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"Where beats dance with imagination and melodies paint the sky – Welcome to the world of 5nine3, where every note is a brushstroke in his endless musical canvas."

Jim Giordano, aka 5nine3, finds inspiration in the impressionist painter Claude Monet, reshaping sonic landscapes with electro, dub, and progressive EDM. A New York native, his musical evolution started with a family's diverse musical tastes. Self-taught in guitar and piano, he embarked on songwriting in 2000, gradually mastering music production and composition. Influenced by artists like Fatboy Slim and Crystal Method, he transformed into DJ Majestik and earned recognition in Tennessee. His musical journey led to Phi of Khem, fusing EDM with radio-friendly elements. As 5nine3, he weaves vibrant electronic sounds with pop hooks, inviting listeners into an immersive world of rhythm and melody.