Albuquerque Academy is going places.

Join us for the journey.

Albuquerque Academy is a school that honors its past while embracing the future of education. We give our students access to opportunities and experiences that both challenge and inspire them, helping prepare them for a world we can’t fully imagine.

In addition to distinguishing themselves in athletics and extracurriculars at state and national levels, Chargers have successfully lobbied for legislation at the Roundhouse, won awards for climate research, performed on Broadway, had artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol, and so much more.

What will your child accomplish when they can dive deeply into their passions with the support of our dedicated teachers? I invite you to learn more about Albuquerque Academy, and we look forward to learning more about you!

Julianne Puente, Head of School


Everyone wants to be welcomed into a new community where they feel like they belong. At Albuquerque Academy, you get that feeling the minute you step onto campus. Your child’s teachers and coaches will know them. Our large school is organized into smaller divisions – grades 6-7, 8-9, and 10-12 – that allow you access to countless opportunities while having a personal experience with other families, teachers, and administrators that suit your student and family.

Transitioning to a New School

Even before their first day of school, sixth graders spend time on campus through the Bridge to Success Program, learning the ropes of their new school, making for a smoother, more comfortable transition.

Attracting a Diverse Community

Embedded in the Academy’s mission is the imperative to weave diversity and inclusion into all aspects of school life – teachers integrating diverse perspectives, histories, and information; assemblies featuring guest speakers; and gatherings like Community Day, Día de los Muertos, Lunar New Year, and other cultural events. Our admission team identifies and recruits students of talent and character from neighborhoods throughout Albuquerque and beyond.

Involving Parents

At the Academy, parent involvement is more than welcomed – it is foundational to the life of our school. The Albuquerque Academy Parents’ Association (AAPA) and our multicultural and diversity parent councils play critical roles in fostering a sense of community on campus. There are many ways parents (and even grandparents) can strengthen their connection to our school – whether it’s helping out in the library or bookstore, participating in family events, or attending performances.


When you choose Albuquerque Academy for your child, we understand that you are entrusting us with your most important person. Through all of their various endeavors, the Academy’s faculty and staff are committed to nurturing every aspect of your child’s time with us.

Focusing on the Whole Student

Every teacher has an open door, ready to provide extra help and guidance. And every student has an academic adviser with whom they build a relationship of trust, celebrate successes, and problem-solve. Our licensed counselors promote healthy living to the entire student body and are available for one-on-one guidance. Each division has a dedicated learning specialist available for students who need additional support.

The 312-acre campus is a serene haven for our community. Guests check in with our security team at the main entrance during school hours. Our nurse’s office and the SAGE Dining team promote efforts to maintain the physical health of our students.

Assisting with Tuition

Students are admitted to Albuquerque Academy based on their passion for learning, motivation to excel, and desire to connect and make a difference – not on their family’s ability to pay. With the support of philanthropic donors, we are committed to making an Academy education accessible to students from all backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances by offering need-based grants that cover some or all of the tuition.

Moving Forward

Albuquerque Academy has been changing young people’s lives for almost 70 years. The school’s endowment, established with a transformative gift from the Simms family, remains strong today. In fact, the endowment provides at least $8,000 of additional funding toward the experience of every Academy student, and 30% of students receive further tuition support. Philanthropy and the endowment allow New Mexico’s most promising students to access and afford a life-changing experience.


The years your child spends at Albuquerque Academy are about much more than homework and grades. As they mature from tweens to young adults, they’ll develop a firm sense of who they are and what they want while learning from one another as much as they learn from their teachers.

Developing at the Right Pace

Unlike most schools, the Academy has a special spot just for eighth and ninth graders. We recognize their needs and maturity level are not the same as our youngest and oldest students. The 8-9 division bridges the transition from being a young middle schooler to a more mature high schooler by providing a developmentally appropriate setting that broadens students’ perspectives and sharpens them intellectually while being sensitive to the particular issues that this age group can experience.

Playing with Purpose

Athletics are an integral part of the Academy experience. Every season our student-athletes gain lifelong lessons in the value of competition, perseverance, hard work, and the true meaning of teamwork. In addition to athletic teams from middle school to varsity levels, intramurals like co-ed flag football and extracurriculars such as ultimate frisbee and parkour give students a chance to build new skills and school spirit.

Exploring New Interests

Academy students challenge themselves, pursue special interests, and make new friends through a great variety of extracurriculars offered before, during, and after school. They include leadership groups like Student Senate and the Student Diversity Leadership Club; student-led affinity groups; career development opportunities, such as DECA business club and HOSA Future Health Professionals; and outlets for their passions, including mariachi band, speech and debate, opera, ceramics, and journalism.


Your child will get the chance to sample a wide variety of disciplines at the Academy and, once they discover what most interests them, the depth of our curriculum provides the opportunity to pursue their passions at the highest levels. Solving challenges in an advanced engineering class, contributing to genetics research in the Fly Lab, performing in an original opera, taking classes in another country through the Global Languages Exchange Program, and creating award-winning artwork are some of the experiences that students can have at Albuquerque Academy.

Evolving to Meet New Needs

The world is changing and so is the Academy, preparing students to be global citizens with jobs that have not yet been imagined. Our faculty survey the educational landscape and gauge the interest of students to prepare new course offerings each year, such as Data Science, American Studies, Sustainability, Multidisciplinary Musical Theatre, and Introduction to Medical Science.

Expanding Classroom Boundaries

Albuquerque Academy takes education well beyond classroom walls. From day hikes to wilderness excursions with the experiential education department, students learn as much about themselves as they do outdoor skills, and they discover how they can impact the lives of those in need through the community service program. Across the school, we also weave topics like sustainability and emotional intelligence into the curriculum.

Welcoming Learners of All Ages and Interests

Albuquerque Academy is more than a school for grades 6-12. We invite community members of all ages to be lifelong learners through programs like the Levanta Institute for Music and Creativity (arts classes for grade schoolers to adults), Think Summer (exciting academic, enrichment, and recreational options for grades pre-K to pre-12), the scholarship-based Multicultural Summer Honors Program (students entering 5th grade), and Charger Aquatics (all-ages competitive swimming).


As parents, we want our children to thrive in school. We want them to be encouraged to reach beyond their potential within a caring community and on a campus that provides the space and facilities to help make that happen. That’s exactly what we have to offer at Albuquerque Academy. And when we’re in this together, with shared goals and values, our students can accomplish great things.

Cultivating a Sense of the Possible

Academy students develop the skills, confidence, and opportunities to leave their mark in so many ways. Recently, students helped pass a bill with the state legislature; represented New Mexico at the national level for spelling, mock trial, Science Olympiad, MathCOUNTS, DECA, and speech and debate; won seven straight girls swimming titles and 20 consecutive boys tennis titles; and received a shout-out on NPR for a student-written opera.

Exercising Independence in Teaching

The freedom educators have to craft a curriculum that is flexible, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative is a hallmark of independent schools. Because the Academy is not required to teach to a test, our teachers have the time and agency to adjust their lessons based on the unique interests of their students.

Nurturing Spaces

Visitors to the Academy are often struck by its resemblance to a college campus. Our 312 acres are home to extensive sports facilities, including an indoor swimming complex and 16 tennis courts; two dining halls and gardens; art and dance studios, as well as two theaters; and a library with a bookstore and café that serves as a campus hub. Our newly renovated Path is the physical and figurative connection between our east and west campuses.


When considering an independent school for your child, you may already be thinking about life after high school. At Albuquerque Academy, we help your child prepare for and move beyond their senior year by teaching them how to be independent thinkers who advocate for themselves. We start by cultivating their curiosity through an astonishing array of course selections and extracurricular activities. When your child leaves the Academy, they are more than prepared to continue their academic and social growth at the next level.

Becoming a Responsible Young Adult

The 10-12 division fosters the development of independence and responsibility essential to thriving as a college student and an adult. Courses emphasize critical thinking and the ability to support ideas effectively. Faculty and students develop partnerships through mutual admiration and respect.

Gaining Real-World Experience

By the time they are seniors, Academy students have developed a strong sense of who they are and where they want to go. As part of their last semester, they go out into the world to do a self-designed senior project. They may choose to participate in an internship that can help them make career decisions and build their resumes, explore the wilderness and hone self-reliance skills on an extended experiential education trip, or pursue their passion with an independent project, under the guidance of caring adult mentors.

Managing the College Process

The Academy’s college guidance office helps students and their families identify suitable higher education options, manage the application process, and apply for need-based financial assistance or merit aid for college. Students are assigned a college adviser as sophomores when they begin taking College Knowledge classes that help them learn about and stay on track with the college application process.


The Academy community is built on relationships and the understanding that what we do here matters. Your child will learn that they can make a difference in this world, and during their time at the Academy, they’ll be inspired by alumni, faculty, fellow students, and other community members with a passion for service and leadership.

Teaching with Purpose

The academic program at Albuquerque Academy is at the heart of our school, and the school’s mission is lived out daily in the wide array of rich learning experiences we offer students. We aim to nurture children’s natural passion for learning and to instill habits of lifelong curiosity and reflection.

Serving with Compassion

Contributing to the community and the world is fundamental to the Academy’s mission. The Community and Global Citizenship program integrates community service into our students’ educational journeys. As students progress through the divisions, they take a leadership role in matching community needs with their passions.

Enriching Our Home

Albuquerque Academy is proud to be making a difference in the lives of New Mexicans every day. We provide an outstanding education to students from across the region, and our alumni make significant contributions to our city and our state.


We believe that children’s lives change when their natural passion for learning is nurtured and transformed into habits of lifelong learning and reflection. Albuquerque Academy commits itself to this mission and continues to evolve, keeping pace with the needs of tomorrow. We are Academy in Motion, and we hope you will join us for the journey!

Questions about tuition assistance? Contact Melissa Seligman, Director of Admission and Enrollment Management, at (505) 828-3208 or admission@aa.edu.

Affording the Academy

Albuquerque Academy is the only independent school in Albuquerque offering full tuition grants to students with the highest financial need.

Need-based grants are awarded to selected incoming students at all grade levels who apply and qualify for tuition assistance. A family’s ability to pay is not a factor in their child’s admission decision; however, students with the strongest admission profiles are prioritized for awards. To be considered for assistance, a family must apply with School and Student Services (SSS) by December 7, 2023 for early decision and February 8, 2024 for regular decision.

The level of assistance that a student receives is based on their family’s unique financial circumstances and helps not only with tuition but with other school-related expenses as well. Tuition assistance is typically renewed each year for students who demonstrate through their updated SSS application that financial support is necessary to continue enrollment.

Questions about tuition assistance? Contact Emily Kienzle, Director of Tuition Assistance, at (505) 828-3352 or finaid@aa.edu.

Albuquerque Academy is an independent, college preparatory day school for students in grades 6 through 12 and does not discriminate on the basis of color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, or disability in admissions, the administration of its educational policies, tuition assistance, athletics, and other school-administered programs.