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Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System

Encompass is a highly rigid, non-invasive immobilization device designed for precisely targeted treatment to the brain, head & neck.

  • Immobilization for treatment of multiple lesions with a single isocenter
  • High precision immobilization with submillimetric accuracy for stereotactic radiosurgery, including trigeminal neuralgia
  • Integrated Shim™ System optimizes workflow efficiencies
  • Open View™ Thermoplastic can reduce patient anxiety and allows for intra-fraction positioning verification utilizing optical tracking systems
  • Submillimetric immobilization with or without optional IntegraBite™

Body Pro-Lok ONE™ Immobilization

Body Pro-Lok ONE provides one simple solution for complex SBRT patient setups.

  • Variable height adjustment with just one bridge (21.6 cm to 46.3 cm, 8.5" to 18.25")
  • Lateral offset ability allows the bridge and plate to adapt to the patient's natural posture and body type
  • Tilting offset ability allows optimal patient positioning for enhanced gantry clearance
  • Advanced latch engineered to release in less than three seconds for patient safety

Symphony® Imaging, Treatment & Transfer Solution

  • Safely transfer your patient with minimal clinical staff
  • Transfer on and off a wide variety of surfaces including sheet-covered pads and mattresses
  • Patient positioning can include immobilization, where required
  • Suitable for use in MRI

Alta™ Multipurpose Device

Alta is an all-in-one solution that quickly adapts to a wide range of setups, reducing setup times.

  • Combines functionality of multiple devices
  • Dependable and reproducible
  • Fast and efficient setups
  • Can be extended beyond end of couch top for improved head and neck dosimetry
  • Lightweight – 5.4 kg (12 lbs)
  • CT, MRI, and treatment compatible