Resilience in Socio-Environmental Systems Workshop A Sustainable Futures event - 29 june 2023

On the 29th June 2023, the Sustainable Futures challenge areas, Resilient Futures and Inclusive and Prosperous Futures, ran a workshop onĀ 'Resilience in Socio-Environmental Systems'.

The workshop brought together UoM researchers from across a range of disciplines to share and discuss research to understand and enhance resilience of people and nature to environmental change in different areas around the world.

Its core goal was to identify and initiate new collaborations and working groups, motivated by growing support from UKRI and other funders for interdisciplinary research on resilience and environmental change in the UK and globally.

Led by Dr Tim Foster, Resilient Futures Lead, and Dr Helen Holmes, Inclusive and Prosperous Futures Lead, the event included short presentations by researchers and breaks for networking to allow attendees to discuss the workshop.

After a few hours of presentations and discussion, the lively workshop session was brought to a close.

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