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Let us lead you through the famous "Saint James Way", from the Basque Country, across Cantabria and Asturias and on to Santiago de Compostela, where you will come across fascinating cities and charming villages, swim in sandy beaches, also discover sublime natural landscapes and taste delicious seafood. Hand in hand with some of the most authentic hotels in the North of Spain, each with exciting and unique story to share

"San Sebastian, located in Spain's northern Basque Country, is a captivating city that seamlessly blends its breathtaking beaches, rich culinary heritage, and lively cultural offerings. With its picturesque bay, renowned gastronomic delights, and a calendar filled with festivals and events, San Sebastian stands as a must-visit destination for travellers seeking a unique and memorable experience."

Nestled in the embrace of northern Spain, Cantabria is a region of enchanting landscapes and rich heritage. From the rugged allure of the Picos de Europa mountains to the tranquil beauty of its coastline, Cantabria offers a tapestry of natural wonders. Its charming villages, historic sites like Altamira Cave, and a blend of traditional and modern culture make Cantabria a captivating destination for exploration and discovery.

Asturias, a captivating region in northern Spain, enchants visitors with its lush landscapes and distinctive culture. Nestled between the Cantabrian Sea and the soaring peaks of the Picos de Europa, Asturias boasts dramatic vistas and a vibrant natural beauty. Rich in history, the region's pre-Romanesque architecture and charming coastal villages offer a glimpse into its storied past. Whether savoring traditional cider or exploring hidden coves, Asturias invites you to experience its unique blend of traditions and breathtaking scenery.

Santiago de Compostela, nestled in the heart of Galicia, Spain, holds an air of spiritual reverence and architectural grandeur. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient city is famed as the culmination of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, drawing travelers from around the world. The awe-inspiring Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela stands as the pinnacle of Romanesque and Baroque artistry, a testament to centuries of devotion. Its cobbled streets, historic squares, and lively atmosphere offer a charming backdrop to a journey rich in history, faith, and cultural allure.

Through St. James Northern Way

The Saint James Northern Way is one of the oldest routes routes, which runs along the Iberian Peninsula from East to West, bordering in a winding way, the entire coastal cornice of Cantabria.

The final destination of this route is the capital of Compostela. The start is always left to the pilgrim's choice and crosses the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

AKELARE by Pedro Subijana


We begin the itinerary in San Sebastián, a famous seaside resort among the European jet set, specially at the beginning of the century.

This land of the Basque Country, where the ocean and the wild nature coexist with a deeply rooted culture which combines tradition, innovation and modernity, is the birthplace of Akelarre, since 1970

Akelarre, a word which comes from the basque, one of the most mysterious and older languages in Europe, and which defines the soul of the Restaurant and Hotel, where this magic legacy of tradition, innovation and love for our culture endures nowadays.

For more than 50 years, the Chef and owner Pedro Subijana, one of the main bannerman of New Basque Cuisine since the 70', has been the master of ceremonies of Akelarre. Initially with the Restaurant starred with Three Michelin stars since 2007, which philosophy combines the love for local products and culinary traditions with constant hunger for innovation majestically framed by ocean and mountain.



We continue our way to Santander to spend an amazing stay at the wonderful Palacio Helguera Antique & Boutique.

The Cantabrian countryside is the setting for Palacio Helguera, a 17th century palace. Inspired by a historical figure from Spanish and English nobility, the rooms and suites all offer a breathtaking view of the Pasiegos valleys. With its majestic fireplace and partially covered swimming pool, the wellness area, entirely open to the landscape, is an invitation to unwind. You will also get to sample the creative cuisine of Palacio Helguera's chef Renzo Orbegoso Hinojosa, entirely based on fresh, seasonal and local product.



The trip continues to Asturias.

Discover the 16th century palace between the Sierra del Sueve mountains and the Cantabrian sea, in a privileged natural setting. Palacio de Luces has been tastefully refurbished in complete harmony with its historic setting. The piano bar and the pool invite to relaxation and the ideal location is conducive to the many, divers activities offer. Palacio de Luces is the place to connect with nature, find peace and enjoy unforgettable moments. The traditional Asturian cuisine at the restaurant Tella which meticulously selects the finest ingredients served to you along with some fabulous views.



The trip ends in Santiago de Compostela

A Quinta da Auga is a luxury hotel in Santiago de Compostela, a unique city and the Camino de Santiago on the Way of St. James Universal destination. This design hotel is placed in a historical former paper mill that merges in the nature. Visiting this hous is like a fairy tale experience, ideal for passionated beauty, nature relax and wellbeing.

All rooms are individually decorated with pieces of art and antiques mixed with actual design elements. Each step offers an inspiring environment, a unique experience like the marvelous city of Santiago de Compostela.

Filigrana restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Santiago de Compostela pairing the traditional Galician cuisine with the local wines. Galicia offers a great seafood variety of the Atlantic Estuaries and delicious meats from our lush mountains. Galician fish, seafood and meats are renowned worldwide for their excellent quality and unique taste.

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