charity Day. The Year 7 Charity Committee chose Cancer Council Australia to raise funds for and coincidentally, it was the same day as Daffodil Day.

Students from Year 7 baked some mouthwatering goods to sell at the bake sale. Some of the foods included caramel slices, doughnuts, chocolate muffins, caramel slices and Tim Tam pops just to name a few. The school was decorated with streamers, balloons and other yellow trinkets, thanks to the wonderful decoration team.

All in all, Daffodil Day was a huge success. In total, we managed to raise $814.45 from the bake sale and generous donations. Thank you so much to all the members of the Charity Committee who were enthusiastic and helpful in every aspect. Also a MASSIVE shout-out to our Year 7 Advisors Ms Hoang and Ms Davenport who helped us make our first charity day an amazing one!

Myra Rangra - Year 7

Nagoya Sister City Art Exchange 2023

Student artists from Hornsby Girls High School have been selected to represent NSW public schools as part of the 2023 Nagoya Sister City Art Exchange.

We have been overwhelmed with nominations to exhibit this year and have been so impressed by the level of talent displayed by all the student artists who were nominated.

Congratulations not only those to the students who were accepted but all our artists.

Nagoya Exhibition - Japan

The Nagoya Sister City Art Exchange is held annually in November. This is the 45th year of this event. Artworks from NSW have been selected every year to be exhibited in this international exhibition alongside artworks by students from Nagoya (Japan), Los Angeles (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Reims (France), Nanjing (China), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Turin (Italy).

The opportunity to participate in this exhibition helps to build international relationships and cultural understanding.

Congratulations to the following student who will have their artwork sent to Japan for display in the Nagoya exhibition at the Nagoya City Museum from Tuesday 21 November to Sunday 3 December 2023.

Student name: Alice Yang - Year 7 - Artwork title: Collage Still Life - Artwork description: This artwork is reflective of the Cubist modernist aesthetic where collage and still life subject matter was very much in fashion in the early 1900's - Braque and Picasso were a significant influence on the work. - Artwork medium: Ink, pen, collage

Nagoya Exhibition - Sydney

In keeping with the message of sharing and exchanging ideas through their artworks, in 2023 we will be hosting the very first Nagoya exhibition - Sydney. This will be made up of artworks sent to us from Japan as part of the exchange, alongside selected NSW public school student artworks. The exhibition will be showcased at SpecFest as part of Schools Spectacular on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November 2023.

Congratulations to the following student who will have their artwork displayed in the Nagoya – Sydney exhibition.

Student name: Jessica Zhao -Year 7 - Artwork title: Tiger - Artwork description: A dramatic portrait view of a tiger - Artwork medium: Black ink and white pen

Student artworks sent to Japan will not be returned but will remain in Japan and be used for educational purposes by the Nagoya Board of Education.

Student artworks used in the Nagoya - Sydney exhibition will be returned to schools following the exhibition as well as an artwork sent to us from Nagoya for display at your school.

All nominated student artworks will also be showcased in a digital exhibition on The Arts Unit website:



Earlier in the year, two of our amazingly talented Visual Arts students, Riah Kang in Year 10 and Shreya Dutta in Year 11, entered the Staedtler Art Competition.

A massive congratulations to Riah who received the prize for third place and Shreya for creating such a lovely expressive artwork.

Kirsty Kang, Riah’s sister in Year 8, also entered the Harmony Day Poster Competition with her amazing work receiving second place in the North Sydney region.

Riah Kang, Kristy Kang and Shreya Dutta

Tournament of Minds

I'm thrilled to share the highlights of Hornsby’s recent adventure at the Tournament of Minds competition (TOM). This year's event was a true showcase of creativity and collaboration - each and every one of our representatives was given the immense privilege of presenting not only a long-term project that we had cultivated over time but also the opportunity to demonstrate our critical, yet quick, thinking skills in spontaneous challenges. With the topics being social sciences and language literature, we sharpened our abstract thinking while also getting the chance to freely socialise with one another. Before this experience, we were all individuals, cogs, and after this competition we learnt to work as a team, a machine. Both teams from our school competed exceptionally well, with team ‘007’ (Double O Seven), making it to the state final of the program. It will be held at UNSW on Sunday, the 10th of September (wish us luck!!!!!).

But what is winning without all the work that goes on behind-the-scenes?! A big thank you to Ms. Farnon, who dedicated herself to this initiative. Her meticulous planning and constant motivation ensured that everything ran smoothly, allowing us participants to focus on giving our best.

I also want to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to those on the judging panel – Ziyang (Anna) Cui, Ruhika Panditha, and Rachel Gibson. Their keen insights and thoughtful evaluations provided us with valuable feedback that will undoubtedly shape our future endeavours.

I'd like to end by saying that TOM is more than just a competition; it's an opportunity to stretch our limits and collaborate with diverse minds. The camaraderie among our team members was incredible, and the lessons learned will stay with us for a lifetime.

Here's to the spirit of creativity, growth, and gratitude that TOM brings to us all.

Aanya Chandel, Year 9


On Wednesday the 30th August, our HSC Visual Arts and Textiles Exhibition and Music Showcase officially opened in order to acknowledge the hard work our Year 12 Visual Arts and Music students have put in over the past year in the lead up to their HSC.

I would like to thank the parents and friends of our students who attended the showcase along with the CAPA and TAS faculty for their continuous support. I would also like to extend a huge congratulations to the Year 11 and 12 Music class and teachers who put on an amazing show, despite the extended blackout caused by the storm. The show must go on and it sure did by torchlight with outstanding performances by River Kim, Kavisha Karunarathna, Angeline Leong, Alayna Cam, Carter Claxton, Isabella Gu and Josephine Huang.

Also lit by torchlight down in the Visual Art and Textiles exhibition, we awarded the following students for their hard work:

Natasha Lo receiving the Principal’s Award

Christine Lee receiving the Excellence in Material Practice Award

Minhee Park receiving the Excellence in Conceptual Practice Award

Gabby Wongso receiving the S&S Award

Sooin Cho receiving the Eckersley’s Award.

The People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Year 12 Farewell Lunch.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our HSC Showcase an enjoyable one!

Ms Farnon - Visual Arts Teacher

P and C Tote Bag Competition Winners!

Congratulations to Cathy Yan Year 12 and Rachelle Wu Year 11 who are this year's co-winners of the Year 12 Tote Bag Design Competition. Their superb designs will be printed on the Tote Bags that Year 12 receive as part of their graduation gift. Well done Cathy and Rachelle!

How You Can Support Your Child During Exams

We’re excited to announce that Elevate Education will be hosting a free webinar for our parents on Wednesday 13th September.

Elevate Education works with our students, delivering high impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how you can help better support your children at home through reinforcing the skills they learn at school:

Wednesday 13th September @ 6:30pm (AEST)

Click here to register for free

Here’s what we’ll be covering on the night:

✅ What to do in the final days before any test or assessment

✅ How to establish a good routine for the night before

✅ How to optimise exam-room performance