SMOOTHIES 2023 and 2024

Welcome to new and returning teachers at NT Schools for 2024. This website contains links to previous SMOOTHIES sessions and a link to book a personal SMOOTHIES session. Check out the topics in upcoming SMOOOTHIES Episodes here and then join me on Friday for a live SMOOTHIES session. Invites are sent out to ICT Role holders and if you are not an ICT and would still like an invite, make sure you are a member of CLoverTeams. The site also contains useful links and reference resources specifically aimed at our teachers in the NT.

Short Multimodal Online Opportunities To Help Interested Educators Succeed

Table of Contents

Previous Episodes of SMOOTHIES

NT Schools EdTech Resource Links and More

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Upcoming SMOOTHIES Topics

  • Please let me know what topics you would like to cover... My email is at the bottom of this page.

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Previous Episodes 2024

Episode 24F4 (June 28 2024)

Panda Dad was created in Firefly and then edited in Photoshop to transform into a Character Animator character. I will show how I created this character and share this puppet in this week's SMOOTHIES episode 24F4

This is more of a guide than a deep dive – reference links provided

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Episode 24F3 (June 21 2024)

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Episode 24F2 (June 14 2024)

  • This is an extension of last week's smoothies episode.
  • A lesson example incorporating a digital literacy value chain (primary level)
  • Creating projects and libraries to share Adobe Express assignments out and receive work back.

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Episode 24F1 (June 7 2024)

  • LLLLL – Login License Leads Learning Lessons
  • Got iPads? Got Management Challenges?
  • Couple of new Adobe Express Features
  • MS Word in the classroom with little ones

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Episode 24E5 (May 31 2024)

  • Create prompts for lesson plans, rubrics in CoPilot (Also check out episode 24B3 which also covers this topic).
  • More multicam – with just one camera

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Episode 24E4 (May 24 2024)

  • ChatGPT 4o plus Khan Academy
  • Will we need teachers?
  • Some multicam editing in Premiere

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Episode 24E3 (May 17 2024)

  • Polished Performance Promotes Positive Praise
  • (Video workflows)
  • MS Teams - STMBU
  • Speaker Coach (PowerPoint Rehearsal)
  • More Microsoft
  • Search Coach
  • Classwork Module Reuse
  • AI Policy – suggestions for your school

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Episode 24E2 (May 10 2024)

  • May 2024 Update – Microsoft Edu
  • Edge Workspaces
  • Stream Interactivity (adding quizzes to video)
  • Happy Mother’s Day

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Episode 24E1 (May 3 2024)

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Episode 24D4

Episode 24D3 (April 26 2024)

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Episode 24D2

  • Create Training Screen Captures with SNAGit 2024
  • Integrate Video Training with Adobe Express

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Episode 24D1

  • Use Express and Premiere Rush to create a video
  • Mobile App – Adobe Express – in Beta

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Episode 24C3 (March 19 and 22)

  • Introduction to Premiere Rush
  • Creating video clips in Adobe Express

In the following looooong video, I cover both creating video clips in Adobe Express and integrating them into Premiere Rush before editing and sharing the video.

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Episode 24C2 (March 12 and 15)

  • Free apps for improving Reading, Typing and Arithmetic
  • Create a logo in Express
  • Share an Express Template with your kids to remix (my adaption of show off your state / territory project)
  • Quicknotes – AI education tools
  • OnePage Microsoft Learning Accelerators

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Episode 24C1 (March 5 and 8)

  • Deeper dive into the MS Bookings app
  • Firefly version 2 – a quick look
  • Podcast tool now generally available to schools
  • CoPilot AI in our school - now with CoPilot Labs

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Episode 24B5

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Episode 24B4

  • Aero - Creating geospatial data with Google Earth [24B4 - 20 and 23 Feb]
  • Basic Meeting Options in Teams [24B4]
  • So you're the School ICT? What next? Resources and Help [24B4]
  • - website safety review and our own eLearn Digital Applications Catalog

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Episode 24B3

  • Structuring a Copilot prompt to create a Quiz in Forms - 24B3

Infographics Creation with Adobe Express and Gen AI - Starring Abbie and Eric - recorded 14/2/2024

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Episode 24B2

  • Working smart with OneDrive - Your massive file share location
  • Adobe Express - 2 minute creation sample
  • Leaving a team

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Episode 24B1

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Episode 24A4

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Episode 24A3

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Episode 24A2

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Episode 24A1

  • Our systems for ICTs and schools – what’s happening?
  • Embedding a MS Form into OneNote for Class Teams
  • New version of MS Teams - features (and a small temporary problem)
  • Comic Life and Comics in Education (maybe)
  • Resources for teaching talented and gifted kids
  • An update to my AI curated links

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Previous Episodes 2023

Episode 23K2

  • Moving a OneNote from any location into teams
  • LTANT Presentation – Multimedia Storytelling and Interactive Videos

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Episode 23K1

This SMOOTHIES episode was a discussion about ICT resources for NT Schools so I have included a link to the recording, but it will only be available for folks with an NTschools login. While there is nothing confidential, it is mainly relevant for our schools.

  • Schools ICT Resource Portal
  • Audience and Resource Communication Content Matrix

There was a great demonstration of a prototype proof of concept by Adam which is available to those with ntschools accounts check it out along with the PowerPoint for the session.

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Episode 23J3

  • Typing Tutors (Free and Paid)
  • Podcasting between two locations (
  • Creating a YouTube or Vimeo Podcast with Express

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Episode 23J2

  • New AI Course for Teachers
  • Adobe MAX – New Features in Products
  • Lens Blur in Lightroom (this picture)

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Episode 23J1 - Intro to Adobe Express

I realised that while many folks use Adobe Express, there are many more who have never ventured into the wonderful world of multimodal content creation using this tool. This episode covers the basics of creating a flyer using Adobe Express showing some of the image creation and manipulation features available in the web version of the product.

The videos below are not from the episode, but are intro videos to get you started.

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Episode 23i4a Special Edition - Newsletter Creation with Adobe Express

Adobe Express has a great webpage creator (you are using it right now!) - Many schools use this to create their school newsletters. Click on the button below for a resource designed around a fictitious newsletter created in Adobe Express. It contains many tips and tricks along with samples of real newsletters to view. It covers the main sections of a school newsletter with ideas on how to create reusable templates and how to safely involve your students in content collaboration on your school newsletters. The 10-minute flipped classroom style video below used the express page resource as a basis for guiding you through the newsletter creation process.

This is a great watch and memory of the 2023 Adobe ANZ Summit. Check out where we were in Melbourne and the great fun we had catching up with fellow educators in the great location at both the Melbourne Adobe offices and also the conference itself at Haileybury College City Campus.

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Episode 23i4 September 22 2023

SNAGit is a program I use all the time and as we have a few licences where I work and throughout education, I ran a short session this week on some of the features. There is no PowerPoint for this episode, Just a demo video highlighting some of the features. I also cover how you can easily (and should) add chapters to any videos you create via Teams / STREAM that you want to share with others. As with other products I talk about - I have no commercial affiliation with them. Snagit 2024 literally just dropped yesterday 4 Oct 2023 - and has a few new features worth checking out.

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Episode 23i3 September 15 2023

  • Adobe Express now has Firefly AI available for teachers and students
  • Photoshop has released Firefly AI capabilities into its latest general release
  • Join me for my workshop on Adobe Express (Newsletters, portfolios) on 26 and 27 September

Don't forget the video has chapters, clickable transcript and interactive hotspots so the links in the video are live...

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Episode 23i2 September 8 2023

  • Education Resources for School Leaders
  • Podcast.Adobe.Com (beta software)
  • Animate in Adobe Express – deeper dive

The link above is only viewable for folks with ntschools accounts as the primary subject matter is already addressed by Mike Russell's Adobe Podcast Tutorial and Dave Werner's video about animate from audio below and the screen captures in the PowerPoint.

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Episode 23i1 September 1 2023

  • Character Animator

Dave Werner from Adobe - known as OKSamurai is the go to guy for great training videos that are fun to watch - check out his channel. There are a variety of tools you can use from the professional level of Adobe Character Animator to the Starter version of Character Animator and now you have access to the animate from Audio feature in Adobe Express.

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Episode 23H4 August 25 2023

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Animate with Audio (Character animation in Adobe Express)

As I have a number of videos regarding OneDrive, rather than record a video that is a curation of existing content, I am including the three OneDrive videos here as well as two videos where I have created a puppet animation from audio in Adobe Express. The PowerPoint for the session is below.

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Episode 23H3 August 18 2023

  • Microsoft Lists App
  • Microsoft Search Coach and Search Progress

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Episode 23H2 August 11 2023

  • 23H2 Viva Insights, Reflect, Learning and More

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Episode 23H1 August 4 2023

  • Microsoft Bookings App
  • Reading Progress App

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Episode 23G3 July 21 2023

  • Editing and publishing videos from MS Teams
  • Capturing video meetings in PowerPoint (Cameo, Dictate, Record and Publish)
  • MS Streams and Vimeo
  • Interactive Videos
  • Other solutions

Once you have Vimeo contributor or Folder Contributor (School Vimeo Admin) access, you need to know how to access and upload videos. The video below covers this.

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Episode 23G2 July 14 2023

  • Microsoft Forms
  • Adobe Libraries

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Episode 23G1 July 7 2023

  • Updates App in MS Teams
  • Lightroom CC Storage

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Episode 23F5

  • Microsoft Planner
  • Adobe Express Beta

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Episode 23F4

  • Microsoft To Do App
  • Adobe Fonts
  • Random Bits (Search Progress, Vimeo AI, Outlook Meeting Recap)

This was an interesting episode in that I was running a competition to get folks to guess where a bicycle I had removed using the generative AI feature was. The plan was in MS Teams to use Whiteboard to get participants to draw on the map where they thought the bicycle was.

Can you work out where the bicycle was in real life? Original photo will be posted next week.

We have an issue with whiteboard where collaboration in Teams could not be activated. So we abandoned that fun exercise. In hindsight I should have used OneNote, pinning the photo to the background so we could draw over the top of the image.

In real life, the very next day, my own bicycle was stolen from my front yard where the thief came in through my front gate. The bike has not been recovered. I did use Adobe Express to create a poster for the stolen bike which I include here.

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Episode 23F3

  • Project Manager Office Manager Teams Special (10 Weeks)
  • T2 W9 Overview of the Apps we will cover
  • T2 W9 Approvals App + Reading Coach (Word)

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Episode 23F2

  • New Adobe Express Beta
  • Themes and Plugins in School WordPress Sites

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Episode 23F1

  • Vimeo Basics
  • Interactive Videos with Vimeo
  • Add Vimeo videos to PowerPoint and Adobe Express Page
  • One thing Camtasia does well (I forgot this last week)
  • Student Creativity Challenges (Adobe tools - aimed at 10 to 14 years olds)

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Episode 23E4

  • Where is the Jira Form (for Adobe, Vimeo and Cloud)
  • Phonetic Readers and Generative AI
  • Photoshop now has Generative AI (and beta blockers)

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Episode 23E3

  • Search Progress and Coach
  • ACE Level 1 and 2
  • Updates App in Teams

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Episode 23E2

  • It’s all about ME
  • Assignment Features
  • Search Coach

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Episode 23E1

  • April Teams Update
  • Assignment Features
  • Search Coach

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Episode 23D3

  • Camtasia vs PowerPoint

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Episode 23D2

  • MS Class Teams Update March 2023 (Education and General)
  • Lessons from Edex with assets
  • Firefly from Adobe – More AI but with guardrails for students

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MS Teams Training Resources

Practical Learning Pathways for educators

  • Microsoft Educator Course
  • Microsoft Advanced Educator Course
  • learning Environments (Course)
  • 21st Century Learning (Course)
  • Microsoft Educator Trainer Course
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator

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Free Adobe Training Resources

Practical Learning Pathways for Educators

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How the Interactive Videos Work

This webpage has video episodes that contain links to websites. while watching the video you can click on the location on the video to jump to the connected website. In some cases, I will explain in the video, but in earlier videos I am trying to retrofit them with interactivity. Typically, the open screen will have a link to the PowerPoint for the episode and at the end of the episode will be a link to the random topics and also this webpage. I would love to hear from you if you think this approach makes it easier for you to find information. I have a sample of the start screen and end screens below as an example of what is clickable.

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School ICT Resources

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Logging jobs and getting support

For starters, you will need to be on our network and have an NT schools login to use any of the following links. Because I mainly focus on Microsoft Office, Teams, Adobe Products, Moodle and Vimeo I only include the links to those items.

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NTSchools Teams Links for similar content

You will need an NTSchools login to join any of these teams. If you are unsure of their purpose, you can contact me.

If you have your ntschools login information and are logged in, you can join a Microsoft Team called "CLoverTeams" which stands for Connecting learners over Teams by clicking here OR if you know how to use teams, go to using Microsoft Edge, sign in and enter the following join code (only ntschools folks can use this code) pfvbrzt

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Short Multimodal Online Opportunities To Help Interested Educators Succeed or SMOOTHIES. These are live – but recorded 30 minute informal webinars with wide ranging topics on software you can use in the classroom and also some ideas for using them, focusing on the tools we have ie Microsoft and Adobe. They cover much more than those two vendors products and they are topical. As you can see from previous episodes - a wide variety of subjects are covered. You have to book for each SMOOTHIES episode although links to the teams meeting can be shared after you have booked. If you want the PD Certificate for collecting PD hours, you will need to book and enter your name and email.

Physical attendance at SMOOTHIES will earn you a 30 minute PD certificate towards your required PD hours and covers the following AITSL standards:

  • Standard 2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
  • Standard 2.6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - Use ICT in teaching to expand curriculum learning opportunities
  • Standard 3.4: Demonstrate knowledge of ICT resources to engage students
  • Standard 4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
  • Standard 6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice

If you can't make it, sessions are recorded and have an accompanying PowerPoint - available through the links in the Table of Contents above.

I would love to see you at one of our SMOOTHIES sessions and you join them by booking here. Feel free to reach out directly via teams or the following:


The code system I use for SMOOTHIES Episodes names is simple. First two numbers are the year, the letter is the month with A = Jan increasing through the alphabet for 12 letters until we get to L = December. The last number which is 1-5 reflects the weeks in that month. So 24B1 would be an episode run in the first week of February 2024.

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