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October 2023 Adobe JELA Newsletter

The Adobe JELA 3 Newsletter contains updates from Emergent, Carahsoft and Adobe related to Adobe products and the DISA Adobe JELA contract for the Department of Defense. Interested in receiving future newsletters and event announcements directly or have content recommendations? Email us at jela@adobe.com.

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Program Updates

JELA option year was booked with Adobe, new period of performance is September 30, 2023 - September 29, 2024. Please review the Tech Corner of this newsletter for details on updating licenses.

Procurement Questions:

Carahsoft, Adobe and Emergent are pleased to receive requests from JELA enrollees to coordinate standing sync-ups! Please feel free to email jela@adobe.com if you would like to coordinate with our team.


Product Updates

Adobe MAX - The Creativity Conference October 10-12, 2023

Weren't available to attend in-person? You can still access all the great content. Learn from 175+ sessions from MAX 2023. Browse and search by keywords, apply filters, or take the session finder quiz to find sessions that fit your interests.

The New Captivate v 12 (Project Charm) is now LIVE and available in your Admin Console

  • Adobe will offer access to both N & N-1 versions (Project Charm & Captivate 2019) from the same subscription license.
  • Captivate 2019 will be supported through 2026 for core support!

End of Support Notifications:

  • With the release of CC24 at Adobe MAX, CC22 is no longer supported. See Long Term Support Versions table below for the latest N-1 support version for Creative Cloud
  • RoboHelp 2019 end of core support August 22, 2024
  • Adobe Products and Technical Support Periods outside of Creative Cloud available here
Creative Cloud Long Term Support Versions up to October 2024
  • Adobe Stock: All Creative Cloud users on JELA have access to unlimited Standard Adobe Stock Assets. Check out the following page to learn how to provision FRL Creative Cloud Users with an Adobe Stock license. Learn more


Upcoming Events & Webinars

Upcoming Events:

On-Demand Meetings and Webinars:

  • Lunch and Learn: Producing a Podcast (August 22, 2023)
  • Lunch and Learn: Adobe Firefly (September 19, 2023)
  • Webinar library: Catch up on the latest product training, best practice sharing and thought leadership across Creative Cloud and Document Cloud. The Digital Media library includes access to upcoming live events and on-demand recordings.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Masterclass: Access +90 videos and project files focused on Creative Cloud apps and services
  • Adobe XD: Create Experiences through UX/UI Design
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign Resource Hub: Get started with Acrobat Sign with tutorials and more on the Acrobat Sign Resource Hub
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign IT Implementation Hub: Providing Acrobat Sign IT Admins the resources needed to get your organization up and running with Acrobat Sign
  • Adobe Acrobat Resource Hub:Access 60-Second tutorials and more on the Acrobat Resource Hub

Previously shared webinar links



TIME recognizes Adobe Liquid Mode & Photoshop Generative Fill, Generative Expand as Best Inventions of 2023

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences with groundbreaking technology that empowers everyone, everywhere to imagine, create, and bring any digital experience to life. It’s been an exciting year for the company with the introduction of 100s of transformative innovations across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud that are reshaping the future of creativity, productivity and digital experiences.

Today, we’re honored to announce that TIME has recognized Adobe as part of the Best Inventions of 2023: Adobe Liquid Mode in the Apps & Software category and Photoshop’s Generative Fill and Generative Expand in the AI category. Each year, TIME recognizes products, software and services that are solving compelling problems in creative ways across all categories — including technology, beauty, health care, food, home and entertainment — that are making the world better, smarter, or even a bit more fun.

Transforming mobile document experiences with Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat

2023 continues to be an amazing year for Adobe Acrobat. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of Acrobat and PDF — a digital document format we invented then open-sourced to the world, paving the way for the digital publishing revolution.

Introduced three years ago, Liquid Mode rose to new heights this year, hitting a major milestone — customers used Liquid Mode to read more than a billion files, demonstrating how indispensable this technology has become.

From contracts and agreements to research and white papers, PDFs are the place where we keep our most important information. Thanks to Adobe’s proprietary AI, Liquid Mode can instantly reflow text, tables, bullets and headers into a format that fits nicely on a small screen so that you can review even the most complex documents on-the-go. Liquid Mode makes reading PDFs a delightful experience for everyone while also making digital documents more accessible for more people.

We’re proud of the role PDF and Acrobat continue to play in making digital information easy to understand, edit and share for hundreds of millions of people. And with more than a decade of experience innovating AI, we’re especially excited about what’s next.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app today to see Liquid Mode in action. Simply tap the ‘liquid’ icon at the top of the navigation to turn Liquid Mode on. Then discover what more you can do with Acrobat to easily convert to PDF, edit a PDF online and send PDFs from wherever the day takes you.

Generative Fill & Generative Expand inspiring the future of creativity

Recent advancements in AI have reshaped how we think about the world around us. If the last few months have been any indicator, it is becoming clear that we are entering a new era of creativity — one where generative AI expands access to powerful new workflows and unleashes our most imaginative ideas. Our community has shown us how Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, can reshape the creative process, from driving ideation and increased efficiency, to unlocking magical design possibilities.

Now everyone can make content in powerful new ways with Generative AI features in Adobe Photoshop. Since its launch in May of 2023, creators have generated over 3 billion images with Firefly-powered innovations, reimagining creative workflows and the future of creativity. Generative Fill and Generative Expand empower Photoshop users to add, remove, or expand content in any image with the power of Adobe Firefly using simple text prompts. Adobe has been amazed by the community’s response to Firefly and how global creators are using Firefly-powered Generative Fill and Generative Expand to supercharge their workflows and bring to life incredible creations.

Users can create knowing that Generative AI features are powered by Firefly and are designed to be safe for commercial use — ensuring they can push the bounds of their creativity, confidently. Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock’s hundreds of millions professional-grade, licensed, high-resolution images that are among the highest quality in the market along with openly licensed work and public domain content where copyright has expired.


Tech Corner

2023 License Renewal Webinar Series is completed!

To help prepare you for what to expect after the renewal was completed in September, your Adobe Digital Media Technical Account Managers, Named Support Engineers, and Carahsoft Technical Support team hosted our annual Technical Webinar series.

Please note: If your users are on Feature Restricted Licenses (FRL)-Offline or Serial Number (SN) ACTION IS REQUIRED.

Please see this link for the content that was shared, and a recording of each session: https://www.carahsoft.com/learn/event/48356-3-part-adobe-jela-iii-technical-training-series

In session 1 we discussed the following:

  • What Adobe Elite Support can do you for and your agency (Elite Support can be contacted at jelatech@adobe.com)
  • Adobe Admin Console Overview (including package creation and license file deployment)
  • What Carahsoft Support can do for you and your agency
  • Carahsoft portal walk through

In session 2 we discussed the following:

  • What you need to know about renewing your Adobe Licenses
  • Renewing existing licenses
  • Changing license types
  • Troubleshooting best practices

In session 3 we discussed the following Adobe tools available to help you manage your Adobe software such as:

  • Enterprise Tool Kit
  • License Decoder
  • Customization Wizard for Acrobat
  • Check (Serial Number) expiry tool
  • Cleaner Tool

We will be hosting the following office hours to address any further questions upon license renewal, invites and/or registrations links will be coming soon!

  • November 30th and December 1st for anything Serial Number related
  • January 4th, 8th, 10th, and 12th for anything FRL license related.

Acrobat Classic is now available via the Admin console for FRL or NUL Licensing

The Acrobat product family provides two tracks for both Acrobat and Reader:

  • The Continuous track provides service-based tools as well as new features, security and platform enhancements, and bug fixes as part of frequent (and most often) silent updates. Over time, the Continuous track’s update cadence will be more frequent than the Classic track. Classic license program customers do not have access to this track for Acrobat
  • The Classic track is similar to the 11.x model and provides few (if any) new features in updates. Free services are available, but optional. Like previous releases, a quarterly update cadence delivers security and platform enhancements as well as bug fixes. Acrobat Classic is now available as an FRL and NUL package that you can create in the Admin console and deploy on your machines. When using the NUL package for Acrobat Classic, only the Adobe cloud storage is available. Other services, such as Share, and Send for review are disabled. For more information, see Feature restricted licensing

For additional information, see: https://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/AdminGuide/whatsnewdc.html

For up-to-date details about what features exist in each track, see https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/whats-new.html

Support Case Reviews

The Creative Cloud and Acrobat Named Support Engineers (Bruce Jividen and Everett Valdez) are eager to conduct Case Reviews with each of the JELA Agencies. This is an opportunity for you to understand and discuss existing Creative Cloud and Acrobat cases and identify trends. To schedule your agencies case reviews, please reach out to jelatech@adobe.com.